Raymond's run essay

raymond's run essay

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But the writer. Federman creates has not yet approached the point of polishing his novel for the reader's delight. His thoughts—and the Frenchman's thoughts—are too thin and too few to withstand the intense scrutiny asked. We cannot help wishing that the writer had finished his book before publishing. Dorothy mintzlaff Kennedy, in, michigan quarterly review (copyright The University of Michigan, 1974 winter, 1974. I'll tell you about this guy, federman. Maybe you've run across the type: you know, The Professional Frenchman, with an incredible accent, suave with precisely the correct mixture of appealing boyishness, poised posed impetuous spontaneous—women love it! This guy (Federman) has written, more or less, one book of criticism (average, unexceptional one bibliography (profitable, i'm told three novels (four, if you count the questionable translation of the second, done by another guy,.

Raymond ' s, run, essay

Cobb died in Atlanta, georgia, on July 17, 1961, widely admired but not loved, unlike his great counterpart Babe ruth. The best biography is ty cobb (1984) by Charles. Must reading is my life in Baseball (1961, paperback 1993) by ty cobb with Al Stump, a unique mixture of score-settling, revisionist self-history, and outstanding baseball analysis. The movie cobb (1994) starring Tommy lee jones was based on Stamp's biography. Our team offers professional writing assistance to students across the globe. From high-school essays to PhD dissertations, we ensure that every paper thesis you need is done to the highest standards of academia. Federman, raymond 1928, federman, a french-born novelist, critic, poet, translator, and editor, has lived in the United States since the 1950s. double or Nothing is a bold experiment in comic fiction; it suffers from the fact that a novel essay as it first bounces through a writer's brain, then goes through its first drafts, is not intrinsically interesting to a reader—unless the novel in question. For the eye simply to decipher. Double or Nothing 's typographical eccentricities is a chore whose accomplishment should richly reward the reader.

In a racist golf age he was notably abusive to African Americans. Cobb was a poor husband and father too. Both his marriages ended in divorce and, though he had five children by his first wife, his relations with them were not close. As sometimes happens, he did better as a grandfather. Like many ex-athletes Cobb was restless in retirement, living simply despite his wealth—much of which he gave away. In 1953 he founded the cobb Educational foundation, which awarded college fellowships to needy georgia students. Among his other charitable endeavors was the hospital Cobb built in royston as a memorial to his parents. This was a defiant act in part, as his mother had shot his father to death in 1905 under suspicious circumstances—although a jury found her not guilty of manslaughter.

raymond's run essay

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In 1927 Cobb signed with the Philadelphia athletics, but, though he averaged.357 at the plate, it was clear that his days as a player were numbered. He spent most of 1928 on the bench and retired at season's end. When he left baseball Cobb held 43 records. Although all but one have since been owl broken, his fantastic lifetime batting average.367 appears safe. That he was the best friend all-around player who ever lived was recognized in 1936 when he led everyone in votes for the first group of Baseball Hall of Fame inductees, coming in ahead of Babe ruth, honus Wagner, Christy mathewson, and Walter Johnson—the other four. As a player Cobb was godlike, but as a man he had little to offer. Angry, abrasive, touchy, a loner, he was hated by his teammates at first for what one called his "rotten disposition" and was tolerated only after his phenomenal value became evident. A brawler and bully on the field, cobb was the same off.

"I tried to be all things to all pitchers cobb wrote, summing up his teachings nicely. If this chapter is all about technique, the next one, "Waging War on the base paths is all about psychology. To cobb base stealing was largely a matter of deceiving and demoralizing the enemy. Once cobb, annoyed by a catcher who was always telling journalists that Cobb's reputation was overblown, performed an astonishing feat. On stepping up to the plate he told the catcher that he was going to steal every base. After singling to first, cobb then stole second, third, and home on four straight pitches. Cobb's explanation of how he accomplished this is itself a masterpiece. Cobb remained a star after 1920 when the rise of Babe ruth and the introduction of a livelier ball changed the game to one in which sheer batting power mattered more than finesse and guile. But the new "Ruthian game" was not to cobb's taste, and, although he remained a skillful batter, his legs began to give out.

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raymond's run essay

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During his peak years, he so dominated baseball that historians refer to it as the era of the "Cobbian game.". In 1909, for example, he had the best year of any baseball player to that date, leading both leagues in hitting with an average.377 and leading the American league in hits, runs, stolen bases, runs batted in, total bases, and home runs. Once again he led the tigers to a pennant, though as usual they lost the world Series. As most of his teammates were markedly less talented than Cobb, he would never be on a world championship team, about the only honor available to a ball player that he did not win. This remained so even during his years as a player-manager for Detroit from 1921 to 1926, when the team never finished better than second place. In addition to his peerless batting skills, amazing fielding, and audacity as a base runner, cobb was the fiercest competitor in baseball.

Not satisfied with simply winning, he had to run up the highest possible score and therefore put unrelenting pressure on the opposition until the last man was out. The terror of pitchers as a hitter and base runner, he was also the terror of infielders and catchers as he stormed down the base paths. A perfectionist in an era of what was called "inside baseball which emphasized hit-and-run plays, base stealing, and bunting, he mastered every aspect of his craft. Cobb was also a supremely intelligent player, a kind of baseball genius. "Know thy enemy" was his guiding rule, and his thorough knowledge of every competitor enabled him to "read" the opposition as no one else could. Why his brains were so much admired in his playing days can be seen in his autobiography. The chapter on hitting is resumator a brilliant essay on how to keep the opposition off balance by never doing the same thing twice.

Raymond, postscript, raymond replies to, linux. Tyrus raymond Cobb, better known as ty cobb (1886-1961 was most probably the greatest all-around baseball player who ever lived and also universally acknowledged as the "most hated man in baseball.". Ty was born on December 18, 1886, in Narrows, banks county, georgia, to william Herschel Cobb, a school administrator and state senator, and Amanda Chitwood. Cobb grew up in royston, georgia, and began playing sandlot ball as soon as he could swing a bat. Over his family's objections he signed with the augusta baseball team of the south Atlantic league in 1904 and soon attracted notice.

Grantland Rice, the famous sportswriter, saw him play for Augusta and named him the "Georgia peach a title that Cobb wore proudly. At a time when pitchers dominated the game and batting averages were low, cobb was a brilliant exception, hitting.326 in his last season in the minors before joining the detroit Tigers of the American league on August 27, 1905. In 1906 Cobb hit.320, the fifth best average in the league and 35 points ahead of the nearest Tiger. The next year he won the American league batting championship, hitting.350 and leading Detroit to the world Series. He quickly became the biggest gate attraction in baseball and would hit.300 or better for 23 straight years. During that time he hit over.400 in three different seasons, his all-time high being.420 in 1911. Cobb led the league in hitting 12 times, nine of them in a row.

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There is nearly a gigabyte of high-quality software written by thousands of individual authors on my linux system. D'you suppose i'm intimate with all of them? More generally, i suggest you need to rethink some of the scarcity-economics assumptions you're carrying around. Corner an anthropologist sometime and ask him to explain what a "gift culture". Economies in write which most players have plenty reward different kinds of behavior than those in which material want is the rule. People still compete, but on a different level and in ways that seem bizarre to an exchange-economy mindset. Does book the word "potlach" mean anything to you? Actually, the open-source community is a hybrid - gift economy at the center, exchange economy at the edges. And no, i didn't believe it could work until I saw it in action, either.

raymond's run essay

But even making your assumption, you ignore the end users who pay for commercially-branded Linuxes like red Hat. I'm not surprised you "don't believe" in the bazaar model, because your understanding of the actual economics and social dynamics involved is (no offense meant) crude and deficient. This is OK; most of those involved don't consciously understand it themselves. They just do it and win. I don't have an "emotional relationship" with the people who wrote my tcp/IP stack or X server. A generalized feeling of community, maybe, but nothing that would substitute for actual performance on the job. And as for the implication that my attitude to linus Torvalds is "religious he'd get a good long laugh out of that. If the open-source culture only well scaled to the population size of a preindustrial village, or the (somewhat larger) size of the average charismatic cult, you might have a strong point. But the most exciting lesson of the linux world is that the model scales well to an Internet-linked population orders of magnitude larger, in which personal bonds *cannot* be a significant factor and the typical relationship is the "cool" and professional one you like.

is looking better and better today because the rising cost of programmer time makes it hard to stay competitive using only the number of programmers. Random Corporation can afford to hire. By managing a bazaar-mode development, jrcorp gets to trade various non-monetary goods with outside programmers who are willing. Jrco still needs its core of paid programmers to do integration, testing, and design oversight, though; there are good jobs here. Without net gain for all parties this form of exchange would collapse - instead it's thriving. Does this suggest anything to you? You have an oddly narrow view of what customers' are, as if you think money is the only tradable good. Hasn't it occurred to you that time and attention are also goods?

And have you seen the kde stuff lately? Astonishing, even. The bazaar method *already* supports a community of millions of users (I'm one of them and a software industry that is looking at a lot better growth prospects than the battered and hurting Macintosh world. You guys lost your war when Steve jobs bent over and spread 'em for His Gatesness last year - we, as witness the netscape announcement, are beginning to win ours. But your most basic misconception is that the bazaar method is somehow incompatible with paying great programmers a lot of money. This is not really your fault; the term "free software" has messed apple with a lot of peoples' heads, which is why many of us in the linux community are moving to drop it in favor of "open-source software". In fact, i have identified three major business models in which going the open-source route is a net economic gain for investors. Netscape is working one of them now, what I call the "loss-leader" theory. Another is "give away source, sell service which seems to be working quite nicely for Red Hat and Caldera (among others).

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Last week i wrote two pieces in response to Eric raymond's Cathedral and bazaar essay. This evening I got a response to the first piece, i pointed him to the second piece, which I feel is more constructive. Here is his response to the first one. Eric raymond Responds, some friends directed me to your comments database on "The cathedral and the bazaar which are about the only public critique of it anybody has done yet. I thought I'd try to answer some of the questions you raised. You question whether "commercial-quality apps" can be built around Linux or other gpled software. To which i answer: Apache.

Raymond's run essay
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  4. See an example of a college application essay, with a point-by-point critique. See if you can figure out this essay s strengths and weaknesses. Tyrus, raymond, cobb facts. The chapter on hitting is a brilliant essay on how to keep the opposition off balance by never doing the same thing twice. Essay, sample rome during the period of 753 bc to ad 476 could be seen as a military country.

  5. Emin, essay about Emin from Former Member. That means, in essence, all their efforts go to profit the goc and. Not only did, raymond s essay sway them; they contacted him and relied upon him as their primary consultant when orchestrating both the announcement and the transition. Essay - critical Essays. Federman creates has not yet approached the point of polishing his novel for the reader s delight.

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