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tandem resume

On the Proper Training of Tandem Captains by Experienced

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I was also the sole tandem support analyst for an older version of these products connecting jam screens to tandem cobol85 pathway servers with embedded sql. Unix sql system Administrator July 1993 december 1993 Job responsibilities include Unix system administration and database administration. system Backups on dat media communication setup (Such as tcp/IP configuration and setup) modem setup and Internet navigating configuring and installing new workstations sql database design, creation, maintenance (New Indexes, partitioning, Clustering Indexes, etc) c timing programs to test database speed, accuracy and transaction control. Software development Manager January 19 Responsibilities include software review, technical assistance, database administration, and management of eight software engineers, including hiring and training. Extensive experience in sql database design and the best access plans for optimal sql performance. This was achieved by various Tandem educational opportunities, including sql isp, sql video workshop, on site Advanced sql workshop, and the tandem Alliance Update in Cupertino,. The knowledge gained in these courses aided in the design of three separate projects, each with a unique database. Senior Software Engineer December 19 Responsibilities included coding, testing, and debugging various cobol85 servers in a pathway environment using sql database as well as enscribe. I have written several tacl macros to increase productivity and minimize common errors. As a leader in the development group, i was asked to write some of the more difficult programs and succeeded by producing quality results on or before the scheduled deadline. Securities Industry software Programmer / Analyst november 1989 the december 1990 Programmer Trainee november 1988 november 1989.

( dbIntellect systems Manager) June 12th 1995 july 7th 1995 At dbi, i was responsible for a 6 processor K20000 with 96gb of Discs. During my tenure, i automated the Startup/Shutdown using tacl routines, installed and configured odbc, oss shell, managed user accounts with safeguard, and loaded Oracle 7 data from an sgi unix Server to nonStop sql/MP. Scc inc (Now Intrado). Software development Manager January 19t scc, i was assigned to lead of team of Software Engineers in the design and implementation of two large client/server development efforts. The first of which is remote ms access code connected to a sql server database running on Windows. The second is written in Omnis.31 and connects to an Oracle database also running Windows. I was responsible for the design, and spmp (Software Project Management Plan) of these two products, as well as database administration using ER/Win. I provided technical assistance and leadership to five software engineers, evaluated their performance, maintained the development schedule, sought out new technology, maintain a departmental budget, provided presentations to visitor and executives, and helped troubleshoot problems or roadblocks.

tandem resume

A 5-Month review of the tandem t:slim X2 test guess and

( Tandem Computers ) October 31st 1995 november 9th 1995 Hired by the tandem Pre-sales group, i assisted another well-known data loading expert to use databuild to load a 156gb nonStop sql/mp data warehouse for a tandem Solution Factory demonstration. Source data was cleansed, modified in a random fashion, and striped for optimal mdam performance. Data loads were performed in 8 parallel, single partition sql loads The multiplicative congruential Randomization formula was used to skew the data for security and copyright protection. ( Victoria secret Stores / Tandem Computers dss system Architect) July 10th 1995 september 29th 1995 Hired by tandem Services and the tandem Pre-sales group, i helped design, develop, automate, and deploy a complete decision Support solution utilizing dss-agent via nonStop odbc. Accomplishments include nonStop sql/MP database design, mdam performance enhancements, tacl scripts automating complete data transfer and data loading, cobol expertise and advice, and cobol development. The loading of 500mb of data into a 60GB database was requiring several days to run and needed to complete in 6 hours or less. I was able to implement several performance enhancements and decreased the data loading time window to only.5 hours.

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tandem resume

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The customer required that the data loading process be completely automated with a collection of tacl macros. Each macro was written so that all parameter values were stored in a sql table, allowing changes to be made without code modification. The database autobiography was a 300GB massively parallel NonStop sql database with access for 150 users via odbc, which has since grown to a pair of S70016 systems with over 1tb of data and over 500 programs. This highly successful endeavor resulted in a profitable project for Tandem, leaving their customer pleased with the ability to manage, operate, and modify the data warehouse loading process. Bi incorporated ( Tandem Systems Consultant) April 1996-november 1996 Performed a series of Tandem related consulting services involving their jail Management System (JMS).

This includes, cobol85 programming, system Management, tacl macro maintenance, customer Hardware O/S Upgrades (4 migration from c-series to d-series NonStop Kernel (D30, D32, d35 performance Analysis using measure and gpa, and NonStop sql/MP database architecture review. Had written and provided instruction for a 1 week tandem D30 migration and training class conducted on site. In general provided all System Management, database management, and development for the jms on four different Tandem Systems geographically separated. Senior Tandem /Unix Consultant June 19ince joining you dbIntellect, i have been involved in many different Data warehousing/Decision Support systems. Below is a list of projects and companies I have been assigned on ( paypoint Electronic payment Systems / Tandem Computers ) December 11th 19existing Tandem customer had a need to combine their Tandem and non- tandem databases into their Data warehousing environment and provide. I worked with other dbI consultants to provide database architecture, system design, cobol/Databuild load programs, and tacl automation.

Target Corporation (Systems and Database consultant)       April 19 Worked within a team environment to provide system Management and Database Administration to 24 different Tandem systems (7 S70016, 15 K20000 between 4 and 16 processors, and 2 K200). Most notable was a multi-system Data warehouse consisting of 5 Himalaya s72016 systems running G06.07, using smf supporting over 2 tb of data in sql format (At the time largest in the world). Developed a variety of Database and Performance management tools to aid in potential problem discovery and resolution. I was a core member of the migration team to convert the entire data warehouse system from 4 k-series systems to 4 s-series systems. Configured a year 2000 test system, and created a sample database for 4 different projects to test both system and application code. Developed numerous tacl routines and utilities to move data, manage performance, balance disk space, and automate operations such as table repartitioning, tmf dump management, parallel loads, fup reloads, etc.

Worked with Tandem development to improve the placement algorithm in the smf product, and enhancements to products such as sqlci, tmfcom, and odbc (noscom). Developed a capacity Planning tool that combined measure data with other data collected from tacl, sql catalogs, odbc metrics Tables, and dsap making historical performance and capacity information via sqlci, or any odbc compliant tool (such as Microsoft Access or Web Enabled tools). Bi incorporated ( Tandem Systems Consultant)         April 1997-March 1998 Provided Tandem Consulting services such as odbc installation, hardware and Software Upgrades to D45, measure performance Analysis Reports, cobol85 Programming, Training, year 2000 estimates and code review, problem resolution, and several enhancements projects to their jail. Also reviewed and provided consultation in the use of the common Run-Time Environment (CRE) and the native mode compilers available in the D4x releases. I fully utilized my sql database management skills, systems skills, performance tuning, and Project Management skills. (Now Hewlett-Packard) ( Tandem Automation Consultant)         november 19 Tandem Computers, Inc. Requested the assistance of Randall Consulting in automating a large data warehouse project for one of their customers. This 6 month project included several tacl macros, sql tables, and communications interfaces (such as ftp, ndm, bcom) to automate the execution of a large number of data conversion/propagation cobol85 programs to load data into a nonStop sql/mp data warehouse. The tacl macros were written to automate over 200 cobol85 programs developed using the eti extract tool for Data loading.

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Reduced run-times from weeks to minutes on more than 1 occasion for sql queries, loads, and Inserts, utilizing Parallel Processing, Index creation, and careful examination of explain plans and query functions. Used savants Warehouse Transport summary table reader/merger/loader software for complex summary table loading in parallel. American Express Financial Advisors ( Tandem dba and System Administrator) may 2000 -september 2001 Supported a volatile.6TB database on 2 S74000 systems with 16 processors and 85 disk volumes each. This Sungard/Phase3 database consisted of both NonStop sql and Enscribe, with multi-partitioned tables and indexes. Utilized products Escort and Ranger. Noteworthy accomplishments included Automating Database reloads and partition splits, bi-weekly repartitioning of high impact tables, tmf audit Trail reconfiguration, smf setup and configuration, golden Gate software Extractor/Replicator support and maintenance, disk upgrades and hardware installation, and database performance tuning (such as separation of base table. Overall daddy value was well received as the nightly batch run times reduced dramatically, disk space utilization dropped, and errors were reduced to almost none.

tandem resume

Dell Computers (NonStop oss trainer) August 12-26, 2006 developed and taught two week-long training classes for NonStop oss. Trained a total of 21 students on utilizing the oss environment under nsk. Major topics included the vi editor, security, interface with the nonStop kernel, use of special characters, aliases, grep, korn shell scripting, file and process management. Applied Industrial Technologies (SQL/mx consultant) April 26-28, 2006 Hired by hp professional services to provide sql/mx, odbc/mx, and mxcs consulting services which included evaluation, configuration, performance, best practices and recommendations. Nsm/Web, dp2 sql/MX settings, security, sql statistics, cqd settings and Visual query Planner (VQD) were all utilized. DirecTV (zle database/Systems Consultant) may 2002 -december 2006 Designed, implemented, and supported a large scale zle data Store in a high volume, high availability, and technologically demanding environment utilizing NonStop sql/mp, sql/mx, tmf, rdf, smf, oss, tuxedo, golden Gate, xp12000 ess san and Erwin/SQL. Database design was focused on high availability, performance, parallelism, and future growth All of which were attained and very well received, resulting in a high performance, on-time, on-budget successful project. Utilized sql/mx, mxcs, odbc/mx, visual query Planner (vqp and various cqd (Control query defaults) with sql/MX. Target Corporation (zle database performance consultant) September 2001-March party 2002 evaluated, track, and improved performance of a multi-node, multi-terabyte zero latency Enterprise (ZLE) installation on S74000 systems using NonStop sql/mp and NonStop sql/MX.

oss training also provided. Korean Military manpower Administration (SQL/mx performance consultant)     Sep. 5th 2007 Requested by hp korea to analyze sql/MX performance, configuration and jdbc setup, providing documented recommendations for improvements, best practices and overall configuration. In a short period, i was able to make several well-received suggestions on cqds cqss, partitioning, reloads, while overseeing configuration changes, and modify dozens of sql/MX queries to run markedly improved. Target Corporation (Systems database golden Gate consultant)     December 20 Member of team that configured, prepared, tested, documented and implemented a business continuity plan that involved replication of data from NonStop sql audited tables, Enscribe files, sql programs and configuration files from a dual-system environment. Golden Gate products utilized included Extractor/Replicator, logger, logdump, syncfile, director and Veridata.

Awards: scc three night On the town awards (1991, 1992, 1993). Each award was in recognition of work quality, and a dedication to the final product. service Excellence Award march 1990 For the design and implementation of the mortgage backed Trader subsystem. Intangibles: * hp mission Critical Consultant Member, itug member * itug presenter and Contributor * Self-Motivated, Organized and a natural leader * Excellent Communication skills * Proven Business skills (Budgeting, marketing, personnel, Planning mgt.) * Able to function in a number of different work environments * Dedicated to learning new. Denver, colorado C/c course (C.U. Boulder, co) Data-techs plan lan configuration Class Windows.5 Administration Supporting sql server for Windows.5 experience: Randall Consulting Tandem Consultant/Owner April 1996-Present As an independent Consultant, working on numerous high-profile projects utilizing skills in sql/mx, systems Administration, business Intelligence, zle, data warehouse, year. DirecTV (NonStop Database/Systems Consultant) December 2009 Present Utilized the following NonStop skills sql/mx, golden Gate, prognosis, jdbc/mx, sql/mp, tmf, rdf, dsm/scm, clims, vts (Virtual Tape server measure, netbatch, xp san, c, tuxedo, webviewpoint, tsi/stk silo Mgr, tcp/ip, osm, safeguard, xypro and more to implement. (Systems and Database consultant) October 2009 november 2009 Provided end-to-end systems and database management, including cobol, tal and C development, sql/MP partition management, pathway, safeguard, scf, tcp/ip, tmf, netbatch, odbc and overall troubleshooting. Cibc (Candian Imperial Bank of Commerce) (SQL/mx database consultant trainer) may 20 Responsible for administration, consultation and implementation of a large-scale, multi-environment sql/mx installation with multi-layered, hierarchical referential integrity check constraints, grant/revoke security, triggers, Stored Procedures in java (SPJs) and odbc/MX (Type 2 and Type.

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Scott randall, co usa m summary: Highly experienced, tandem (hp himalaya nonStop) International Consultant and Trainer with twenty years of experience in the areas of System Management, database Administration, performance tuning, data replication, business Continuity and. Zero latency Enterprise (zle data warehouse. Hardware: hp nonStop tandem (Blades/nb-series (nma itanium, ns-series (nsaa s-series, k-series, clx, vlx, txp, cyclone, clx/R). P1200, 20k 24k ess san, msa70 Enclosure, sas, pc (286,386,486,Pentium, multi-core unix/Linux (DL320 G5/G6, centos/RedHat, sgi mips r4000 r4400). Tandem, software: mxci/sqlci, smf, tmfcom, measure, rdf, dataloader m/p, viewpoint, gpa, spoolcom, inspect, tfds, pathcom, binder, nld/noft, databuild, ftp, tcp/ip, odbc, noscom, safeguard/safecom, fup, pup, scup, scf, coup, cmi, sysgen, install, dsm/scm, tsm, osm, ipm scout, tcm, tpdc, tedit netbatch/batchcom, rsc, backup, restore, tapecom, mediacom. 3rd party software: Prognosis, golden Gate (GGS) Extractor/Replicator, xygate, escort Ranger, savant wt, escort*sql, dba/m, ndm, sqlxpress, pak, discover, klist, pcl, tracker, sql magic, skan, ca/Unicenter, mq series, Phase3, aci refund Auth, etc. Languages: NonStop sql/mx, nonStop sql/mp, cobol85, tacl, c/c, thesis scobol, tal, java. Pc software: Outside view (4.0.1 cail ctt, tim, cd read, eti extract, Oracle, sql server, windows nt server ws, ms project, word, Excel, Access, Omnis 7, jyaccs jam.0, er/Win, silverRun, tws, kbns, scout, etc.

Tandem resume
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  3. The Admissions Office looks forward to getting to know you and sharing with you what makes. It was founded as The. With an impressive and growing resume, tandem, associates, Inc. Continues to provide quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. Tandem (hp himalaya nonStop) International Consultant and Trainer with twenty years of experience in the areas of System Management, database Administration, performance tuning, data replication, business Continuity and.

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