Trip to turkey essay

trip to turkey essay

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To enlarge their share in the tourism industry, turkey has to improve its taxation system and offer investors long term loans with low interest, so that together with the cheap labor market the country would be more tempting to international investors than any other country. A completely new organizational structure would be beneficial, starting with a national tourism council, which would deal with the key decisions to enhance the growth of the tourism industry. Also establish a city tourism council in each major city, their duty would be to make suggestions to the national council based on the local demands and expectations. Set up a national tourism Databank with the purpose of gathering and evaluating the statistics and data, and providing the findings to business enterprises and individuals on their website. It would be essential to make a completely new image of Turkey, which would be well-known on the international market, stressing out both the cultural values and globalism. Also to erase the negative judgments made by the travelers, due to the recent terrorist incidents and conflicts. This could be done by participating in various international events such as Eurovision. Exploit the attractions of the cities as much as possible, by reaching the european and International standards.

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3 coastal tourism In order to increase tourism income within the letter economy, turkey focuses on other forms, apart from its more popular form the coastal tourism. The brand awareness globally will be also affected in positive way by these changes. Inbound tourism increased thanks to the fact that prices remained at girl reasonable levels. That was due to early reservation options, affordable package holidays and competition in travel retail and airlines (Euromonitor International, 2012) It is clearly shown, that Turkish government is innovative. Finding new ideas, new places and ways to develop the tourism section will attract numbers of both tourist and investors. Economy and tourism are connected. They benefit from each other. When the economy tries to support and develop the tourism industry, the tourism industry pays back with gathering more interest from foreign investors to make investments in Turkey. The tourism Strategy of 2023 The tourism Strategy of 2023 is a strategic plan made by the ministry of Culture and tourism in 2007. The purpose of the plan is to set the objectives, which has to be met by the end of 2023.

In 2002 the turkish government enacted a law to dismantle the current monopoly held by turkish Airlines. Since the monopoly reform, turkey now has 5 airlines operating shredder at lower costs. Allowing for an increase. 5 in international tourism and 25 domestic. (Public of Turkey prime ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency, 2010) Reforms like those are very important. Changes made in the turkish aviation are quite beneficial because this is the preferred way of travelling of tourist. The plans made for recovering old marinas, receiving new cruise ships, making the level of accessibility and safety on the highways higher is crucial for the improvement in the tourism section.

trip to turkey essay

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For example, places which are suitable for thermal treatments and spas, are benefited from law to be used for health and wellness tourism. (Euromonitor yardage International, 2012) The future impact of this legislation is expected to be the biography increasing in the numbers of areas open to tourism. This will provide a new way for the investors to develop their projects and to widen the diversity of tourism packages and facilities in Turkey. Lets take a look in the role which transport structure has in the tourism industry. Transportation makes connection between demand (tourist) and supply (product of tourism) side of the tourism system and thus becomes an integral part of tourism activities. (Ministry of Transport and Communications, 2011) It is very important that there is good accessibility. Development of any tourist destination depends on that. Turkish government launched initiatives which contribute to the transport structure development. For example, the government signed bilateral agreements to ease visa requirements with several countries while the turkish aviation increased the number of direct flights from and to other countries and add new destinations.

1 The revenue and expenditure from tourism between source: Euromonitor International from World tourism Organisation wto national statistics. 1 Economic recovery and law influence Economic recovery is of great importance for the tourism industry. An online newspaper report stated that: Turkish economy is the worlds third fastest growing economy which makes it desirable for numbers of European investors seeking to invest in Turkey. The more fresh investments are made every year, the more suitable it will become for tourism of any form. Having the needed soil for new work spaces, it makes it the better choice for the new business opportunities seeker. By enacting the law for the Encouragement of tourism, the government made it more easy and secure for investors in the tourism sector. Legislation implementation gives the opportunity to procure funding and grants from the ministry of Culture and tourism in areas such as sports, nature, health and wellness tourism. Tourism areas which are owned by the state are open to usage for tourism.

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trip to turkey essay

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In general Turkey kept staying strong in international their tourism sector despite the financial crisis, and succeeded in gaining profit from their tourism income, so even though they increased their costs in the tourist sector with. as earlier written, they still gained profit and earned six times more than what they spend which of course is a very positive development. Effect of tourism on the turkish economy tourism would hardly exist without making constantly improvements. Many factors should be considered in order an improvement and development to be acquired. Environmental policies, exchange rates, work force, foreign capital investments, health care, transport infrastructure are all very important for tourism development.

That is what Turkish economy is really good. The tourism industry development helped to generate. Billion of economic activity which is approximately. 2 of Turkeys gdp. (Public of Turkey prime ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency, 2010) Figure.

(United Arab Emirates, 2010) Also a noticeable change was seen in the number of arrivals from the United States that had increased with. from 2008 to 2009. Even though the percentage was low, it wasnt bad compared to other European countries that actually saw a downward turn from travelers from the United States in 2008/2009. 1 Explanation of increase in Turkish tourism Emin kaya, the cultural and information attache in Dubai and Turkish tourism office manager in uae, explained the massive increase from gcc countries with these words: we realize the cultural and religious values of the gcc people which. (United Arab Emirates, 2010) he thereby indicates that the geographical, cultural and religious closeness in Turkey and gcc countries is the reason for the increase of tourists coming from these countries. In 2009 it was stated that The ministry of Culture and tourism would change their promotional strategy due to the financial crisis.

They found that the whole perception of holiday had changed. The strategy changes included highlighting specific destinations instead of the whole country and actually make a brand out of destinations such as Istanbul, Antalya and Marmaris. Dogan News Agency, 2009) Another part of the promotional changes made in 2009/2010 involved marketing and introducing Turkey, in the Arab world, as a health and medical tourism destination, also making it a good investment for both Turkish and foreigner investors to build health centers. At the same time turkey is known for its reasonable prices in advanced medical services, which in the financial crisis was quite a necessity. United Arab Emirates, 2010) The whole plan of change in the turkish tourism sector in 2009 was actually to spend more money on developing Turkey as an attractive place for tourists around the world, rather than figuring out where to get the money from. This development meant a new tourism infrastructure, including Turkish airline intending to buy 100 planes in the next few years.

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(Gokmen, 2010) The reason for this might be that in 2009, 27 million tourists from around the world visited Turkey, which was an increase. (United Arab Emirates, 2010) The figure below (figure. 1) shows this increase from 2008 to 2011 in index type numbers. Foreign tourist arrivals in Turkey (in index numbers) source:Tourism statistics. Ministry of culture and tourism, retrieved 2011 (Appendix 1) Out of all tourists around the world, the highest increase was found from tourists coming from countries of the Arab state of the gulf (gcc countries. Kuwaiti tourists increased. 36, United Arab Emirates. 07, saudi Arabia. 31 and so forth.

trip to turkey essay

3 Methodology This report uses information gathered from different articles and reports to answer the gallery questions mentioned in the problem statement. The report first looks at the increase of Turkish tourism in 2008 and describes what was done by the government to provide such an increase. For the analysis index numbers will be used to indicate the increase of arriving tourists in Turkey from 2008 to 2011. Secondly the focus is on the economic benefits of the increase and the impact the growth has had on the turkish infrastructure. Lastly the report states what changes Turkey is currently doing and planning to do to encourage tourism and foreign investments. 1 Structure of the report. Source: Group 4, 2012. Increase of tourism in Turkey since 2008 Turkey had, in an effort to increase the number of tourists coming to the country, increased tourism costs., but the revenue of tourism was still six times larger than the costs.

gain profit from the tourism sector and wasnt afraid to continue investing in it and actually increased its profit in tourism and continued to. 1 Problem statement The purpose of the report is to figure out why the turkish tourism increased despite of the economic crisis and how it will develop in the future. The report will focus on: What is the reason for tourism increasing in Turkey, despite the financial crisis in 2008? How does tourism affect the turkish economy? What plans does the government in Turkey have for tourism in the future? 2 Delimitation due to the focus area, the report is going to be based on the increase of tourism from 2008 to 2012, despite of the financial crisis in 2008. It would have been appropriate to mention additional and important factors which also influence turkish tourism industry like the political situation in North African countries or terrorism factors, but due to the 10 page limit this was not possible.

3 Costal tourism7. The tourism Strategy of 20237. Conclusion9 Bibliography11 Appendix 1: Number of arrivals in Turkey from Appendix 2: Additional information related to the law for the Encouragement tourism Appendix 3: evaluation of opponent group Appendix 4: Group evaluation. Introduction The financial crisis in 2008 resulted in a lot of economic down falls. One of the consequences from the crisis was the severe effect it had on the international tourism sector. People lost their jobs and didnt have any money to travel, investors were afraid of investing in anything because of the economical insecurity and therefore the numbers of tourists fell massively. We will write a custom essay sample. Tourism in Turkey or any similar topic specifically for you.

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28 September 2012Team J (Group 4 Character Number:14 170Theresa carlsen Pamela petkova byron Mason Sandor Bara tutor: Gitte damgaard tourism in Turkey method Project (CA-2) Marketing Management 1st Semester 2012 Business Academy aarhus Table of Contents. 1 Problem Statement1. Increase of tourism in Turkey since 20082. 1 Explanation of increase in Turkish tourism. Effect of tourism on the write turkish economy. 1 Economic recovery and law influence. 2 Importance of the transport infrastructure.

Trip to turkey essay
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Trip to turkey essay.

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  1. This meeting was immediately followed by a trip to the ministry of Culture and tourism, whose Undersecretariat viewed winning art and essay pieces. More Essay examples on tourism Rubric. Despite all of this, turkey managed to gain profit from the tourism sector and wasnt afraid to continue investing in it and actually increased its profit in tourism and continued to. 1 Problem statement The purpose of the report is to figure out why the turkish. So, in this essay, we will find how Turkey save and imporve their historic values.

  2. Essay grading software for mac. The account of my trip to turkey was not intended to be so long but I had so many things to share! Each year's contest challenges middle and high school students across all 5 states of the southeast. To submit art essay compositions under yearly humanistic themes. Follow our winners herein as they travel around the beautiful country of Turkey on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the cities of Istanbul. The students displayed their artworks and explained their essays and everyone asked questions about Turkey's education system.

  3. Case study writers sites. Because it was written over four essay about my trip to turkey weeks. In this post, i will walk you through each conclusion of macbeth essay part of the Stanford Short Answer Essay section. 24 Best Pacific coast Highway (PCH). Trip to turkey essay things that annoy me essay will exceed expectations.

  4. Exciting Trip to turkey by marinka (1/15/2007) Exciting Trip to turkey. I came back from Turkey just a couple of days ago. I thought Id write a small essay on my trip to turkey! Editing for hire for collegeorder top scholarship essay on presidential elections - essay writing help. Trip to turkey essay and english language composition ap essays, Elements of Human Nature. Home work editing site usa.

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