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Look up a reference to ieee floating point and add a reference to your readme. You do not have to "fix/improve" qrud_s just test. Phase 5) (15 points) doubles in your environment In a directory "examples demonstrate each of the following with a seperate small program for your current envioronment, be sure you show the result and what happens is explained: How many bytes do doubles take? What are the largest and smallest double? What is the smallest positive double? About how many base 10 digits of significance do your doubles carry? Are ieee nans and Infs supported?

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Look up the term "regression testing add a reference to your readme, and tell how it applies here. Phase 3) (15 points) Improved input. In directory v3: do a better job off processing input in quad_m.c. Add an "test" entry to the makefile to automate this. Document your improvements and any remaining problems in the readme. Does qin accept e or d notatoin (e.g. Phase 4) (0 points optional) Unit testing. In directory v4, write a main in a file test_quad_s.c that tests the function quad_s as described in class. Test essay good input, real roots and no real roots. Test bad input (overflow of solutions?) Test input that could produce good results, but does not. When a test is not passed, print to stderr and, after all tests, bring exit(1) look up a reference to Unit Tests and add a comment to your readme you do not need to use a unit Testing Framework.

Phase 2) (15 points) Use pdf of header files and makefiles. Create a directory v2 for your next version. Split the program into 3 files quad_m.c, quad_s.c, and quad_s.h quad_m.c contains main quad_s_c contains teh code (declaration) for quad_s quad_s.h conatins the prototype (definition) for quad_s. Be sure to always use the programming conventions and commenting as described in class on all programs (or zero credit with no chance to redo it). Modify your makefile generate and use assmebly and object files. Only comple files if a new compile is "required". Throughout this assignment use "simple (tm makefiles.

athe assignment help

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Start with the quadratic equation solver from class quad. C and compile it with a makefile. Place a readme file in the directory, as well the results of some tests. Be night sure to use a "simple (tm makefile with: cc gcc a "clean" entry only comple files if a new compile is "required". Your makefile should leave.0 and. S files around, until a "make clean" is executed. Find some badly formatted input that is not caught by the program, and document.

Review how header files and libraries are used and where they are. You will be writing a simple program to interactively solve quadratic equations. Make sure you have installed manual pages so you can do: "man gcc "man scanf" etc. It is assumed all assignments are done under linux, unless otherwise stated. Shell commands you should know: man, pwd, cd, ls, ls -l, chmod, mkdir, cp, mv, rm, rm -r, rmdir, ssh, scp, and a simple text file editor (e.g. If is assumed you know how to use gcc from the the shell to compile (-s assemble (-c link (-o, -lc, -lm and execute. It is further assumed you know what is in a typical header file or library file, and where the system headers and libraries are located. Phase 1) (5 points) a simple makefile. Make a directory v1 for your first version of the solution.

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athe assignment help

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Retrieved January 29, 2016, from m 10 Ibid 11 Ibid 12 Ibid 13 Ibid 14 Ibid 15 Ibid 16 Augustana University (n.d.). Retrieved January 29, 2016, from m 17 Ibid 18 Munro,. In The middle Ages, (1st. Ibid 21 fordham university summary (1996). Retrieved January 29, 2016, from p 22 fordham university (1996). Retrieved January 29, 2016, from p 23 Brooks,.

Retrieved January 29, 2016, from m 24 Ibid 25 Venning,. CS 454 Assignment 0: c compiling, linking, and loading. Cs 454 Assignment 0: c compiling, linking, and loading. 25, 2011, this assignment is to help you: learn/review some basic shell commands under linux. Get started with C programming using gcc and makefiles on linux. Review source files, assembky files, object files, and executable files.

Hence, it can be seen that even though like every other mighty empire, the byzantine Empire had to face its downfall, some specific strategies implemented by its rulers made it possible for the Empire to stabilize itself for centuries. In conclusion, there had been a myriad of reasons for the downfall of every great empire, but the story of evolution of such empires is more interesting than the saga of their declination. Lecture 5: Rise And Fall of Athenian Greatness. Retrieved January 29, 2016, from. The byzantine State under Justinian I (Justinian the Great).

The metropolitan Museum of Art. Medieval sourcebook: Corpus Iuris civilis, 6th Century. Byzantine empire to 1095. In The middle Ages, (1st.). New York: The century company. A chronology of the byzantine Empire (1st.). New York: palgrave macmillan. 1  Augustana University (n.d.). Retrieved January 29, 2016, from m 2 Ibid 3 Ibid 4 Ibid 5 Ibid 6 Ibid 7 Ibid 8 Ibid 9 Augustana University (n.d.).

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It is noteworthy in this regard that, The policy of Athenian expansion and dominance was challenged by Sparta, which formed its own Peloponnesian league to entry defeat Athens.17. The byzantine Empire, on the other hand, should be considered as an excellent example of strategic ruling. The strategy essay of establishing a centralized government worked well for the Empire, and it provided the rulers with the opportunity to sustain the power of the byzantine Empire.18 Unlike many other medieval rulers, the rulers of the byzantine Empire preferred to implement the strategy. It is noteworthy, in this regard, that, At Constantinople there was a centralized government of civil officials which controlled the state. They had inherited from the old Roman Empire its organizing capacity and the various governmental functions were divided among different bureaus, each with a large staff of well-trained clerks.19 This strategy worked for the ruler and they were able to stabilize the byzantine Empire from. Emperor Justinian codified the roman law, and its outcome was the corpus Iurus civilis which was issued in three parts the digest, the Institutes, and a textbook, and in which it is mentioned that: Since there is nothing to be found in all things. It was the strategy of codifying the law which contributed immensely to the stability of the byzantine Empire for centuries. Moreover, most of the byzantine rulers emphasized the importance of addressing religious issues which had the potential to destabilize the political condition of the byzantine Empire. Emperor Justinian, for example, employed the strategy of keeping the church under the control of the monarchy through the policy of shaping church policy.22 he implemented the strategy of extinguishing the last vestiges of Greco-roman paganism, to root out Manichaeans and Samaritans, and to oppose.

athe assignment help

Athens economy was pivotally based upon farming, manufacturing, and trade, and trade was the essay major contributor to the development of the Athenian Empire. Throughout the Greek mediterranean world, many city states including Athens derived much of their wealth from trading in woolen goods, in crops like wheat, and in grapes and wines.1 Athens also manufactured weapons and pottery.2 It is noteworthy that, the initiators of the establishment. The rule of Athens was meant to be based on the principles of democracy, but Pisistratus, a nobleman, who assumed the power of ruling in 546 bce, thought differently.9 Pisistratus implemented the strategy of autocratic rule, and with the support of commoners and rich non-nobles. These assemblies usually consisted of about 6000 citizens, which was the quorum required.13. It has been often said that, democracy brings along peace. But this was not the case with the Athenian Empire in which the democratic regime after Cleisthenes started using the Athenian military power in an aggressive manner.14 Athens resorted to the strategy of supporting the Greek colonies in their revolt against their Persian overlords, and. 16 This strategy re-instigated Athens to continue implementing its strategy of expansion, but his resulted in Athens ultimate downfall.

comprehend the fundamentals of business. Studying business is the gateway to furthering your career. The Athenian and byzantine Empire: An Analysis of Strategies. History has witnessed the rise and fall of mighty empires. From inception to downfall, every empire had to experience the need of formation and implementation of specific strategies meant for developing the system of ruling, expanding territories to enhance the authority and power of the ruler, and to sustain the empire. There had been a myriad of reasons for the downfall of every great empire, but the story of evolution of such empires is more interesting than the saga of their declination. Among the greatest empires of the distant past, the names of Athenian and byzantine empires deserve special mention. This is primarily because of the strategies that those two empires implemented to create, expand, maintain, or defend their rule. The Athenian and byzantine Empires adhered to some specific strategies, and the proper implementation of such strategies added to the tenure of their existence even though, like every other mighty empires, they had to face their downfall.

You will also have access to knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers and learning material that will be invaluable to your success. You will be assessed through different methods, and the course is ideal for anyone that would like to broaden their knowledge of business. How will a athe or btec diploma in Business help your career? Btecs are often practical and therefore designed to make you more employable by teaching you the right skills such as time-management, problem-solving and decision-making to help you enhance your performance in the workplace. In fact, some people opt to choose business due to all of the desirable and practical skills that are taught, for example being able to think rationally and logically. These can be beneficial in any with place of work and are often skills that employers seek in candidates. Being equipped with an understanding of the inner workings of business and having gained all of the above skills will give you a competitive edge and demonstrate to employers that you are both able and committed and can go on to apply these to your. By studying for a business administration level 3 diploma, you will develop an understanding of the foundations of business and therefore can be flexible in choosing which sector you would like to pursue.

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There has been a recent increase in the amount of people that are opting to pursue an education in business because it has been demonstrated as being a successful way of not only acquiring a job but also helping to further careers. This subject area can also lead write to working in a wide array of areas, creating a sense of flexibility that is often not possible with more niche courses. Studying business opens up the pathway to many interesting career opportunities and can even lead you to go on to further your studies. Why should you choose a athe or btec level 3 diploma in business? A athe or, btec level 3 diploma in business administration can help to provide you with a more in-depth understanding of the way that businesses operate and are structured. There are a multitude of modules and topics that are covered to help develop your knowledge of the different areas within business. The course can also provide you with practical and theoretical skills, alongside transferable skills such as being able to effectively communicate, or confidently and independently carry out research. Studying business administration will evoke you to ask more questions and therefore become an analytical and critical thinker, which can also help you in your everyday life.

Athe assignment help
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  4. There has been a recent increase in the amount of people that are opting to pursue. Help, me make it Through the night (re-recorded Version). The songs of Ace cannon and Al Hirt. T was long ago when women were looked upon as slaves to the hard Working, man. In todays society women now are more respected and are acceptable for.

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  6. Retrieved January 29, 2016, from gie. Assignment, help, new zealand. White middle class males as the star of the story: such as James Bond. Write my nursing paper. Editing service for dissertation.

  7. This assignment is to help you. Learn/review some basic shell commands under linux. Get started with C programming using gcc and makefiles on linux. Reading book as a pastime Free essay. Help, and Writing, assignment. Introduction: Pastime is anything done to pass time pleasantly.

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