Save paper save trees slogan

save paper save trees slogan

Save trees slogans in Hindi

Not much on Jews and aipac forcing Muslim immigration into white countries! Just the usual disgusting hypocrisy. An irritating site is irmep. Org Institute for Research: Middle eastern Policy something to do with someone called Tom woods). Lots of Israel-style light blue. It doesn't seem to mention the federal Reserve (which permits the vast Jew money frauds or the bias Jews have to raise government debt (because then they get interest in future).

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Has the tools you need to enhance the value of your mma digital brands while combating the forces that would undermine your online brand reputation.' It seems to get viewers through its links with Jewish media crap: The Atlantic, new Yorker, Economist, current History; and facebook. The claim is the usual advertising lies: '. Fresh angles on stories in the news. Signature wit and irreverence. Provocative commentary.' The truth is the yawn-inducing self-referring Jewish bs worldwide —photos of Jews, whatever topic is being pushed—lies about nukes, lies about war crimes, lies about 9/11, lies about Africa (Jewish involvement not mentioned lies about Jewish puppets (e.g. Obama lies about the fed, lies about Jews pushing for migration into white countries, and mentions (without race identification) of Jews in France, jews in Arabia, jews in Canada, jews in the usa, jews in Ukraine, jews in Germany, jews in Russia, jews in Britain. Discussion of Jewish media topics: Hollywood, tv, 'stars the pathetic rubbish of jewish 'culture the tweaking of little bits of history to hide the big picture. Continued censorship of black crime, jewish fraud, mass murders in the ussr, the holohoax, the dismal lies of 'education'. I just found another similar site, also with hardly credible Alexa ratings,. I searched their site with keyword 'jews the first five entries were headlined 'palestinian Arab Murders Two Israeli jews in Tel aviv after Prayer Service 'knife jihad Against Jews Continues As Abba Tried to Unite palestinian Factions in Struggle Against Israel 'rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem. Not much coverage of deir Yassin or the holocaust fraud!

Most of the material was taken from, and omitted from, this website. back to top of This Page be jew margaret Aware. Youtube did you know that there is a group of people out there that does an incredible amount of good for us? Com Is a jewish American site, which if Alexa is to be believed is one of the most-visited sites in the usa, though still far behind. It deals of course with the usa, pretending to consider the American nation. In fact, it's of course jews first—with the stupid us goyim providing real goods and tax money and dim muscle. The site appears to be part of the 'slate Group wiki says an 'online publishing entity established in June 2008 by Graham Holdings Company'. The Slate Group says its 'mission is to develop and manage a family of web-only magazines.' Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, jacob weisberg. Its site links to corporation Services Company, which '.

save paper save trees slogan

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We see material on the gender pay gap, which is unpopular with middle-class women—and notably jewish women getting hand-outs from the jewish money-printing machine. I can see no mention of the jewishness of Cameron, may, and the other simple fanatics. The site remains worthless, when it isn't damaging, but clearly has increasing struggles when engaging with reality-minus-Jews. back to top of This Page the daily bell is another Jew-concealing site specialising—if it can be called that—in the usual Jewish drivel. The reason I mention it here is because it is the first site known to me addressing the nuclear issue, which at some point Jew liars best will have to face. It's a fairly mediocre nuclear exit strategy piece, admitting nuclear bombs were a fraud, but putting all the responsibility onto non-Jews. So dates i suppose this gives it some interest. In fact I wrote an entire shortish piece.

Here's a specimen absurd headline to one of their pieces (there aren't many mao and Stalin tested state plans to destruction. Why does Miliband think they will work this time round? —where the jewish influence is omitted. (Both Miliband brothers think they are jews, and are stated to be sons of Ralph Miliband, who helped mass murder in the ussr). When I say this is a 'british' site, this means Anglo-jewish or some similar bit of crypsis. It's amusing to see some reason jostling with the anti-human fanaticism of 'jews'. We see pieces on Brexit, though of course the jewish nature of the 'european Union' is unrecorded.

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save paper save trees slogan

Slogan in Hindi - hindi Slogans

He is also nuclear naive, happy to repeat whatever stuff he's been fed. Here's my review (may take time to load—it's part of a big file) of uchanan's Churchill, hitler, Unnecessary war back to top of This Page m is a site i had never looked at; but in a video by milo yiannopoulos he says young people. Just more junk jewish media. According to Alexa this is one of the highest-readership websites in the usa. However, searching just two issues nuclear weapons' and power 'jews this site is clearly rubbish, part of fear porn plus Jew lies. Here's my video, still on unless they pounced: Jew Shock: Discover Jews - your Life may depend On It from which you can find why 'jews' must be discussed.

But don't waste time on buzzfeed. You might like another video, on lords of the nukes on the fake of nuclear weapons by jews, which is about 3 hours long. But you might find it worthwhile to change your worldview (and laugh at US/North Korea posturing). The conservative woman is a british site, aimed at a similar reader/viewer/listenership as such things as Woman's hour, which (as far as i know) is still on bbc radio. This website perpetuates all the attitudinal and vocabulary positions enforced in particular since 1945, still the most important single ratchet of Jewish power.

For example, they treat Balfour (and sykes -george-picot) without noting Jew puppets are not the same as the British: they discuss 'British' policy, the then 'British Empire when Jews have been secretly influential in Britain since Cromwell's time. Much of the evil of European empires was in fact Jewish, such as the opium wars. To heal the world it's necessary to identify jews, and, presumably, remove them. Aljazeera is essentially a jew-Muslim site. Once you understand this, it's easy enough to disassemble the assumptions. For example, i see a piece on banlieus in France, described of course as poor and deprived, despite the vast subsidies and vast unelected immigration imposed on the real French by jews.

I was amused to see george galloway, the supposed Scot, probably a crypto-jew, mentioning his siring of children in Indonesia, presumably saying romantic things like "Me want fucky fucky, me have much English moneys". Anyway, just another Jew view; don't expect anything useful on Palestine, or Iran/ Iraq/ Syria. (or of course qatar). N back to top of This Page buchanan. Org is a disappointing site; almost its only critical point is the second World War; Buchanan seems to have little interest in previous history. Nothing much on us war crimes and adventurism. And of course nothing much on Jews—the 9/11 link for instance seems unknown to buchanan.

Slogan on Corruption in Hindi - hindi Slogans

I don't know of a term better than 'joff' for these groups—this is yet another aspect of the blanket suppression on truths about so-called 'jews'. back to resume top of This Page added m seems to be an Arabic and Moslem site, including parts of Africa, indonesia, and the middle east. It presentation looks at first sight refreshing, compared with the junk us/ UK/ Canadian/ Australian Anglophonic media. It's rated by Alexa in the world's top few thousand sites. Founded 1996, 'jsc, is a state-funded broadcaster in Doha, qatar'. Rather saddeningly, it's just another Jewish propaganda site, largely staffed by dusky types who presumably really believe in their violent junk jew-based quasi-religion. An irritant is their avoidance of analysis of the realities of us, uk and other governments, which are talked about ignoring 'jew' corruption.

save paper save trees slogan

My own book and media reviews are highly critical of books, films and tv which suppress Jewish issues; my last such review at the time i write was of a supposed history book by Asa Briggs, published by Oxford University Press, omitting anything on the. Here, we look at websites : there are far too many to list individually. We might compare Internet with Germany before the first World War, when the jews, hiding as sozialdemokrats, published over 4,000 periodicals. "d from 'belgian' jew Ralph Miliband). This of course gave a dull, imitative sameness, faithfully duplicated in these Internet sites: generally, it's assignments clear which memes are being pushed by the backroom Jews at any one time. The sites I list here are specimens I simply happened to have seen recently, or remembered from the past. New ones can be expected to be started, and old ones retired, all the time. I like to hope some of them will improve.

unz vdare veterans Today voltaire's Ghost Youtubes nicholas Wade m Walker wall Street Journal war history online webmasterworld webster Tarpley m western Spring wild heretic world socialist zerohedge big-lies. Org e mail anything at m several hundred Jadar (Jew-Aware) Websites. big-lies site has info in Truths about Jews sayanim hasbarat view inside jewish wikipedia notes on Websites which are not Jew-aware. The biggest division among all political parties of all types is those which recognise jews as an issue, and those which don't. If they don't—and there are endless misleading sites and groups funded by jews —then whatever they say, they are not facing the facts of the modern world. And note that precisely the same division is present in individuals: taking some old examples, hans Eysenck, a german psychologist who worked in England, was entirely ignorant of Jewish characteristics; so was george kennan, an irredeemably dim American 'diplomat' who had no doubts or questions. In earlier generations in Britain, the same division existed in printed books: ells, bertrand Russell, and even eynes hadn't the slightest insight into jewish issues; few published books did have any such insight.

Aljazeera, amnesty, aav, amren American Renaissance anglican News t attackthesystem, aulis. Bbc, biasedbbc, bbc 'media action Charity bing. Bipartisan, john Birch, bitchmedia, bdp, bnp, british forces in Palestine, british Psychological Society. Org, buzzfeed, cafas, roman Catholic m cfact. Org conservative Woman consortium News counter-currents. Michael Jones: Culture Wars pat Condell european Canadians civil Liberty t richard Dawkins daily Bell debunking Skeptics discovermagazine educationviews. Org eir european Guardian european Knights Project? fakeologist family Law everyday feminism feministing colin Flaherty foreign Policy london pdf Forum Flat earth free critical thinking Freemasons Freethinker m gatestone Institute gnostic media tony Gosling Greenpeace henry George Foundation henry Jackson Society hungarian Spectrum Index on Censorship IndexMundi is-a-cunt m justice For Men and Boys us anti-immigration sites journeyman Pictures fo fake n korea kkk labour Party lipstick Alley loose change macArthurFoundation mediabiasfactcheck memri metafilter miles W Mathis middle East Monitor mozilla mumsnet new Internationalist.

Six Kinds of United States

Recommended, wasabi - japanese flavor, this page takes a closer look at wasabi (Japanese horseradish a condiment originating in Japan that has influenced food culture around the world. 360-degree lives, the page features videos of variety of animals. You can view the videos as interactive images that allows you to pan assignment and zoom in to them. Tsukiji - kitchen of the times. The Asahi Shimbun has recorded the entire picture of the Tsukiji fish market before its relocation to the toyosu district, and also introduces a variety of sushi. The road to hell is paved with Jewish Intentions—rae west. Be jew Aware: your Life may depend On It—rae west 'rerevisionist' (v.

Save paper save trees slogan
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  5. Almost every imaginable method of psychological operations (psyop) leaflet dissemination has been tried - balloon, airplane, floating bottle, grenade, artillery shell, kite, bomb, and, during. Joff sites: Jew-Unaware sites, jew-ignorant sites, jews off the radar,. English-language websites ignoring Jewish influence.

  6. 7:40am Comment: The norway option is the only thing left that will save, brexit but Theresa may will have to go first. Jul 18, 2018 the Asahi Shimbun is widely regarded for its journalism as the most respected daily newspaper in Japan. The English version offers selected articles from the vernacular. Asahi Shimbun, as well as extensive coverage of cool Japan, focusing on manga, travel and other timely news. Psyop dissemination, sgm herbert. Friedman (Ret.) Image from the inside cover of the 7th psyop group's leaflet Dissemination guide published in1967.

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