P&g annual report

p&g annual report

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We are proud to recognize george, carol, barney, wesley and Ashley for their gracious contributions, and we thank them for supporting United way. Oliver we would like to acknowledge the bequest of the late Professor Richard. Oliver, a distinguished researcher and professor whose generosity was matched only by his desire to impact communities at scale. A leading academic expert on consumer psychology, professor Oliver experienced firsthand the value of United way through annual workplace campaigns conducted by three of the five universities where he taught. His generous financial contributions will go a long way toward fulfilling his vision to touch as many people as possible on a national level. We thank Professor Oliver for his exceptional philanthropy and the lasting impact he has created. The United way.

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"Sarah works tirelessly as a volunteer and advocate for United jungle way initiatives, while john rallies our corporate leaders to take bold action on community priorities, including making quality, early childhood education a reality for Indianas low-income children. We couldnt be more grateful for their financial support and personal commitment to the future of report our community." Ira lubert Ira lubert President and Principal Owner of il management we are proud to recognize ira lubert, a real estate investor and private equity expert from. A new member of the 10 Million roundtable, and a 20-year member of the tocqueville society, ira has displayed his dedication to United way through his time and generous contributions. That support continued this year with a generous investment in United ways Lubert Individual development Account Program, an initiative that supports continuing education and home ownership. We thank Ira for his leadership, and his commitment to enhancing the business and nonprofit landscapes in the Philadelphia region. Three generations of Philanthropy celebrating Three generations of Philanthropy george jenkins, the late founder of Publix Super Markets, Inc. And a longtime United way donor, initiated philanthropy as a family tradition. A celebrated philanthropist, george paved the way for his daughter, carol, and her husband, barney barnett, to make a mark through early education work and other community efforts. As members of the 10 Million roundtable, carol and Barney are bringing positive change to their central Florida community, including through their successful readingPals program. Following in the barnetts footsteps is their son, wesley (pictured and his wife, ashley, marking three generations of philanthropy. Their efforts are improving the lives and families of the communities in which Publix operates.

For more than 40 years, the lechleiters gps have played a transformational role as donors, advocates and community champions. In honor of their impact, and in appreciation of their continued support, United way worldwide and United way tocqueville society awarded Sarah and John The United way alexis de tocqueville Award for 2016, the highest national honor. As the former chairman, president and ceo of Eli lilly and Company, john has made a lasting mark by serving on the United way of Central Indiana board and leading the United way worldwide board. Sarah, meanwhile, was instrumental in the development of Women United, where she helped increase membership, and significantly grew giving and volunteerism. Together, the lechleiters have donated millions of dollars to United way, including 5 million this year to support the expansion of high-quality, early childhood education and the center for Working Families network in central Indiana, as well as United ways efforts in India, brazil, Spain. "Sarah and John truly live united said Ann. Murtlow, president and ceo of United way of Central Indiana.

p&g annual report

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Thanks to the generous support of our volunteers, donors, partners, philanthropic leaders and other influencers, we are able to give back so that others can get ahead. Each year, we work with paper more than 60,000 corporate partners to create lasting solutions for local impact. The companies listed here are members of our Global Corporate leadership program.* These companies—along with their employees—contributed nearly 1 billion and volunteered countless hours this year in service of their communities. We thank them for their support. There are several criteria for membership in the Global Corporate leadership program, including (but not exclusive to) running a workplace campaign at multiple sites, raising at least.5 million per year and contributing at least 50 percent of funds raised directly to United way. United way proudly recognizes the extraordinary generosity of these philanthropic leaders. Sarah john Lechleiter Sarah john Lechleiter The United way alexis de tocqueville Award 2016 winners Few people have left a legacy quite like sarah and John Lechleiter, new members of the 10 Million roundtable.

Not All Heroes wear Capes we fight to give every person in every community a chance to live a good quality of life and achieve their human potential. In our fight to build stronger communities, were giving young people the tools, resources and knowledge necessary to secure quality jobs. Read more Ending Intolerance in Communities Helping Refugees Rebuild Their lives giving Hope to China's Left-behind Children Eliminating the Scourge of Human Trafficking Throughout the year, we strengthened communities through our public policy and advocacy work, affinity groups and events. In our fight for financial stability, we strive to give every person the chance to provide for their families and save for the future. Read more Igniting Change Where it's needed the most young leaders Drive community Impact whaifferencay makes for 130 years, United way has been partnering with companies across the globe to help them realize their employee-engagement efforts and achieve their social responsibility goals. We help companies change the lives and communities of their employees every day. Read a few impact stories. Every day, we strive to create permanent and positive change in communities around the world—but we cant do it alone.

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p&g annual report

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Financial Stability 4,148people in Cleveland served by workforce-readiness programs in 2016 10 billionput back in the hands of hardworking Americans since 2009, thanks to free tax-preparation assistance supported by United way 6,959people in Greater Victoria, canada, who found meaningful jobs, better managed their expenses and. Access to health 24,035low-income citizens in Korea who were given access to healthcare in 2016 110,000meals distributed at meal centers in Lehigh Valley in 2016 97,752people in Dallas who received preventive care support—leading to healthier lives—since 2014. Now more than ever, communities need help and hope. We offer both through trademark our programs and services, while connecting people with critical resources and delivering solutions at scale. We connect young people with the tools, knowledge and networks they need to graduate high school and thrive in the job market. Digital learning, business skills, job Training, we give people the resources and opportunities they need to build a stronger financial foundation for themselves and their families.

Career Support, ending Homelessness, at United way, we mobilize the caring power of communities and work with partners to create permanent and positive change. From helping military veterans get back on their feet and nurturing character development in the classroom, to recognizing local heroes who are general making a mark, we are strengthening communities from the inside out. Through our programs, products and services, we are making a mark on communities around the world and the lives of those who live there. Character Playbook is making a significant mark in communities across the nation, engaging 98 United ways and working with nearly 1,000 schools to set students up for success. Read more, supporting Those Whove served.

That support is critical in a time when it seems like the only constant is change itself. Political winds shift frequently, and businesses rise and fall with increasing regularity. Technology is both bringing us together and driving us apart. In times of turbulence, however, we believe that our time-tested way of working—forging unlikely partnerships and mobilizing resources to develop sustainable solutions—is more valuable than ever. People will look to United way to bring them together with opportunities to organize, build coalitions and effect positive change. Were proudly stepping forward, and were eager for the challenge.

We know that tough issues require tough work, and that change doesnt happen alone. It takes everyone fighting and pulling as one. To all of our partners, donors, advocates and volunteers, thank you for being in the trenches with us this year. With your help, we will continue fighting to create lasting change that impacts countless lives, makes our world a better place and leaves an enduring mark on society. John Lechleiter, Chairman of the board. Gallagher, President and ceo. United way serves 61 million people each year, and is engaged in nearly 1,800 communities across 40 countries and territories. Childhood Success 100,000books distributed to kids in Australia through Dolly partons Imagination Library since 2013 2,600central and northeastern Connecticut children in quality, early childhood education programs who gained the skills needed to succeed in kindergarten 9,600children in liverpool, England, who have experienced healthy development through. Youth Success 96of students in Cincinnati enrolled in afterschool programs who were promoted to the next grade level in 2016 2,635young people in the Philippines whove earned scholarships since 2014 69,795young people in Denver who were positively impacted through college- and workforce-preparation programs in 2015/2016.

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Throughout this website, youll see stories about our fight for the left-behind children in China and refugees in Europe. About our fight against homelessness in America and human trafficking worldwide. As these examples make clear, we fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community. And we do it at a scale matched by few others. At United paper way, we believe that health, education and financial stability are the building blocks of stronger communities. When a child is healthy, he goes to school. When a student receives a good education, she gets a job that provides for her and her family. Our community-based approach would be impossible without the assistance of our corporate, community, labor and government partners. Deeply rooted problems—from struggling schools to unemployment—require the time and talents of a range of individuals and organizations, and we are incredibly grateful for their support.

p&g annual report

Decades from now, people will remember 2016 for its social and political upheaval. From the election in the United States, to "Brexit" in the United Kingdom, to popular protests around the world, 2016 will leave an imprint on our collective memories. At United way, we will remember this past year for so much more. We will remember it for the lives we changed and the communities we strengthened. Our work took favourite place in communities large and small around the world—and it often took place outside of the public eye. Yet, whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes, our efforts to build stronger communities have left their own deep mark on society. This years annual report shines a light on many of the people and communities we helped, as well as those who made it possible.

and feeding the hungry in Washington, we give back so that others can. We fight for communities. We fight for a good quality of life. We are United way. At United way, we will remember 2016 for the lives we changed and the communities we strengthened. For the leaders we helped to grow and the opportunities we created. This annual report shines a light on many of the people and communities we helped, as well as those who made it possible. A year of Success and Significance. At United way, we believe the most important work often happens in the trenches.

We are friend the hand raisers, the game changers. We are the problem solvers for those issues that are difficult to face and too hard to ignore. No matter the obstacles, we surround a communitys most critical problems—and we fight. We fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community. Because we know that change begins when we live united, and that building a better tomorrow starts today. How do we make our mark? By facing problems head. By galvanizing communities around important issues.

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Our Impact and Influence, we are more than just fundraisers. We are a global vehicle for volunteers, shredder donors and advocates who seek to change lives and strengthen communities through service, collaboration and impact. Learn More, our Impact and Influence. Every day, and in all corners of the world, people look to United way for lasting solutions to local problems. We are a vehicle for volunteers, donors and advocates who seek to change lives and communities through service, collaboration and impact. As the largest privately funded nonprofit in the world, we connect people and companies with the causes that matter to them the most. By engaging.9 million volunteers, nine million donors and more than 60,000 corporate partners in almost 1,800 communities each year, we are a reliable platform for social change. Since our founding in 1887, we have been known as the fundraisers—but we are so much more than that.

P&g annual report
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  5. During fiscal 2017, P&G completed the transformation of our brand portfolio. We now have a much stronger, more focused portfolio that is better positioned to win. Multinational manufacturer of product ranges including family, personal and household care products. See how sustainability is embedded in our business strategy and in our holistic view of innovation. In 2016, United way impacted millions of lives across more than 40 countries and territories worldwide. Please Enter The number Generated in the Image Acrobat reader is required to download the report.

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