Essay on dogs are the most faithful animal

essay on dogs are the most faithful animal

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With the help of dogs the police are able to arrest notorious criminals. A dog generally sleeps during day but it gets up at evening and keeps a strong watch at night in his masters house. Its ears are so sharp that even a slightest noise makes him alert. It can see even at night and can recognize his master or other members of the family. A dog is really very useful friend, and for this reason many people keep dogs in their houses. Essay on Dogs dogs are regarded as the most faithful animal on this planet.  They were the first creatures to be domesticated by primitive man and eventually befriended them.

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I am very fond of my dog. A dog is very faithful friend and is devoted whole heartedly to his master. That is why people keep it in their houses. It is of many colors and is of many kinds. It is said that, dogs are mans best friend. Dogs are great companions. The dog loves his master immensely and when he comes it wages its tail to show its love for him. It jumps again and again when its master comes home after a few days. Dogs can be employed as messengers essay and some dogs even do spying. Dogs are employed in various works.

It goes along with me in the morning. It follows me to the nearby garden. It wanders about in the plants. My dog guards the house like a watchman. It is a faithful companion. It is very bold. It takes risks to guard our house.

essay on dogs are the most faithful animal

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There database are brown patches on its body. It can smell any danger. As soon as I return home, it was its tail to welcome. If i am late to come home, it waits for me on the roadside. It barks at strangers. It shows love and respect to the guests and welcomes visitors. My younger brother and sister roles are fond of my dog. They play with. It shows love to them.

The hunter saw the stains of blood on the dogs mouth. He thought that the dog had killed his son. He became very angry. He took his gun and killed the dog. When he fund his son safe inside the house and the wolf lying dead near him, he wept bitterly. Moral of the story, haste makes waste. I have got a dog. Its color is white.

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essay on dogs are the most faithful animal

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The director of the resume cemetery feeds the dog and he sometimes even goes home, although he always returns by evening and sleeps next to his dead owner. Like hachiko the akita, the dog Capitán is waiting. Once there was a hunter. He lived in a village. He had a dog. It was very faithful. One day, the hunter went daily to city with his wife.

He left his son at home. A wolf came there. It entered the house and attacked the baby. The dog fought with the wolf and killed. . In the evening, the hunter and his wife returned from the city. The dog was waiting outside for his master. When it saw him, it licked his feet.

The kids woke up crying and complaining of headaches, but Janet put them back to bed and went back herself, ignoring Shelby´s attempts to get her up and moving about. The dog went next to john, and stood by the side of the bed barking until the man finally got up to let her out. Shelby would not leave the house. Her owner tried to force her, and it was not until he made it outside and breathed in the clean air that he realized that he had been disoriented when still in the house. John went back into the house and got his family out.

The furnace was leaking carbon monoxide and if they had stayed in bed they would have died. Shelby could have gone outside and abandoned them, but instead she stayed and saved their lives. One of the more recent stories of faithfulness I have heard was about a dog that somehow found his owner´s grave and has kept a vigil over him. In 2006, manuel guzman died in Cordoba, argentina. He was buried and soon after his dog, capitán, ran away. When Veronica guzman, the widow, visited her husband´s grave a week later she found the german Shepherd sitting next.

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The only thing that got her was a sentence to her room for the rest of the. Citations, mla citation summary "The faithful Brown Dog". 2018 ml apa citation, the faithful Brown Dog. Retrieved July 27, 2018, from the world Wide web:. There are so many stories about the faithfulness of this breed that I can really only pick a few. Shelby is one of the great ones. In the winter of 1999 John and Janet Walderbach went to bed after putting their kids to bed, assuming everything was okay in their house.

essay on dogs are the most faithful animal

She knew her parents had told her she couldnt have a dog, but she loved this little brown dog so much that she decided to take him home with her and hide him until for she could convince her parents to let her have a dog. She took hold of the rope around the dogs neck and took him home. When she got home, her father hadnt gotten home from work yet and her mother was in the backyard working in the garden. She snuck the dog in the front door and hid him in her bedroom. It was just in time because her mother had come inside to start on supper and hailey had to help that day. At the dinner table that night hailey brought up the question of having a dog again. This was not the best time to bring it up because her father had been putting in lots of overtime hours that week thus he was very cross and tired. Haileys mother always sided with her husband so the answer was a resounding. Hailey kept pleading with her father but to no avail.

dog came along the street. The only thing that was different about this dog than any other on the street was the old rope around his neck and the intent purpose of finding someone to play with. When the dog came along the child he hesitated for a moment, but shortly started towards hailey. Hailey had always loved dogs, but her parents had never let her get one before. When she saw this do she knew he was the one for her. She put her hand out in hopes the dog would like her and he did. He licked her hand and rubbed up against her. She petted him and hugged him, but after a short time it was time for her to go home.

Instead, licking his wound, the dog prevents tissues to gather and therefore maintains inflammation. Then the mouth of a dog is a reservoir for bacteria and microbes (think of all that your dog has licked before licking the wound.). When licks a wound, so it transmits these pathogens. Logical consequence slower wound healing, and even a risk of infection. If the wound heals, it is not thanks to the miraculous virtues of his dog saliva, revelation but simply because his immune system is particularly effective. So please, don't tell me that dogs are more clean than humans! Below is an essay on "The faithful Brown Dog" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. The faithful Brown Dog, one day there was a child, a young girl by the name of hailey, standing on a street-corner.

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In our everyday language we say about a woman that for example this woman is a "loose woman"! 'cause when the female dog mates with a male, she remains attached to him, she took him wherever she wants, without worrying about the eyes of others around her, for against other animals are brief when mating! She is not ashamed (of course, she's an animal writing but in fact why she didn't free him? In the wild, animals lick their wounds; dogs do the same when they are injured. The idea that the saliva of dogs would accelerate the healing process has since spread. But what is it? If, in the wild, the fact licking a wound is a lesser evil compared to all infectious agents which may face an injury, this is far from true for pets. A nest of microbes! The saliva of dogs has no antiseptic or healing virtue.

Essay on dogs are the most faithful animal
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  1. Even to till date dogs are the most sought pets in every household. In Darkness, the faithful dog has many similarities to the typical Byronic hero. Essay, research Paper Lawrence rainey it should come as no surprise that the. Effects in everyday lifethe most fateful choice of his. By the gallon, we have had to dig.

  2. If you show your kindness to it, feed it and stroke it, it will become greatly attached to you. Short Essay on the Importance of Pets. 441 words essay on Education is not just teaching. 434 words essay on a visit to a museum. Essay on Dogs dogs are regarded as the most faithful animal on this planet. In turn this dogs repaid their masters by assisting them in hunting for their food.

  3. Dog is a well-known domestic animal. It is very faithful and loyal friend of man. Wild dogs become very dangerous however pet ones are very friendly. They perform their duties very faithfully thats why liked so much by the man. The dog is the most faithful animal.

  4. Essay on Dog (100 words). The dog is a very faithful, pet animal. Generally, people like it because of their faithfulness, intelligence, and watchfulness. It is of many colours such as grey, white, black, brown, and red. Dog Essay 3 (200 words).

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