Amway reviews opinions

amway reviews opinions

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Note: Parts of the following section refer to private conversations, on matters of public import. If you are the"d private author, please comment on the talk page to request removal of your words, but bear in mind that they are unattributed and public in scope. Evidence suggests that the conflation of "peer review" with "casual editing" by Creationwiki indicates a larger confusion, within creationist circles, about the meaning of "peer review." Creationwiki administrators in particular seem to believe that "peer review" is meant to be deliberately slanted: in their own. Latecomers: Answers in Genesis edit In 2008, Answers in Genesis attempted to found its own "academic" journal, Answers Research journal. 24 Hilarity continues to accrue at a fairly rapid rate. What peer review looks like edit for an example of what real peer review looks like, see the peer review section of Clair, carole,. 's "Dose-dependent positive association between cigarette smoking, abdominal obesity and body fat published in biomed Central Public health in 2011: 25 Notice that: The paper was reviewed 6 separate times over the course of 11 months. The paper was rejected 5 separate times; the author revised each time.

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E., the unscientific nature of their theology. In short, creationism does not gain merit by virtue of having an empty label now peer reviewed! However, several creationist groups have not gotten the memo: they apj continue to attempt to create sham peer review journals, each of which in turn betrays the ultimate failing of their own discipline, by failing to conform to the methodology of peer review, and merely usurping. Several examples come to mind: Answers in Genesis, creationwiki, jpands, and more "mainstream" creation scientists. As one commentator has noted, creation "science" under its infantile peer review system approximates the level of depth of inquiry of 18th-century science. 19 Since creation science cannot be tested without failing horribly ( when it can even be tested its intellectual discourse resembles, essentially, the creation of wild guesses, the discussion of said guesses around a fireplace, the assembly of these guesses in journals, the commitment. The process then repeats. The system entails no accountability because by its nature it cannot be accountable. Then as farce: Creationwiki edit see the main article on this topic: Creationwiki creationwiki, "a free encyclopedia of apologetics that is being assembled by an international team of missionaries 20 has attempted to create a peer review system 21 to vet Creationwiki articles, with the. The assumption is either deliberate deceit or unconscious misapplication of a scientific term of art; since science depends upon a group of "peers those being individuals versed in high sciences, not apologetics, nothing produced by Creationwiki could ever approximate peer review, unless its membership base.

18 While prima facie compelling, and probably enough to dupe a few uninformed bystanders, this argument does not hold up to logic. The purpose of science (and rationalism) is to determine explanations of natural phenomena, with reference only to objective natural indicia, so as to create a body of knowledge which all dates of humanity can use and apply, if possible, in engineering and medicine. The purposes of science — to determine objective truth, free of a precondition of religious belief, and to create usable knowledge — are incompatible with theistic explanations. Of course naturalism has its limits — if no objective explanation of a phenomenon exists, perhaps some theistic agency is at work. Thus, naturalism does not displace theistic explanations; rather, it pushes back theistic explanations where they are incomplete and inaccurate. To argue that theism should be a start for science, then, completely discounts the nature of science: accusations of bias fall apart accordingly. Attempts by creationists to intelligently design peer review edit a common criticism of creationism and its intellectual kindred ( baraminology, intelligent design, and creation science ) is that these "sciences" can never pass peer review, as they fail to conform to scientific methodology. In addition to accusations of bias, disproven above, creationists have attempted to create their own "peer review publications in a vain effort to create their own body of "scientific" knowledge, and render neutral the "no peer review" criticism. First as tragedy: the creation science "mainstream" edit Of course, the "symptom" that creationism lacks peer review is indicative of the "condition" that it, and its brethren, lack real scientific merit: thus, by creating new "peer review" periodicals, " cdesign proponentsists " merely cure the.

amway reviews opinions

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14 to make a legal analogy, if it is erroneously assumed that the peer review process is like a trial (the case either proven true or dismissed the actual process is more like an arraignment, only verifying that the case has enough merit. Indeed the "trial" part of a scientific work is a very much on-going and continuous process that happens as other scientists cite the paper, or attempt to replicate or use it in their own work. It is also worth noting whom those "peers" may be, as practitioners of pseudoscience might form a circle of pseudoscientists who start a pseudoscientific journal. It isn't the support of a claim that makes it true, it's the honest attempts to disprove a claim through experimentation that solidifies. The problem with not peer reviewing edit journals that do not have a peer-review process can give a veneer of respectability to otherwise bad science. Such publications can be picked up by the popular media and be a source for spreading irrationality, and even be responsible for causing hundreds of thousands of deaths. Such was the case with the journal Medical Hypotheses (published by Elsevier which was not peer reviewed prior to june 2010. The journal had published papers on aids denialism 15 and was the source of the thiomersal anti-vaccine hysteria, "the most damaging medical hoax of the last 100 years." 16 Creationists and peer review edit Allegations of bias in peer review edit Creationists, whose "theories" have. The argument runs something like this: institutions of peer review assume that theistic explanations are invalid, since a built-in requirement of naturalism constitutes atheistic bias.

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amway reviews opinions

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12 In law student's shorthand, the court in a iim daubert inquiry asks, before considering the scientific testimony, if the scientific theory/method relied upon by a party (1) has been peer reviewed, (2) has a low error rate, (3) is testable, and (4) is generally accepted. By adopting peer review as a benchmark for legal acceptance of scientific knowledge, the daubert court validated the idea that science must be of sound, independently reviewed, unbiased methodology before it can be real science, and also agreed that the only cure for bad science. What peer review is not edit many people think that the process of peer review is meant to settle the actual validity of the work, and that in any paper that has passed peer review, the science is entirely correct. This is not the case. Peer review is an "entry level" sort of test that weeds out the pseudoscience and obviously bad work, but is not intended to be a catch-all for outright fraud or experimental error — reviewers simply challenge the rigour by which scientists are reporting their own.

Often enough, the demand for the right data and better conclusions made by reviewers is more than enough to ensure the work is valid enough, as the process is about making sure everything is submitted and out in the open with nothing being hidden. Due to this, direct replication and validation isn't usually a priority or even a necessity for peer review. There are a few exceptions. For example, the American Chemistry society won't accept computational chemistry papers unless the results have been verified. This is because taking parameters from a paper's supplemental material and running it on a computer for a few hours is practical ; rigorously replicating experiments that may have taken months to get right and require specialised and bespoke equipment, is not. Passing peer review and publication is indicative that (by the standards of the journal in question) the science is thorough, there are no glaring omissions, and the interpretation of the results presented are at least plausible, but this does not cement the science. Further publications and research can then use the data contained in the paper and its conclusions can be amended (in worst-case scenarios, retracted) in later publications.

This created a small scandal in the mathematics community when Chaos, solitons and Fractals was found to have carried hundreds of articles by its editor-in-chief, mohamed El Naschie. The editors of many journals are able to reject papers before they reach the peer review process. 8 9 While this can be a good thing in that it avoids wasting reviewers' time on obvious junk, depending on the rules in place this could lead to the unjustified dismissal of good science. In 20, the editors of journal of Vibration and Control and sage uncovered a peer-review ring involving assumed and fabricated identities and led to the retraction of 60 published articles. 10 As of January 2015, the number of fake-peer review articles exceeded 100.

11 In all these cases, the responsibility to choose unbiased reviewers and to recognize a biased review rests on the shoulders of the journal's editors. Some journals allow the authors to suggest that certain colleagues not be used as reviewers. In the case of fraud prevention, the peer-review process does not end with publication, as the article or paper remains available for all interested parties to view — if someone tries and fails to replicate the results, or finds that it contradicts research that they. Even in the face of these possible problems, the peer review process remains the most objective and qualified way to assess scientific work that has ever been developed. Peer review as a legal benchmark edit see the main article on this topic: evidence without doubt, the twentieth century saw an uptick in the number of cases where specialized scientific knowledge is required to resolve a dispute: as a basic example, the plaintiff. Necessarily, if a party must prove a scientific argument to win his case, the court must have a way of judging the science. Courts have met this challenge by adopting Federal Rule of evidence 702, and the daubert test, which require that "expert testimony" — a category which encompasses scientific testimony — be methodologically sound.

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Possible problems edit like all human activities, peer review can be subject to biases in certain situations or if insufficient care is taken in the selection of reviewers: In very competitive areas of sciences, it is possible that reviewers are tempted to gain an unfair. A good editor will be aware of the potential for such conflicts and take them into account when making his final judgment on acceptance of a paper. In the case of competing schools of thought, some reviewers might be influenced by their adherence to a certain point of view and give negative reviews to colleagues from an opposing school of thought. Again, the journal's editor should be able to judge this issue. If the field of experts for a given topic is small, there is a certain likelihood that the reviewer may have a relationship of animosity, rivalry, or friendship with the author that biases the review process. The peer-review process shredder doesn't involve replicating experiments or studies in order to test their truth value. The reviews of submitted papers are only to detect glaring errors in methodology and to determine if the work, as it is presented, is suitable for publication. Therefore the process won't detect outright fraud immediately (unless it's blatantly obvious). In journals lacking real oversight from publishers, editorial board members may be able to publish their own articles by either bypassing the process or hand-picking their own peer reviewers.

amway reviews opinions

3 :42 Thomas Kuhn, in the process of seeking to define the nature of science, and the nature of "scientific progress says in The Structure of Scientific revolutions that the unique composition of the scientific community, as composed of disinterested (read: unbiased) intellectual equals,. More prestigious journals have a more thorough peer-review process and have tighter criteria for the level of work they can publish — indeed this is why they are prestigious, as only the most groundbreaking work is published in these journals. The two top journals in the world for science are Science and Nature and getting a paper into them is considered a great achievement. 4 The vetting process for these two journals is intense, with less than 10 of submitted manuscripts going forward for publication 5 — that's 10 of the manuscripts scientists think are good enough. These top publications also tend to "coach" their submissions, improving the readability, conciseness, and clarity of the paper (again, this is why they're considered the best). 6 This isn't have to belittle "lesser" journals at all; the publishers of Science, for example, openly acknowledge that articles may be rejected "not because the science isn't spectacular but because the area is no longer 'hot. 7 More typical journals in scientific fields ultimately accept perhaps 50-70 of submissions, though some revisions will almost always be required before publication.

in the field, have expertise relevant to the paper to be reviewed, and are able to give an independent review (i.e., no financial conflicts, and not affiliated with the authors). Peer reviews are usually double blind, 2 that is the reviewers do not know who the authors are, and the authors do not know who the reviewers are; only the journal editor knows. This helps to assure that the review is independent. Sometimes the level of expertise required to review the paper is so specific that the authors will be able to guess who the reviewers are or vice versa. One method that can sometimes be used to address this issue is by finding reviewers with expertise in different aspects of the paper (e.g., one for statistics, one for medicine). Relevance to the scientific community edit, peer review is a key part of the scientific method, where the goal of the system is to ensure that work is stripped of biases, unjustified assumptions and other errors, through the review by one's professional colleagues. Accordingly, peer in this context implies equals :. E., the reviewers or judges should have the same or reasonably similar qualifications that the author of the work has — or claims to have. No ideology, other than the commitment to "rigorous empiricism without which no man is a scientist matters in asking whether a person is a scientific "peer".

Approval by peer review is a necessary but not sufficient criterion for quality work. It mostly judges basic competence, such as minimising the chances that pseudoscience can masquerade as science, and filters out trivial or low quality work which would not contribute anything of value. Following publication, peer review is an on-going process where a work is open to scrutiny by the scientific community at large — this is what publication allows a scientist. The process is designed to ensure that the work meets the standards of the field in question and of science in general. A paper which survives lined initial peer review may be shown to be rubbish when examined more widely after publication. Selection of peer reviewers edit, being a peer reviewer is often a thankless task, one does not usually get paid for it nor does one get much recognition for it except perhaps from the journal editor. 1, nonetheless, scientists usually perform peer reviews when they are asked to.

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Simple stuff, in theory. Peer review is the summary process of subjecting scholarly work to review by other experts in the field. The term "peer review" is typically used for scientific and academic publications. When an article is submitted, it is sent to the authors' "peers" (i.e., other experts in the same field) to assess the quality of the work. A similar approach is also generally taken to evaluate research proposals submitted to agencies for funding, such as the national Science foundation (U.S.) or Natural Sciences and Engineering Research council (Canada where the proposals are sent out to qualified scientists to assess whether the proposed. Contents, initial and ongoing peer review edit, the first, and most notable, step in peer review is when a piece of scientific work is looked at by reviewers (sometimes called "referees for approval prior to publication. Typically each paper is evaluated by three reviewers. The journal's editor then evaluates the reviews and decides whether the paper should be published or rejected. Acceptance usually is provisional on the authors making revisions to take the reviewers' comments into account.

Amway reviews opinions
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