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It's funny, whenever I hear the name i think of one or the other, but I never think of them both at the same time. Whenever I do, the name seems weird. Elizabeth is a great name for someone who has multi-personalities - there's so many names combined in the name Elizabeth! My name is Megan Elizabeth, and I love my middle name much more then my first name. Some of my friends even call me liz! I think Elizabeth is a beautiful name!

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The only problem I have is that my grandfather nicknamed me becky as an infant and it stuck. I have a lot of people ask me how they got Becky out of Elizabeth (until they learn that I go by my middle name). I had a very long last name so writing my entire legal best name can be tedious. My mother's maiden name was taylor. She is the same age as Elizabeth taylor and could have been her twin, so she insisted my name be Elizabeth. Dad insisted on Rebecca sue. I chose a name for my daughter that she goes by and is not difficult for her. She is named Alisa Ann. I currently know two people named Elizabeth. One is nice, the other not so much.

Voice Training business - westminster Choir College -. Herbert Pate Theatre Training - the national Theatre Institute -. Larry Arrick dance Training - american Dance festival on Scholarship conn. martha meyers Honorary member - madison's Who's Who Articles and Affiliations: m News story on The Electric Slide npr radio 2/20/07 National Public Radio - interview wtnh channel 8 New haven, ct - tv interview regarding the Electric Slide wikipedia - article on The. A resource foull list of variants and diminutives for elizabeth (due to limited space here see m/name/elizabeth. My name is Elizabeth paige and I'm smart, pretty, athletic, modest, and love to be social. I've always loved the name Elizabeth. My name is Katherine, and I love the traditional names. My name is Elizabeth Rebecca sue.

my resume wizard

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Norwich, ct 6/04 "Crazy for you everett, pfizer Players, new London, ct 6/01 "Godspell ". Church Stonington, ct 3/01 Played Herb - sang Lamar's "All good Gifts" "The sound of Music" sounds of Broadway. Laud., fl '98 "Curtain Up '97" " '98 " Broward Pref. Lauderdale, fl "Flower Drum Song"- Professor Chen - barker Theatre Providence, ri '95 "Pajama game"- Charlie/Chorus - barker Theatre Providence, ri '94 The gatlin Brothers Christmas Show Backup Singer - garde write Theatre ct '92 " razzle dazzle " Musical revue presentation - city nights Dinner Theatre. "Showboat" - frank - granada hills Community Theatre- granada hills, ca "Cosmic Sands" Understudy/all male roles - pan Andreas Hollywood, ca "All The kings Men"- dancer - vinnette carroll's Urban Arts Corp. Nyc Off-Bway "The Prince and The pauper" -pauper's Father - 18th street Playhouse new York city "West Side Story" Action - new London High School New London, ct commercials: nike dice-k japan TV Bostong Casting Assignment 3/07 Foxwoods Casino Mashantucket, ct 9/05 "wizard of Oz" "Togetherness". Hartford, ct 2003 movies tv: nbc's 'Amneia' game Show - contestant Judge "The curse of Micah rood" Firesite films - still Photographer "The game Plan" starring The rock (Dwayne johnson)2006 - stadium guard/Security/Reporter "The ted Bundy case" Nippon tv japan - police Officer "The man. Mary's Church Stonington, ct soloist -road Church Stonington, ct dance more: teacher: Music, dance, percussion, voice, piano Instructor at New York School of Music; Staten Island Music Academy; Arrowbear Dance School; Private lessons in piano, voice dance vocal coach to "warrant" Studied Dance with: Larry.

Created: "The texas 'silver' Star"-Square dance - premiered on The country music Awards  in 1989. Ballet for "Hollywood Dancin' " - come in from the rain - pas de Trois - wilshire Ebell Hollywood,. Working at Vamps Disco. Created- "The Electric" aka the Electric Slide c) 1976, choreography used in the following: 'The replacements 'the super 'nobody's Baby 'medea's Family reunion 'medea's Class reunion 'tripping the riff 'the parkers' Episode 108; 'diary of a mad Black woman 'the best Man The Ellen Degeneres. Acting : "rags" - spirit of Broadway -. Bronstein - norwich ct 3/06 "falls" - spirit of Broadway, world Premier - rampa - norwich ct 2/05 "Inherit The wind" - starring Ron Palillo -  Jury - Ivoryton Playhouse 11/04 "Oliver" Bill sykes, waterford week players. Waterford, ct 8/04, neil Simon's "fools" - magistrate-, majestic Rose dinner Theatre.

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my resume wizard

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The world of assignment the impressionists was one of light as it interacts with atmosphere, revealing the nature of emotional sensitivities and realities of spirit. Use of abstract forms allowing for the interplay of light on them allowed for this aspect of the play to unfold in a way that traditional scenic styles had not. Indeed the result was refreshing. Ric Silver, cid 35 Village lane 2, groton, ct, height: 5'10" weight: 195 eyes: Blue hair: Brown. stage: Directing :. S.Eliot's "The cocktail Party" Barker Theatre Providence, ri " The boys in the band ".

National Theatre Institute - waterford,. California federal Bank diary - commercial with. To director " Runaways asst. Director - new London High School New London,. Choreography : Member: International Dance council tanglin' hearts country western Musical Hollywood,.

It was hard at times to maneuver on the erosion cloth, especially with Mrs. The effect was so very striking though that the performers opted to keep the design element. Under the erosion cloth, the floor was rendered in jewel-like organic, metallic forms. The floor resembled a forest floor glowing with the light reflecting from the dew. It was a marked contrast to the brown of the erosion cloth. Munchkinland was rendered entirely through the use of magical sculptural elements somewhat resembling enamel abstract floral jewelry floating in space.

Then for different parts of the forest or the witches castle we used a series of different 3-dimensional cut drops which could be lit dimensionally from the side, or lit through to the cyc, or serve as a canvas for our Pani projector images. Conceptual foundations: As part of my research, i was able to locate a copy of the 1917 silent film of oz which included Oliver Hardy in the cast. I was struck by an honesty in the telling of the story that was lacking in the mgm version. The plot too was rendered in a much more realistic manner. This is not what I had expected of a silent film of the era. In designing the piece on stage i too then wanted to explore what might be considered a more honest approach. Visual realism though would have stifled the true expression of artistry in the piece which followed, i felt, the path of truth in the expression of feeling and emotion. In making my choices i applied some of the ideals of the impressionists. Their work was not in opposition to reality, but rather it was dedicated to exploration of the levels of reality that lie beyond the material world.

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So in this case i made the literature house itself somewhat of a refuge in a sea of dry dust-bowl land. At the point of "Over the rainbow" and then the tornado, i wanted the element of magic to take form. To achieve the feeling of the dry land I took a gamble on an interesting idea. If it worked, it would be great. The gamble was to cover the floor thesis entirely with erosion cloth, but to not attach. When the tornado struck, scenery flew and twisted and skidded every which way within our pyrotechnics, but most impressive, the earth itself was pulled into the vortex. Actually the entire floor was pulled into the pit. The effect worked beautifully. The real risk in the technique was that the cloth was over a highly glossed floor to represent the lands over the rainbow.

my resume wizard

It was designed in three pieces so that when the tornado hit it could fly up and off to two sides simultaneously while splitting. The cyclorama was a major element in this world to accentuate the flatness of the kansas topology. There was an indication of a split rail fence as well as a farm windmill. In the film, the house is very weathered and gray almost like a piece from Tobacco road. I opted for a more quaint farmhouse. I felt that Auntie em had too essay much pride to let her house get too run down. I also wondered why dorothy would find that there is "no place like home" if it was so devoid of life.

daigunder haruka abc family zatch. De blob i ii zip, comrade Black, various thq inc. wii once upoonster shelby wb games adiboo: discover series adiboo knowledge Adventure psychonauts milka phage majesco Entertainment hooked on phonics pig Wig. Interactive fun to learn clock clock fisher Price wizard of oz dorothy (Singer) National Public Radio broadway / Regional Theatre (Selected Credits) the music man amaryllis Broadway / National tour spiders (Premiere) Annie the bitterTruth, noho, ca barefoot in the park corey bratter Blowing Rock. Description of the 1992 Settings: Texture and light interactivity were central elements in this production. I approached the piece more in the dance idiom than in a traditional Broadway mode. Although I love to design such shows, this was the first time i was allowed to demonstrate this style fully on a nysti show. Since i was out to surprise audiences with a fresh approach, i elected to design Kansas in a more traditional style, reminiscent of the Oliver Smith musicals of the 1950s. This choice also allowed me to maximize the contrast between the world of Kansas and the worlds "over the rainbow". Kansas consisted of a stylized farmhouse building.

Tri-Star, animation (tv film) (selected credits). The loud house, lisa loud, liam, nickelodeon. Doc mcstuffins, lambie, disney. Scigirls, mini izzie, pbs, curious george. Allie, pbs, if you givousookie. Ko, fink, cartoon Network, vampirina matilda disney. Henry hugglemonster henry hugglemonster Disney. Cliffords puppy days clifford the puppy pbs the life times of juniper lee juniper lee cartoon Network winx club chatta, tune, livy nickelodeon wow wow wubbzy widget Nick.

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Television film (Selected Credits gimmreak! Series Regular (Samantha nBC (6 seasons). The amanda show, recurring presentation (Kathy nickelodeon (2 seasons all that. Recurring (Nurse nickelodeon icarly, guest Star (Mrs. Zoey 101, featured, nickelodeon, general hospital, cameo (Kate). Abc, chicken soup for the soul, guest Star. Pax tv, square one, guest Star. Pbs, touch and go, principal.

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  1. I was having issues after doin my resume wouldn't send it. I needed it for the next day. I emailed for support an got an email almost instantly. Welcome to the world. Ric Silver known as 'dancer' by my friends - listed in Who's Who in Dance. Mar 13, 2013 summary: Harry potter / Warcraft Crossover.

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  3. Nota : Resume, generator ini memerlukan Adobe Acrobat yang telah di-install di dalam komputer anda. Jika anda tidak ada Adobe Acrobat, klik. Interactive / Games / toys / Radio (Selected Credits) tak and the power of juju, ii, iii: Dinky juju: thq inc. De blob i ii: Zip, comrade Black, various. Please enter a username.

  4. Elizabeth : Derived from the hebrew elīsheba' (God is my oath). The name is borne in the bible by a kinswoman. Trivia when mgm bought the rights. Frank baum's novel, the wonderful. Wizard of oz, it also purchased the rights to the 1902 stage musical by baum and paul tietjen and. The wizard of oz (1925 larry semon's failed silent comedy.

  5. How it works create a resume in minutes. Easy to use with a step-by-step wizard that guides you through choosing the right words to use in each section. Lets find a job that fits your skillsets values. This will guide you to a organisation that can mentor you. Meaning of the name.

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