Bi vs reporting

bi vs reporting

Sql server, reporting, services Tutorial: Designing

If you liked this post, check out the 2nd part here. Power view meet Microsoft Excel 2013 Part 2). Implementing drill-down in a sql server 2008R2 Reporting Services Map (Step by Step). Menu, my first thoughts when I heard about the datazen acquisition wereHow is it different? When do i choose to use it? What are its strengths?

Reporting capabilities: Microsoft sql server 2005

In addition to the new thesis Map visualization, the pie chart has also been made available. You can even include pie charts in Maps (just a bit of a warning here, currently the pie charts do not support data labels, business similar to performancepoint Analytical Chart reports). The mapping capability uses Bing Maps just like ssrs does for some of its mapping that was introduced in sql server 2008. Here is an example of a map (including pie charts, just to put it over the top you can see in the field Well that there are new spots for Locations, longitude, and Latitude. If you are looking for the card visualization it is now under the table. Now what about those kpis, how do those look? Well, looks like we still need some work here, but it is a start. . The indicators it is using are not correct. . I would like to see a more condensed view and options here to provide the detail information about the kpis, but at least we can include them now. Now there are more new items and capabilities that I havent even touched on yet, so stay tune for another post next week. For more information about the new bi features in Office 2013 check out the following links: Enjoy and kudos to all of the microsoft teams that were involved to make all of this happen!

I can change the font from Segoe ui to times New Roman. I can select a different Theme, adjust the font size, and alter the background (these changes are all at the report level, not item). . The result (not saying this is ideal) ends up looking like the following: Another interesting item you can do here in Power view is in the data section of the ribbon. . you can actually review and modify relationships. Lets quick go back to the second screenshot above and take a look at the field List. . Notice something different here? . What are those Globes and Spotlights doing in the list? . Yep, you guessed it, power view now provides geo-coding capabilities to use with the new Map visualization, plus it also supports key performance Indicators (KPIs)! .

bi vs reporting

Page comparison, bi -server

The first one that I will point out is in the top left hand portion of the report and the new option i used here is the picture option in the Insert section. You can include Image files now so you can include the company logo as a report header (jpg, jpeg, and png files). The other image you see is in the background of the report and for this i used the set Image option in the background Image section. Here you can select the same type of image files as the picture and then you can specify the position option as Fit, Stretch, tile, or Center. Along with that you can specify the transparency level and here i have it set. Well you can do more formatting. . If you recall in the existing Power view we biography have styles. Using Styles in Microsoft Power view. . In the new version here we can really tweak the report setup using the Themes section.

Could really use a line break in this warning message box. So just to reiterate the situation and give you an option to cancel. Time to reboot warning : I did notice one issue with the upgrade, the kpi that I had defined in my Excel 2010 Powerpivot model did not convert over, so i had to create the measure from scratch and setup the kpi again. Once i had the model converted over i used the new option in the Insert tab of the ribbon for Power view (right in the middle in the reports section)! If you click on this and you do not have the add-in enabled you will be prompted and you can enable it then. This creates a new worksheet in the workbook and then you can start building out your report, just like you can do with the current version of Power view, but this time you are doing it in Excel and not in your web browser. Here is what i ended up with recreating the hotel Performance dashboard report displayed above (notice if you can see a few extra items I have added and any other differences did you see anything new on the report? . no, not the fact that I changed the Play axis in the scatter chart or the data labels being added in the bar chart. . Okay, so you did see it, there are images included in the report and they are not part of the model definition!

Reporting, suite bietet nahtloses

bi vs reporting

Mandatory sustainability reporting

They do not cannibalize each other but feed off each other, providing the end user a much richer data set. A recent sap client of ours recently reduced their overall forecasting process by 1600 and has now embarked on a bi roadmap to meet additional reporting needs across the organization. If this blog post has piqued your interest, feel free to reach out to me tom directly. Our next topic will be Advanced Analytics The Cloud Will Not Improve your Reporting Unless you do this First. Tweetmeme sourcedenglishbi only_singlefalse, this week microsoft released the public review of Office 2013 (aka office 15). . you can download and check this out now for yourself and read some reviews of the new changes here: One of the items that I have been patiently waiting to talk about and demonstrate is the new Power view and not only the new enhancements. With Excel 2013 the powerpivot and Power view com add-ins are provided with the installation, you simply need to enable them book in the Options- Add-Ins section.

Before i dive into the new Power view let me show a quick screenshot of one of the power view reports from our. Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power view book. A couple of things I want you to take a look at primarily is the field list. . Also you will be able to compare this look to the enhanced one that I will now show off in Excel 2013. . to create my Excel 2013 I decided I would go against a complete Excel solution, so i created a complete pan-geo hospitality travel Powerpivot Model. . I did this first in Excel 2010 and then upgraded this in Excel 2013 by accessing the model in the powerpivot Ribbon in Excel 2013 (you will notice that in this screenshot you will see two powerpivot tabs and that is because i have both. When i opened up my Excel 2010 file with the powerpivot model in Excel 2013 (which i also enabled the powerpivot add-in) I then went to the 2nd Powerpivot tab in the ribbon and clicked the manage button in the data model section.

Mapping the local chart of accounts to the corporate chart of accounts as well as translating the local functional currency to the corporate functional currency was done in Excel. The result was a cluttered process that was neither transparent nor reliable. It took the overseas subsidiaries substantial effort to deliver the monthly reporting to corporate headquarters. Any non-financial reporting, such as number of headcounts, had to be provided outside the corporate erp and typically lived in Excel. Cpm is not.

A canadian power generation company with offices in Canada and the. Used cpm technology to also support bi functionalities for highly granular breakdowns of income and cost per plant. Each plant represented a profit centre at one or multiple legal entities. Even though there was no need to consolidate any of this plant-related data, the data was subject to currency translation and intercompany elimination rules that were not configured into the data warehouse. Because of this, the power generator faced dramatic performance issues when trying to run complex transactions via their self-service bi platform, and any last-minute changes were a nightmare to process if the workflows were not configured correctly. These three examples highlight the importance of addressing the corporations business processes with the right technology cpm, bi, or erp. Bdo develops applications on all three platforms, and we typically know the nuances of choosing a software like adaptive insights or Prophix. Trying to build a solution in sql/Power bi, or utilizing the reporting capabilities of Dynamics 365. If positioned and utilized wisely, cpm, bi, and erp leverage each other to drive your analytics culture.

Arijit Basu: Reporting bi in AX: An overview level

However, the bi tool could not database cope with the currency conversion of equity at historical cost. Consequently, the consolidated equity and especially the currency translation reserve always had to be recalculated in Excel by each of their worldwide operations. Furthermore, the bi tool did not feature process management functionalities. Its database would always reflect the latest batch of data effectively presenting the corporate centre with a business moving target. As reported periods could not be properly closed, corporate reports would generally present constantly changing comparative data as commodity prices fluctuated. Erp is not cpm, a calgary-based oil and gas company used erp technology to also support cpm functionalities for data collection and validation. Some of its overseas subsidiaries used a different brand of erp than the D365 platform that was used by head office. As a result, data collection was a nightmare for these overseas subsidiaries. The monthly reporting had to be delivered in the format of a journal entry to fit into the corporate erp.

bi vs reporting

data. Erp applications automate and support a range of administrative and operational business processes across multiple industries, including line of business, customer-facing, administrative, and the asset management aspects of an enterprise. Cpm, bi, and erp in real Life. Software can be twisted to do almost anything but why go through the pain if you dont have to? Trying to support fundamentally different business processes through a single solution is a recipe for heartache. Software vendors love to present their solutions as one size fits all. But whenever you come across such a bold promise, remember that customizing your specific workloads onto an all-purpose platform often becomes more expensive in the end. I will illustrate this through some real-life examples. Bi is not cpm, a worldwide mining client of ours tried to use bi technology to support cpm functionalities for financial consolidation.

We have witnessed highly professional organizations struggle to define an effective information architecture to meet the growing demands of kpi management and self-service business intelligence. Often, the underlying reason is a poor understanding of how todays technologies support a variety of business processes. Sometimes companies spend millions of dollars on platforms trying to solve problems that proposal could be met with line-of-business specific applications that are cloud based and fit for purpose at a fraction of the cost. When discussing analytics, our clients often ask about three technologies. While all three should coexist in any corporate information architecture, it is crucial to recognize their differences. To better understand them, let us use the definitions proposed by the gartner it consultancy: Corporate performance management. Cpm is an umbrella term that describes the methodologies, metrics, processes, and systems used to monitor and manage the business performance of an enterprise. The most commonly used functionalities include financial consolidation, reporting and disclosure, and budgeting and planning.

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All of the topics discussed here in this blog comes from my real life encounters. They serve as references for future research. All of the data, contents and information presented in my entries have been altered and edited to protect the confidentiality and privacy of the clients. Executive stakeholders want an analytics strategy that is cost effective, platform centric, and offers strong user uptake. But they often struggle to distinguish between products and terminologies that can sound the same when coming from sales or marketing people. My team and I see this confusion in the market on a regular basis. We are in the business of implementing cloud-based corporate performance management applications for financial consolidation, management and regulatory reporting, and budgeting and planning for clients who struggle with overgrown Excel spreadsheets and a desire to work autonomously from. The confusion among clients costs them time and money.

Bi vs reporting
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  3. Real-time data views) can be created on a schedule. Tags Datazen, reporting Services, power.

  4. Predictive analytics And Optimization. Which is the best situation to use a pie-chart vs a bar chart? Basic Understanding of obiee report Vs bi publisher Report. Obiee analysis provides dynamic and interactive ad-hoc reporting capabilities that allows. Any non-financial reporting, such as number of headcounts, had to be provided outside the corporate erp and typically lived in Excel. Cached data views (.

  5. Thus using vba for reporting and analysing is a wise decision for accounting and financial professionals as it reduces. Cost to run EC2 instances. Fans of Docker claim it has many advantages for application. Power, bI, report, server adds new Power, bI reporting options. Power, bI vs, tableau: Summary. Overall, the choice between Tableau and Power, bI is a contentious one.

  6. Hilmar Buchta Implementing drill-down in a sql server 2008R2. Reporting, services Map (Step by Step). From the start screen here you will see a new option to Open from report server and some, reporting, services links to the. Business, objects WebI report developers that I have talked to have had trouble at one time or another. Web, intelligence, editors: java,.

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