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The study also shows the extent to which Hogarth's Sigismunda (1759) was influenced by the English Melancholy portrait tradition. A woodcut in Johannes de ketham's Fasciculo di medicina (1493 depicting an anatomical lesson by mondino de'luzzi, can be identified as a direct model for The reward of Cruelty (Pl. 4 of Hogarth's series The four Stages of Cruelty ; 1751). Stephen preaching and the dispute before the council (1447/50; Vatican, cappella di niccolo V) seems to be the model for both paul before felix (1748) and paul before felix Burlesqued (1751). Hogarth's early print, masquerades and Operas (1724) has borrowed some motifs from a woodcut by Urs Graf (?) in Hans heinrich Freiermut's Triumphus veritatis (1524). Hudibras catechized from Hogarth's Twelve large Illustrations for Samuel Butler's 'hudibras' (1726) may be a play on Lucas Cranach's Martyrdom. 1512) or poussin's Massacre of the Innocents (1628/30; Chantilly, musée condé).

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From works by raphael, dürer, michelangelo, correggio, rubens, rembrandt or Charles le brun provides the key to a new understanding of the purpose behind Hogarth's taking single motifs from the works of highly reputed Old Masters and using them in new, topical, but often "low". The author's interdisciplinary study interprets this borrowing method as a cleverly contrived "anti-iconography" with which Hogarth ridicules the English self-styled connoisseurs of his time. A novelty in Hogarth research, the study also contains a thorough formal analysis of the print. In addition to Enthusiasm Delineated, wiley numerous other Hogarth works are reassessed in detail. A seventy-page excursus deals with the pulpiteer as an artistic motif through the ages. The text includes a great number of original"tions from contemporary periodicals, pamphlets and treatises, concerning the theory of art ( eclecticism, picture auctions, criticism of connoisseurship, the profane and blasphemy in art the history of religion and religious tradition (English Puritanism, deism, methodism particularly. Some of these sources are reprinted for the first time and may be of interest not only to art historians, but also to theologians, members of the methodist Church, general historians, philologists or other scholars working on eighteenth-century England. Although the book focuses on Enthusiasm Delineated, it invariably leads to new readings of the numerous other works by hogarth. Literature on Methodism (rather than on Hogarth for example, allows the preacher sitting next to tom Idle in the prisoner's cart in Industry and Idleness,. 11 (1747) to be identified as Silas Told (1711-1778). The same print, as a whole, may allude to traditional depictions of a massacre of the Innocents.

Based primarily on primary sources. 2 volumes, hildesheim, zurich, new York: georg Olms, 1996. Volume 1: main text. Volume 2: summary for English readers, appendix including"tions from contemporary sources, bibliography and index. Enlarged and slightly revised version of the author's PhD thesis of 1994, now professional containing, in volume 2, apart from the contemporary sources and the 446 illustrations, a summary for English readers and a comprehensive index. See also the german abstract by the author and the English review by Thomas Krämer, eighteenth-Century Studies, 33,. Abstract william Hogarth's Enthusiasm Delineated (1761) is an artist's manifesto which could well be renamed "Hogarth Delineated". Its imagery, borrowed - ironically - from "high" art (e.g.

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Hogarth's dubious attitudes towards children in joachim Möller (ed. locke's Legacy in Literature and in the visual Arts (forthcoming). Krysmanski, a hogarth Bibliography: An Annotated Index on the source literature of William Hogarth and his Works, collated as an Interdisciplinary research tool, 2 vols. More detailed information on the author's publications on william hogarth: book on hogarth bernd Krysmanski, hogarth's Enthusiasm Delineated: Nachahmung als Kritik am Kennertum. Zugleich ein Einblick in das sarkastisch-aufgeklärte denken eines "Künstlerrebellen" im englischen. English title: Hogarth's Enthusiasm Delineated: Borrowing from the Old Masters as a weapon in the war between an English Artist and self-styled Connoisseurs. A detailed study in iconology against a background of religion, society and culture in mid-eighteenth-century England.

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Bernd Krysmanski, " a harlot's Progress von William Hogarth: Aufstieg und Fall einer Hure. Ein kurzer Überblick für deutsche leser", online Essay, the site for Research on William Hogarth, 2016. Bernd. Krysmanski, "Introduction: a brief Account of Hogarth's Life and Work in Bernd. hogarth: 50 New Essays: International Perspectives on Eighteenth-Century English Art (forthcoming).

Krysmanski, "The paedophilic Husband: steno Why the marriage a-la-mode failed in Bernd. Krysmanski, "Hogarth's Gate of Calais: An Expression of Anti-French Nationalism in Bernd. Krysmanski, "Hogarth and Dürer: a case of Rejection and Hidden, Ironic Borrowing in Bernd. Krysmanski, "Hogarth's Unknown Caricature of Johnson in Bernd. Bernd Krysmanski, "Is it really locke?

Andreas beyer, bénédicte savoy and Wolf Tegethoff, vol. 74: hoelscher-Hornstein (Berlin and Boston: Walter de Gruyter, 2012 168-76. Bernd Krysmanski, "Warnings of Morality or Downright Twisted Pleasure? William Hogarth's Depiction of violence", in Kassandra nakas / Jessica Ullrich (eds. Scenes of the Obscene: The non-Representable in Art and Visual Culture, middle Ages to today, kromsdorf / weimar: vdg verlag, 2014, 37-63.

Bernd Krysmanski, "Der pädophile Adelsspross: Warum die arrangierte Ehe 'nach der Mode' scheitern musste. Bernd Krysmanski, das einzig authentische porträt des Alten Fritz? Entdeckt in Hogarths 'marriage a-la-mode.' Is the only true likeness of Frederick the Great to be found in Hogarth's 'marriage a-la-mode'? Dinslaken: Krysman Press, 2015. Bernd Krysmanski, "Lust an der Gewalt? Brutalität und Grausamkeit in Hogarths Bildern", lichtenberg-Jahrbuch 2014 heidelberg: Universitätsverlag Winter, 2016, 79-114.

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Bernd Krysmanski, "Benjamin Ralph's School of Raphael (1759 Praise for Hogarth and a direct source for reynolds", british journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies, 24 (Spring 2001 15-32. Bernd Krysmanski, "William Hogarths Kritik an der Balance des peintres : Roger de piles, jonathan Richardson, mark akenside und Joseph Spence im Fadenkreuz der englischen Satire", in joachim Möller (ed. sister Arts: Englische literatur im Grenzland der Kunstgebiete, marburg: Jonas Verlag, 2001, 51-75. Bernd Krysmanski, "Zum Millennium: ein kurzer Blick auf die vorherrschenden Trends der Hogarth-Forschung", lichtenberg-Jahrbuch 2001 saarbrücken: sdv, 2002, 194-206. Bernd Krysmanski, hogarth's Hidden Parts: Satiric Allusion, Erotic Wit, Blasphemous Bawdiness and Dark humour in Eighteenth-Century English Art, hildesheim, zurich, new York: georg Olms, 2010. Text based on a paper read on t the fuller tenth International Congress on the Enlightenment, University college, dublin,. Krysmanski, "Hogarth, william", in Allgemeines Künstler-Lexikon: die bildenden Künstler aller zeiten und Völker,.

brief summary of noli me tangere

Band xi lichtenberg-Jahrbuch 1998 saarbrücken: sdv, 1999, 347-53. Bernd Krysmanski, "Joachim Möller,. Hogarth in Context: Ten Essays and a bibliography (Marburg: Jonas Verlag, 1996 peter Wagner, reading Iconotexts: From Swift to the French revolution (London: reaktion books Ltd, 1995 sales eighteenth-Century Studies, 33,. 1 (Fall 1999 139-41. Bernd Krysmanski, "Hogarths 'a rake's Progress' als 'Anti-passion' Christi: Ein Erklärungsversuch (Teil 2, lichtenberg-Jahrbuch 1999 saarbrücken: sdv, 2000, 113-60. Bernd Krysmanski, " Lichtenbergs Hogarth. Die kalender-Erklärungen von georg Christoph Lichtenberg mit den Nachstichen von Ernst Ludwig riepenhausen zu den Kupferstich-Tafeln von William Hogarth. Herausgegeben von Wolfgang Promies, münchen; wien: Carl Hanser Verlag 1999", lichtenberg-Jahrbuch 1999 saarbrücken: sdv, 2000, 257-68.

393-408. Bernd Krysmanski, "Hogarth's 'a rake's Progress' als 'Anti-passion' Christi (Teil 1, lichtenberg-Jahrbuch 1998 saarbrücken: sdv, 1999, 204-42. Bernd Krysmanski, "Patriotisches Rindfleisch, pariser Pantinen und eine jakobitische Krähe : Ein auf Erkenntnissen von Katharina Braum fußender Nachtrag zu hogarths 'gate of Calais' nebst einer ergänzenden Hypothese von Elizabeth Einberg lichtenberg-Jahrbuch 1998 saarbrücken: sdv, 1999, 286-92. Bernd Krysmanski, " Hans-georg von Arburg, kunst-Wissenschaft um 1800. Studien zu georg Christoph Lichtenbergs Hogarth-Kommentaren. Göttingen: Wallstein-Verlag, 1998 ( Lichtenberg-Studien. Herausgegeben von Stefan Brüdermann und Ulrich joost.

Krysmanski, hogarth's 'Enthusiasm Delineated nachahmung als Kritik am Kennertum, eine werkanalyse, zugleich ein Einblick in das sarkastisch-aufgeklärte denken eines "Künstlerrebellen" im englischen. Jahrhundert, 2 vols., hildesheim, zurich, presentation new York: georg Olms, 1996. bernd Krysmanski, "Hagarty, not Hogarth? The True defender of English 'wit and Humour, in, the dumb show: Image and society in the works of William Hogarth,. Frédéric Ogée, oxford: Voltaire foundation, 1997. Studies on Voltaire and the eighteenth Century, 357, 141-59. Bernd Krysmanski, "O the roast beef of Old England: Hogarth in bsefreier zeit vor dem Tor von Calais", lichtenberg-Jahrbuch 1997 saarbrücken: sdv, 1998, 29-52, 115, 178, 195, 217. Bernd Krysmanski, "Hogarth's a rake's Progress : An 'Anti-passion' in Disguise", : Ideas, aesthetics, and Inquiries in the early modern Era, 4 (1998 137-82.

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As the publication date of the. Hogarth Bibliography has again been delayed for some months, i would be most interested in hearing from anyone currently working on William Hogarth and his period who would like to see his/her study listed in my bibliography. Please send gender the full title and details of paper, thesis, or other publication (including those in progress) to the address below as soon as possible. Bernd Krysmanski, thg, voerder Str. Germany, email: hogarth_bibliographer(at further, if you are looking for important and current books about William Hogarth, his art and times; for names of experts who have extensively written on Hogarth; for source literature on specific works (such as Hogarth's, enthusiasm Delineated, credulity superstition and Fanaticism. Gin Lane, the Analysis of beauty, etc. or online essays, picture galleries and other resources on William Hogarth, then this is the site for you to both participate in and to access for vital data. Not least, if you carry out your research here you will save yourself a lot of time and trouble. For other publications on william hogarth by the same author, see: Bernd.

Brief summary of noli me tangere
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