Roger ebert bad reviews

roger ebert bad reviews

Ebert s Most Hated roger Ebert s journal roger Ebert

Many audiences deemed them to be great or worthwhile, in one way or another. All of the films in the following list are movies that Roger Ebert awarded less than two stars (except for the last entry, which he awarded two stars but clearly detested). The Usual Suspects (1995 roger Ebert disliked this classic nineties crime film enough to give it one and a half stars; although, to his credit, he did watch it a second time to see if perhaps he had been wrong. His main issue with the film was the plot itself, which he felt to be a whole lot of complexities that add up to less than nothing. This is the review where Ebert famously wrote: to the degree that I do understand, i do not care. The point that is missed in his review is that the film itself is a game of cat-and-mouse between kevin Spaceys small-time thief Verbal Kint and Chazz palminteris police officer dave kujan.

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Rogers four-star review heralded the film as the beginning of a new age in American cinema, and he was right. All through his career, roger Ebert was a champion of films and filmmakers. On their television program, Ebert and his co-host Gene siskel brought small films to the attention of their audience, including Steve james hoop Dreams resume (which Ebert said was not only the greatest film of 1994, but also the greatest movie of that decade) and Spike. Roger Ebert was also a mentor to a generation of young filmmakers, writers and critics. In his reviews, Eberts prose could be witty, sarcastic, mournful, triumphant, giddy, intellectual, silly or downright angry. Each review got to the heart of the film, to its nuts and bolts. Ebert could reveal the real emotional truths of a movie, or expose a film for the piece of garbage it was. Even if you didnt agree with his opinions, you could still understand where he was coming from. Just like anybody, occasionally roger Ebert got it wrong. Compiled below are ten films, ranked in absolutely no order, which Roger Ebert hated.

Bad, moms, for her willingness to go to weird, dark places. Melissa McCarthy and, kate McKinnon, hahn achieves this delirious state through bold gestures and subtle glances, and shes consistently a joy to watch. This is especially true in her scenes with. Justin Hartley as a hunky santa with a heart of gold; they meet cute when he steps into the writings spa where carla works to get his nether regions waxed before a male stripper competition. The combination of the innocent and the inappropriate in their sparky exchanges suggests how good this bad Moms Christmas could have been all along. On April 4, 2013, the world lost one of its most prolific and talented writers: Roger Ebert. From 1967 until his death, roger Ebert was the film critic for the Chicago-sun Times. Eberts first important review was a few months into his stint at the sun-Times, for the groundbreaking film Bonnie and Clyde, directed by Arthur Penn.

roger ebert bad reviews

Roger Ebert s Worst reviews

Advertisement, amys mom is the condescending and controlling Ruth (. Christine baranski who thoroughly disapproves of her daughters homespun holiday efforts gps and instead insists on an expensive extravaganza. (Baranski, of course, can do this kind of diva routine in her sleep, and shes one of the few consistent sources of genuine laughs.) kikis mom is the needy and clingy sandy (. Cheryl Hines, in the least developed role of all who wants to be best friends with her daughter and has trouble with the idea of personal space. And then theres Carlas mom, Isis (Sarandon a degenerate, drunken gambler whos largely been absent and only shows up when she needs money. In no time, the pressure of living up to the archaic notion of creating a perfect Christmas, magnified by the stress of having their mothers around, causes our moms once again to say: Screw. And thats about the entirety of the film: escalating mayhem within the genteel confines of suburbia, a concept that has been mined repeatedly—and more shrewdly—in countless other comedies than it is here. Their dedication to rebellion seems far less enthusiastic than it was before, as guaranteed if they cant even convince themselves of their purpose. But Hahn once again is the films mvp, as she was in the original.

But a, bad, moms Christmas renders their bond and many of the films antics in the laziest way possible: through slo-mo montages of their drunken destruction. There are about a half dozen—in the mall, at the indoor trampoline place—scored to loud rock or pop songs. If youve seen one, youve seen them all. Along those lines, each actress is stuck in her characters own specific lane for nearly the entirety of the film—with the moms moms going to even more wacky extremes—until just about the end, when the story does an emotional about-face and decides to. Kunis in particular gives it her all and shows surprising range in these moments, but the script hasnt laid the groundwork to get us choked up along with her. We know from the start, though, that this Christmas has been a debacle. A flashback to six days earlier reveals that Amy, kiki and Carlas mothers have arrived, ostensibly to celebrate the holiday with their families. But theyve brought emotional baggage along with gifts for the grandkids, dredging up decades of insecurities and resentments.

What is good and bad about Roger Ebert as movie critic?

roger ebert bad reviews

10 Great movies that Roger Ebert Hated « Taste of Cinema - movie

Bad, moms movie, which hits all the same beats and themes as the first. Bad, moms movie, only now we have double the moms because the moms of the moms have shown up to wreak even more mom havoc. Plus its Christmas, so theyve thrown in all the usual clichés about how this is not, in fact, the most wonderful time of the year. Advertisement, this also happens to be the exact same premise as the upcoming Daddys Home 2, another sequel nobody needed featuring the dads of the dads. (Inter-generational holiday hilarity surely will ensue.) For now, though, we must struggle mightily through the sight of veteran comic actresses trying to make the most of the weak, one-note material theyve been given. Every once in a while, a, bad, moms Christmas finds the elusive, raunchy-sweet balance that made its predecessor a success, mostly courtesy of the on-screen mother-daughter duo.

Susan Sarandon and, kathryn Hahn. But while returning writer/directors, jon Lucas and. Scott moore have replicated the structure and shock value of the original, theyve left out the fundamental truths about motherhood that gave that film substance. The three ladies at the center—Amy (. Mila kunis kiki kristen Bell ) and Carla (Hahn)—were recognizable in their anxieties paper about trying to be all things to all people at all times, and their friendship provided a much-needed connection and catharsis.

Berg shows that he can direct a good movie, even if he hasn't. If he'd dumped the irony and looked this material straight on, it might have been a better experience. His screenplay has effective lines, as when Robert coldly reasons, "What we have here was not a good thing, but it was, under the circumstances, the smart play." But the film wants it both ways. At a jewish funeral, the sad song of the cantor is subtly mocked by upbeat jazz segueing into the next scene. Mourners fall onto the coffin, in a scene that is embarrassing. When a widow (.

Jeanne Tripplehorn ) struggles with Robert, she bites his groin, and as he fights back, we hear female ululations on the soundtrack. "Very, bad, things" filled me with dismay. The material doesn't match the genre; it's an attempt to exploit black humor without the control of tone necessary to pull it off. I left the theater feeling sad and angry. A, bad, moms Christmas has the shoddy look and frantic feel of a slapped-together, cash-grab sequel, because thats exactly what. It arrives in theaters a mere 15 months after the surprise hit. Bad, moms, which made about 184 million worldwide a huge number for a female-driven comedy in the middle of summer blockbuster season. And so of course theres a second.

16 Classic Films That Audiences loved But Roger Ebert Hated

What is the purpose, exactly? Please don't tell me it's humor. I'm not asking for political correctness, i'm simply observing the way the movie tries to show how hip it is by rubbing our noses in race and ethnicity. Advertisement, the events described take about 30 minutes. There is not a single funny thing that happens once the men get to vegas (diaz has some funny early apple stuff about the wedding). Nor is the aftermath funny, as the men freak out with guilt and fear. Robert makes threats to hold them in line, but more deaths follow, and the last act of the film spins out a grisly, unfunny screwball plot. By the time of the wedding, when potentially comic material crawls back in over the dead bodies, it's way too late to laugh: The movie's tone is too mean-spirited and sour. "Very, bad, things" isn't bad on the technical and acting level, and Slater makes a convincing engine to drive the evil.


roger ebert bad reviews

Now there are two bodies to dispose of, and the guys stride through a hardware store like the reservoir Dogs. The movie makes it a point that some of the guys are jewish, and uses that to get laughs as they bury the bodies. Jewish law, one argues, requires that the body parts be kept together-so they should dig up the dismembered pieces and sort them out. "She's Asian says another. "Do they have jews in Asia?" The answer is yes, although surely such a theory would apply to anyone. They start rearranging: "We'll start with black. Then we'll go to Asian." my thoughts here are complex. The movie is not blatantly racist, and yet a note of some kind is being played when white men kill business an Asian and a black. Why then make it a point that some of them are jewish?

away all the moral and ethical considerations you've had drummed into you since childhood, and what are you left with? A 105-pound problem." His solution? Cut her up and bury her in the desert. He browbeats the others into agreement, but then a black security guard enters with a complaint about noise. The guard (Russell. McKenzie) sees the dead body, and Robert stabs him with a corkscrew.

Jon favreau ) is on the write eve of marriage to the wedding-obsessed laura (. His pals include a real-estate agent named Robert boyd (. Christian Slater the antagonistic Berkow brothers Adam (. Daniel Stern ) and Michael jeremy piven and a mechanic named Charles (. Leland Orser ) who doesn't talk much. In Vegas, there's a montage showing them gambling, tossing back shots and snorting cocaine. A stripper (Carla Scott) arrives, does lap dances and is steered into the bathroom by michael. He lurches drunkenly about with her until her head is accidentally impaled on a coat hook.

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Peter Berg's "Very, bad, things" isn't a bad movie, just a reprehensible one. It presents as comedy things that are not amusing. If you think this movie is funny, that tells me things about you i don't want to know. What bothers me most, after two viewings, is its confidence that an audience would be entertained by its sad, sick vision, tainted by racism. If this material had been presented straight, as a drama, the movie would have felt more honest and might have been more successful. Its cynicism business is the most unattractive thing about it-the assumption that an audience has no moral limits and will laugh at cruelty simply to feel hip. I know moral detachment is a key element of the ironic pose, but there is a point, once reached, which provides a test of your underlying values. Advertisement, the film involves five friends who go on a bachelor party to las Vegas.

Roger ebert bad reviews
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This was not always so, even in the twentieth century, when. I tried to write a novel about someone who fit in, who was the typ e of person I wanted.

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  4. On April 4, 2013, the world lost one of its most prolific and talented writers: Roger Ebert. From 1967 until his death, roger Ebert was the film critic for the Chicago-sun Times. Eberts first important review was a few months into his stint at the sun-Times, for the groundbreaking film Bonnie and.

  5. A bad Moms Christmas has the shoddy look and frantic feel of a slapped-together, cash-grab sequel, because thats exactly what. It arrives in theaters a mere 15 months after the surprise hit Bad Moms, which made about 184 million worldwide a huge number for a female-driven. Peter Berg s very. Bad, things isn t a bad movie, just a reprehensible one. It presents as comedy things that are not amusing. If you think this movie is funny, that tells me things about you i don t want to know.

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