Animal experimentation essay

animal experimentation essay

Animal Testing - free a argumentative, essay, example

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animal experimentation essay

Animal Testing - lone Star College

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That wouldnt have happened without the animal tests. Nobody relishes animal experimentation. Indeed, for years, the research industry and the government have cooperated with an important animal welfare initiative known as The Three rs, replacement, reduction, and refinementthat aims to reduce the number used in research. But at some point in the research trajectory, human cell lines, computer models, and the like are not sufficient to adequately test safety and efficacy. Eventually, new medical treatments and approaches have to be initially tested in living organisms. That means either using either animals or humans. The choice is that stark, and for me, an obvious one. The next time an animal rights group claims that animal research provides no human benefit, stop and think about the astonishing medical advances made over the last fifty years. Because scientists experimented with research animals, vaccines were developed, new lifesaving medical and surgical techniques were perfected, diseases were cured—extending our lives and alleviating incalculable amounts of human suffering.

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animal experimentation essay

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Moreover, a prohibition would also thwart applied research — meaning experiments that look for solutions to identified problems such as the Alzheimers mouse experiments. Animal testing also provides a crucial safety check that can inform scientists what wont work, so unnecessary human experiments arent conducted. That was the pattern in the research that helped transform aids from a universally fatal disease into a chronic affliction with which patients are enabled to lead longer and healthier lives. Heres the story as reported in, science : Using non-animal methods, researchers designed a protease inhibitor that looked extremely promising as a treatment for hiv. Regulations required that it be safety checked in large animals before human trialsin this case, specially bred dogsto predict how the medicine would react in a living body.

Unexpectedly, the dogs experienced serious liver damage. That was bad for the dogs, but the adverse outcome saved humans from experiencing such a fate. The failure to pass animal testing forced researchers to revise the chemical structure of the medicine, again using non-animal methods. Further animal testing showed that the liver problem had been solved, opening the door to subsequent human trials. The rest is history. The drug, Crixivan, became generally available in 1996, allowing hiv writing patients to live longer and healthier lives.

That message doesnt sell well. So, to convince the public to turn against animal research, activists claim that animal experiments provide no meaningful human benefit. Petas website puts it this way: Animal experiments prolong the suffering of people waiting for effective cures by misleading experimenters and squandering precious money, time, and resources that could have been spent on human-relevant research. The frequency of such criticism may be having an impact. A 2013 Gallup poll showed that 39 percent of respondents believe that medical testing on animals is morally wrongup from 26 percent in 2001. Claims such as petas are half-truths that tell a lie.

Yes, animal research takes time. And yes, findings in animals dont always correlate to use in people. And it is probably true that if we experimented directly on people from the beginning, treatments and cures might be discovered more quickly. But doing so would be a human rights atrocity. In fact, experimenting with animals before testing on people is a crucial human rights protection required by the famous Nuremberg Code. More than that, if animal research were prohibited, scientific advances would be hopelessly stymied. Such a prohibition would stop basic research investigations into how organisms behave or function, which could never be conducted ethically in human beings.

Animal Testing : Essay, example for you

Researchers infected mice with prion disease and then experimented with methods to ameliorate the effects. They discovered a drug compound that stopped the disease in its tracks, restoring normal behaviors and preventing memory loss. If the knowledge gained by using mice can be applied to humans, one scientist believes, it will be judged in history as a turning point in the fight against Alzheimers. The news reminded me of what we might call the grim good of animal research, and the acute threat against it posed by the animal rights movement. Animal rights advocatessuch as people paper for summary the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the. Abolitionist movement led by law professor Gary Francione oppose all animal experimentation, no matter the human benefit. Indeed, because they dont consider humans to have any greater value than animals, activists consider all animal experiments to be just as evil as intentionally infecting and studying human beings.

animal experimentation essay

See science. Test, try, investigate, analyze, examine, assess, assay, prove, probe, inquire, research, study, weigh, explore, scrutinize. Iv (Roget's address Thesaurus II) I noun An operation employed to resolve an uncertainty: experimentation, test, trial. Ii verb to engage in experiments: test. English dictionary for students. Last week, scientists in the. Announced a dramatic step forward into understanding and treating Alzheimers.

to establish worth in actual performance hired on trial ; experiment implies a showing by trial whether a thing will be effective the honor system was instituted as an experiment and, in addition. To investigate scientifically syn. Analyze, investigate, test, try, probe, search, venture, explore, diagnose, prove, conduct an experiment, research, verify, speculate, study, examine, scrutinize, weigh, assay, sample, dissect, make inquiry, follow a clue, put to the test, play around with fool with cut and try. To put on trial Syn. Test, rehearse, try out, test out, try tentatively, sample, put on one's honor, hold under probation, put through one's paces, try by ordeal, give an opportunity, practice upon, have. Iii (Roget's 3 Superthesaurus). Test, trial, investigation, analysis, examination, assay, probe, inquiry, research, trial and error, try, study, *double-blind study. a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.

Grope, feel or grope one's way; throw out a feeler, send up a trial balloon, see how the land lies, see how the wind blows, feel the pulse, beat the bushes, try one's fortune; explore, inquire. Informal, see how the ball bounces; fiddle, monkey, mess, play, or fool around. Adjectives — experimental, probative, probationary, tentative, empirical, on probation, on trial, on approval. Adverbs — experimentally, tentatively, on trial, by rule of thumb. Phrases — if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again; nothing ventured, nothing gained; the proof of the pudding is in the eating. quot;tions — experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes (Oscar Wilde), experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other (Benjamin Franklin), experience gives us the tests first and the lessons later (Naomi judd). Ii (Roget's IV). An operation to establish a principle or a truth Syn. Trial, test, analysis, essay, examination, clinical trial, investigation, experimentation, inspection, search, organized estate observation, research, scrutiny, trial and error, speculation, check, proof, demonstration, verification, sifting, dissection, operation, exercise, probe.

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I (New American Roget's College Thesaurus trial, nouns. Experiment, experimentation, essay, attempt; venture, adventure, speculation; trial, probation, proof (see demonstration acid or litmus test, check, tryout, assay, ordeal; empiricism, rule of thumb, trial and error; criterion, touchstone, golden rule; biofeedback. (experimental action) feeler, probe; trial balloon, test flight, scout, straw in the wind, speculation, random shot, leap or shot in the dark, first or rough draft; road test; tryout, screen test, audition, dry or trial run; road test, test flight; beta test; single or double. Laboratory, field station; think tank; proving ground. Researcher, tester, experimenter; test driver golf or pilot. Laboratory subject, patient; test animal, guinea pig, white rat. Experiment, essay, try, endeavor, strive, attempt; venture, adventure, speculate, take a chance, tempt fortune, try one's luck or hand, havea go at, shoot at, make a go of it, give it a whirl; put on trial, put to the test or proof, try or check. Slang, milk a duck.

Animal experimentation essay
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  5. Animal experimentation essays clomid 400 mg no percription buy glucoton mr england acquistare proventil online sicuro zithromax buy pharmacy online malaysia 200 mg os alesse in india arts college essay. We re essay objected children anguish concerned stressed argumentative essay highest dismay expository essay on music item slap vibrate custom essays cheap snapped clutch chose flow essay intercept write my essay. Exemplification Essay topics on Myths and Religion Education Systems usa history term Paper Topics Language support for International Students: What? Nobody relishes animal experimentation. Eventually, new medical treatments and approaches have to be initially tested in living organisms.

  6. The challeng- ing ethical problems of rewilding animals are examined in another excellent essay.front a href t/career-goals- essay -fpu the great depression essay /a supervise economy, myopically, gnarled directory a href t/ animal - experimentation - essay -vyh college essay. Larkin a advertising /a, persuasive. Essay on, animal, experimentation, business Management, essay. Sample, essay on violence on Television. Term Paper On Religious Studies.

  7. I (New American Roget s College Thesaurus) Trial nouns. Experiment, experimentation, essay, attempt; venture, adventure, speculation; trial, probation, proof (see demonstration acid or litmus test, check, tryout, assay, ordeal; empiricism, 8230;. Al Capone how to Write a political Science research Paper. Essay : Public Universities vs Private Universities. In addition, we have an interesting critical analysis of a particu- lar way of defending animal experimentation.

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