Write a paragraph about your favourite sport

write a paragraph about your favourite sport

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Even though people view basketball as a fun activity, for me basketball is a passion, it is a nice game to watch and play. Basketball gives teenagers the opportunity to be aware of their personality; bonding forms part of playing basketball as it promotes cohesiveness. Playing basketball can help teenagers get along with other peers and develop a better understanding of others. Basketball is not just a sport ; it helps teenagers get through life by understanding the importance of teamwork to achieve a common objective. Basketball is more than just a game, its a lifestyle. Essay revision revising is very important to get the best paper you can.

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How to conclude an essay on my favorite sport The essay conclusion gives the writer the last opportunity to persuade the reader. A good essay conclusion should leave a writing lasting impression that can stay with the audience even after reading the essay. A good conclusion needs to present concrete argument, reviewing the topics from a larger perspective. The author should reiterate the thesis statement used at the beginning of the essay. Conclusion set the discussion into different perspective using the presented evidence. Its important to conclude by reviewing the implications of the arguments. Conclusion example The following example can serve as a good essay conclusion. Basketball is an interesting game that can be addictive. Unlike other sports, basketball is a fun game that helps teenagers spend their free time actively. Basketball promotes interaction and cooperation.

He is simultaneously my role model. 3rd body paragraph Basketball is different from other sports because the game encourages bonding, during training sessions. I feel happy to be part of the team. It doesnt matter whether we lose or win, the main idea is that the game brings us together as one team. Winning a game gives us joy as a team. For me, basketball is not just a sport ; basketball promotes teamwork, communication writings and cohesion. It also boosts my confidence and helps me stay active; thats why i love playing this game.

write a paragraph about your favourite sport

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Write as clearly as possible, so people know proposal what you are talking about. Example of body paragraphs 1st body paragraph Basketball has a number of benefits to it, up to and including the act that it gets you moving and exercising. Basketball teaches teamwork, and it can help you to find people who will be friends for life. 2nd body paragraph Basketball is the best sport because even if you are not playing, you can still enjoy watching golf the game. Basketball is an engaging sport and watching it is fun because you can learn different moves to enhance your game. My favorite player is Kobe Bryant. Kobe is a flexible player and his moves make the game interesting to watch.

The other paragraphs provide examples to continue supporting the claim and providing specific information. The last paragraph of the essay should support the claim further and review other claims to wrap up the body using strong evidence to convince the audience. Tips on body writing One paragraph one argument. Make sure that you have the right amount of research for each paragraph. Enough to fill the paragraph, but not enough to get confusing. Reference the thesis statement in some way. Each paragraph needs a topic sentence and a concluding sentence.

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write a paragraph about your favourite sport

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Example of the thesis statement Basketball has many facets to it, all of which add to peoples enjoyment. Example of the introduction Basketball as a sport is immensely popular throughout the world. Everyone has a different reason to love it, and all of these reasons are equally valid, whether it be their own experiences, the competition, the feeling of winning, or something else which encourages them to like the sport. Basketball is my favorite sport because its a way of exercising and making new friends. Even though basketball is a sport, other people see it as a passion.

Being a teenager, basketball has played lab a huge impact in my life from just being a hobby to a strong obsession. Basketball has many facets to it, all of which add to peoples enjoyment. How to write body paragraphs for an essay on my favorite sport Body paragraphs present the main points; the essay body supports the thesis with evidence, including the authors analysis of the evidence. The body forms most part of the essay. A good paper should contain three main paragraphs, with the first paragraph explaining the topic and develop it further. The following sentences should present solid evidence giving examples of the claim made in the thesis.

Making new friends, experiencing joy after winning a game. Working towards a common goal, conclusion, restating the essay thesis. Reviewing the benefits of playing basketball. Summarizing the impact of basketball, how to start an essay on my favorite sport, when starting an essay on your favorite sport (basketball the first paragraph is an introduction. The introductory paragraph is important because readers are informed of what to expect in the following paragraphs.

The introduction explains the topic in general and guides the reader to understand the content of the paper. A good introduction describes why the topic is important and outlines the key argument to be presented in the essay. However, writing an introduction can be something which many people do last because it allows them better control over what they write. To write an introduction, make sure to have all your research to hand, to make sure that you wont forget anything. Try and go through everything methodically, and remember to hook people into your work, so that they continue reading. How to write the thesis statement to write a thesis statement, take all of your research, and boil it down into one sentence, which explains your stance on the subject. Thesis statements should never be more than two sentences long one for preference.

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Writing an essay on my favorite. Sport means the author needs to choose one favorite summary sport and describe it in details. In this essay, we have chosen basketball database to describe as as a favorite sport. Outline sample, introduction, essay thesis statement on my favorite sport, overview of basketball and its impact. Body paragraphs, paragraph 1, benefits of basketball, basketball promotes bonding and cohesion. Basketball promotes teamwork, paragraph 2, additional benefits including building confidence, favorite personality. Paragraph 3, my personal experience as a basketball player.

write a paragraph about your favourite sport

Swim with a very low effort, let your mind wander, focus on nothing but the rhythm of your stroke. This form of meditation can help you gain a feeling of well-being. Furthermore, swimming is a wonderful recreational activity for you and your family. Swimming gives you a chance to be with your family or with some friends at the pool, or just to dip yourself in cool water. Spending hours at the pool on hot summer days is always my statement favourite pastime. In conclusion, swimming is not only popular, but it is also one of the best all body workout a person can. Besides its physical benefits, swimming is also a great recreational sport giving you peace of mind to continue with your day. Swimming has numerous advantages over other exercises and if done consistently will keep you in shape for the long period of time. 2017/05/23 by Amanda right, how to, sport is a broad term used to describe physical activities; there are different types of sports people can engage.

activity that provides individuals with several physical benefits. First of all, swimming is a movement through water using one's legs and arms that provides an all body workout. As all of your muscles are used during swimming, it is an excellent form of exercise. Moreover, swimming can also be very beneficial to your heart and lungs. After a few laps, swimming can help you cool-down, move blood through your muscles to help them recover. Swimming builds up muscle strength, so your body is kept in perfect shape. In addition to its physical benefits, swimming is also an effective way to relax.

There are some reasons why swimming is popular. Firstly, swimming is a sport for all age groups; besides, it is a lifetime activity. People can learn to swim as young as 4 or 5 years old or as old as 60. All it takes is the right instruction and desire to get in the pool. Secondly, swimming is cheap. You don't have to spend much money. All you need is just a swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable and a goggle that keeps water from your margaret eyes.

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My favorite Sport Is football kibin. It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page. Scroll to top, view writings other essays like this one: Company, follow. My, favourite, sport, swimming, swimming has been my favourite sport since i was very small. I learnt to swim when I was just 5 years old. Swimming is a very popular sport ; furthermore, it provides individuals with several physical and mental benefits.

Write a paragraph about your favourite sport
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  1. Each player uses a strung racquet to strike a hollow rubber ball covered with felt over a net into the opponents court.

  2. Basketball is my favorite sport. It s a great paragraph but I want a fact in this paragraph. It is amazing my favourite sport is basketball and. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on a paragraph About my favorite Sport. Tennis is a sport played between two players (singles) or between two teams of two players each (doubles).

  3. My, favorite Sport, is football pages. More essays like this: football, my favorite sport. Here is your short paragraph on my favorite game. It is also called king sport and is the most famous sport. Paragraph on my favorite subject.

  4. Read this paragraph about Tina s favourite sport. Then write a similar one about your favourite sport. My favourite sport is swimming. I like it because its fun and I can do it all year. Please check your internet connection.

  5. Read story my, favourite Sport, swimming by cuongha with 245,991 reads. My, favourite Sport, swimming Swimming has been my favourite sport sin. Essay on my favorite sport. How to write an essay on my favorite sport. When starting an essay on your favorite sport (basketball the first paragraph.

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