Laser tag business plan

laser tag business plan

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Marketing is one of the greatest issues in the industry. Too many people think that they are kevin Costner in the "Field of Dreams build It And They will Come! People spend thousands of dollars on their facility and not a dime on marketing and wonder why they are closing down. Equipment is the touchy, feely part of this business. Your customers will be handling and wearing the gear for 10 minutes and longer. Their entire experience will rely on the gear's ability to enhance their enjoyment of the event. Free laser Tag Facility business Plan For raising Capital from Investors, banks, or Grant Companies! Please note that the financials in this complete free business plan are completely fictitious and may not match the text of the business plan below.

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Laser Tag will offer an enjoyable, pleasant atmosphere while being committed to maintaining an environment enticing to not only teens and young adults, but also to the entire family. Our trained staff will welcome our patrons as special guests and assist with various group functions such as birthday parties or scout recognition and achievement events, ensuring that everyone telephone has a fun, enjoyable experience. 1.3 keys to success, the key success factors are themed environments, staff training, customer satisfaction, marketing and the equipment. Themed Environments include the wow! Factor in a facility. Zone systems is a company that truly understands the wow! The concepts that Zone systems promotes tend to be visually stimulating and on-the-edge, topics which todays teen males relate to very easily. Staff Training is critical to the goal of excellent customer service. An improperly trained staff member can destroy the chances of booking a several hundred dollar corporate event or a 150 birthday party. Customer Satisfaction is critical for the long-term success of the facility. The ability to be polite, ensure the guests' safety and satisfaction, and take pride in providing a pleasant experience are all vital to achieving long-term profit and converting this from a fad into a business.

The principals are confident that the loan will be repaid back in a timely manner, within 7 years, at an assumed annual interest rate. The highlights chart below is based on a worst case projections - 35 of full capacity. 1.1 Objectives, laser Tag will create a "stand-alone" Laser Tag facility that will provide a unique form of entertainment to father's Prosperous county/mytown, Ohio and other surrounding communities. . Laser tag games will generate the majority of the revenue with the remaining revenue coming from video games and other peripherial devices. Within one year, the company will reinvest 60 of its anticipated Return on Investment to make state-of-the-art improvements, enabling Laser Tag to "lead from the front" in an ever-changing and enticing laser tag market. In the second year, laser Tag will expand its food and beverage capability and build upon the top-quality video games, while also providing souvenir shirts, sweats, caps, mugs, and posters to its members and patrons. We recommend using liveplan as the easiest way to create graphs for your own business plan. Create your own business plan.2 Mission, laser tag players will enjoy playing the exciting game in a safe, low-light, 4,500 square feet arena that is enhanced with flashing lights, theatrical haze, pounding music, and surprising special effects.

laser tag business plan

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John Smith is a successful 20-year business veteran with experience in marketing, accountability, management, training, and supervision. There is a demand in this area for high-quality, summary state-of-the-art, electronic entertainment. The principals will have the necessary skills and training in order to operate the laser tag complex. At this point in time, the necessary start-up costs have been identified. They are either exact figures or estimates based on preliminary conversations with potential suppliers. Having put this plan together, the principals have every reason to believe the business will be successful. It is a proven franchise operation. The management team has a proven record of business skills and an ability to work with people.

While in the lobby, they can also choose, for two tokens (50 cents) each, among the 20 leading video games. If they are members of corporate groups recognizing achievements, or individuals celebrating birthday parties, they may be renting one of three party rooms, at 90 minutes for 119. The zone systems Company will provide the laser tag gaming equipment that has been featured on one of mtvs Battle of The sexes tv episodes, and by walt Disney world. Zone systems provides 24-hour operational assistance for the state-of-the-art laser tag equipment, and software system that Zone systems manufactures and is used by facilities centers around the world. Zone systems has been in business for over 16 years and is the leading manufacturer of laser tag equipment worldwide. Zone systems provides the turn-key zone systems software, along with a companion point-of-sale system; these will be used to manage all aspects of the facilities operation. Laser Tag will be an Ohio subchapter S corporation. John Smith will own 100 of the corporation and will be the manager. John Smith is a self-employed entrepreneur who has previously opened two successful businesses.

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laser tag business plan

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The right training ensures longer lasting operation. Dont go into battle unprepared, take our master tech certification course to anterolisthesis learn everything about icombat laser tag equipment. Licensees are recommended to take this course and story other operators may choose to. The course covers assembly and maintenance, best practices, and troubleshooting. Certified techs receive a certificate and can purchase factory parts kits. Contact us to get started today!

Laser Tag will be located in the big Mall shopping center, which serves many of the 115,000 people who live in the mytown metropolitan area. Big Mall shopping center is well located at 415 North West Birch road, a road that carries well over 30,000 vehicles per day. Laser Tag is a state-of-the-art "laser" tag game played in a darkened 4,500 square foot arena in which the players seek to capture the opponents base. Smoke swirls around your feet. You fire your "laser" through the din to strike your opponents and capture their base while trying to avoid being shot. Laser Tag is a heart-pounding, adrenalin-pumping game, in which strategy and luck are joined to defeat your opponents. After playing, the players collect their score sheets in the lobby that is elaborately decorated with a theme that will create a "WOW" effect.

Paintball and Airsoft fields, paintball and airsoft fields now have an answer for those too young or not wiling to get hurt and dirty. Laser tag expands your customer base and is easy to add and use. Add the eagle eye to existing guns or get stand-a-lone units. Study the success of others. See how these businesses solved their problems with icombat laser tag products.

Case Study 1, battleground Orlando, case Study 2, lasertag of miami. Case Study 3, rolling Video games, case Study 4. Skyline paintball, case Study 5, nyz apocalypse, start planning your operation today. Getting started on the right foot. Like many new or expanding business owners, you might have some questions on whats best. Our team can help you solidify operational plans, game ideas, customer service, best equipment practices, marketing direction, and more. Prevent costly mistakes before they happen.

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Campgrounds, campers always look for activities while on vacation. Keep them on your property with laser tag. You can play in with the woods, on an inflatable field, or let them duke it out at their site. Kids and adults alike enjoy this version of hide and seek. Party rental Centers, that teenager does not want another bouncy house for his birthday. Put laser tag in business your arsenal for a sure hit with older kids and teens. Rent out a box of six units for any type of party with barely any effort!

laser tag business plan

Operating costs are minimal and our laser tag systems have all the features and no time-consuming hassles. Family Entertainment Center, fECs searching for the next big attraction need not look any further. Laser tag is a booming attraction right now since customers of any age can have fun playing laser tag games. Get started with icombat at a low, low cost. Roller skating Rinks and Arcades, more and more roller rinks and arcades have been adding laser tag arenas to their floors. This fresh attraction generates new business in itself and also by bringing a new crowd into the building. "Whatever you want to do, icombat has the right product for you. The software is simply amazing." - Eric k, icombat waukesha.

sunny miami - an indoor laser tag facility will bring in guests and income all year long. Thats a win-win in our books! Indoor icombat laser tag facilities are industry-leading, delivering entertaining experiences every day across the globe! Our missions are complete with special effects, thrilling missions that keep players coming back for more and a complete immersion experience that players love. Outdoor Laser Tag, expand your battlefield to an outdoor setting, complete with massive props and giant playing area. Outdoor laser tag reduces limitations on session sizes, special effects, and mission types. Mobile gaming operators bring the party to remote locations like backyards, parks, and other events.

Contact our team today! And explore all of the ways our team can help you independently operate your new paper business! Need financing for your laser tag facility? Lease Process has worked with many icombat Clients and they are currently offering no payments and no deposits for 90 days to customers interested in starting a new business or adding on to their existing business. Visit their website and fill out an application. Lease Process is a financing company that works with icombat clients but has no affiliation to icombat. Icombat is not responsible for any agreements made with lease Process.

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Are you ready to start revelation making money? Starting planning your new business today! When youre looking for laser tag industry information, icombat equipment is your one-stop-shop. Our team can help you start a successful laser tag business in less time than you think. From finding financing for your new business to building out a laser tag equipment and software plan that meets your needs - were here to help. Our experts have been assisting hundreds of new business owners over the years get their feet under them and expand on their initial business success. Are you ready to own your own laser tag business?

Laser tag business plan
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  4. Our guide on starting a laser tag business covers all the essential information to help you decide. A clear plan is essential for success as an entrepreneur.

  5. From finding financing for your new business to building out a laser tag equipment and software plan that meets your needs - we re here to help. The purpose of this business plan is to raise 175,000 for the development of a la ser tag facility while showcasing the expected financials and operations over. According to Entrepreneur, the costs to start your own laser tag b usiness can be as low as 10000 or higher than 50000. If you plan to have a snack area in your facility, you will also need a food handling permit. How to start a business, laser tag business startup, a step-by-step guide. T hat is are you planning to become a company or simply operate as a sole trader?

  6. Without the return patronage of excited customers, this business will fail. Do you want to start a laser tag company from scratch? Or you need a sample laser tag business plan template? If yes, then i advice you read. Are you about starting a laser tag gaming center? If yes, here is a complete sampl e laser tag gaming center business plan template feasibility report you can.

  7. Laser Tag will be located in the big Mall shopping center, whic h serves many of the 115,000 people who live in the mytown metropolitan. Strategy and Implementation Summary. Customer service is paramount in the laser ta g business. The starting point to accomplishing this is to have a trained and. Laser Mania is a startup company planning to operate an exciting laser tag arena.

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