My nursing philosophy paper

my nursing philosophy paper

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Generally speaking, rns with a bachelors degree will be a chance for me to increase my career perspectives what will enable me to receive better job opportunities than I had before. Earning my bachelors degree will also help me to expand my opportunities in different work settings thus giving me a chance to move to different leadership roles. The other important benefit will be a chance to build on my understanding of the science and theory that lies behind nursing. Even if you are good at writing, not all academic papers are equally easy to research for, prepare and, write well. There are some areas of knowledge that require specific skills and ways of thinking to deal with successfully. For example, a philosophy assignment can baffle and confuse somebody not acquainted with the conventions of working with this discipline, and sometimes even those used to doing work of this kind might find it difficult to get through all the complexities of the subject.

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This principle will be remembered for a whole life. That is the idea i will hold to during all my life. As for nursing, this is one of the few careers that does not only help others. This career is helpful for personal revelation in fact you are becoming better. The paragraph profession is really exiting what means that it allows person to receive constant opportunity to obtain more knowledge belief about a whole issue. The work of a nurse can be characterized as tough. It means that the work of a nurse allows opportunity for learning something new everyday. Even toughness of the working schedule of a number does not withdraw me from the idea of pursuing the career of nurse. Now I have decided to take very important step in my life earn my bachelors degree. The good news about a whole thing is that my new degree will allow me to increase my earning potential and enhance my nursing skills.

That fact gives me a feeling that I have all important traits that might help me to become a nurse. . my communication skills is one more contributing factor to becoming a very good nurse. Nurses are the main communication link. This link helps to connect the patient with the doctor. A whole thing helps me to interact with family members. On a personal level, i have the opportunity to impact someones everyday life. The impact is very great. In other words, my new attitude to a whole thing can change things business and help humans to become better. That is something that must be remembered.

my nursing philosophy paper

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Another reason for my decision to become a nurse is my brother, who devoted himself to becoming a nursing assistant. My brother suggested me the idea to become a doctor. My brother told me that I will become a good specialist. The stories like these usually make people inspired. Just the same has happened. It is such an adorable feeling of giving yourself to a complete stranger in their greatest time. There is nothing like that on the earth. I truly believe that I suited that place. . i am an honest person what implies on the fact that i am open to communication.

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my nursing philosophy paper

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Whenever I see suffering people, i feel so weak. In many cases i experienced the desire to help these people. It wasnt until I moved to by college campus here in the United States that I realized that nursing is truly the right occupation for such a person as. Campus life made me change many things in this life. Slowly i started to realize many things I failed to realize in the earlier stages of my life.

Moving to the other place helped me to start communicating with the people like. Now i am more aware of the situation in which I was before. Actually, i became more mature. Now i know that I can another change this world for a better place. Becoming a nurse would help me to give help to those people who are suffering, and to those who need my help.

Now i am making progress in my career. At present i am employed as. Now i am working on mine bsn with hopes of becoming a crna. Just a few words must be told about my earlier years of life since that period in my life helped to shape my idea about this life and my mission. I had rather difficult life.

Growing up in poor family has greatly influenced my desire to take care of people. My former life gave me a chance to observe the life of different kinds of people. Many of these people have to live in poverty. During this period of my life i took care of many infants, children, elderly people and even disabled people. That kind of experience was very beneficial for me since i got an opportunity to see the other side of life. I saw many people who were not able to give a proper care to their ailing relatives.

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I always felt the need to care for someone who is suffering and needs gps attention. I know that the decision like that needs personal strength and power. I felt that power when I gave birth to my son and adopted my stepchildren. I am also practicing Christian religion. My infatuation with Christianity helps be to achieve balance in this life. I also became very close both to my parents and my siblings. The close relations with my parents and siblings give me strength to make a good decision in this life. As a result, i do believe in virtues in this life. That fact gives me fun and helps to retain balance in this life.

my nursing philosophy paper

reach success in this field. Under the circumstances like these it is essential for a nurse to be open, strong, determined, thoughtful and caring. When combined together, these qualities might help a nurse to become successful in her career. When combined together, these qualities would reflect on the nurse and would make caring for the patient easier. I also believe that nursing is my ideal occupation. As a child, i believed that I belonged to this field. The feeling like this is largely because i always wanted to bring positive changes into persons life.

While being a small kid I took care of my Granny who fell ill and needed care. It means that nursing is a profession that is concerned with helping others. However, it is not that easy to become a nurse. I understood this issue earlier and tried my best to prepare myself for a future work. The work of nurse is based on only on great theoretical knowledge but on patience and practice. Also, it is a well known truth that the field write of nursing requires enormous strength and patience. A whole thing is not a big wonder for me since from early childhood I took care of people from my surrounding.

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Example of a college Application essay on, personal about: nursing / care / dream / nurse / career / christianity / knowledge / skills, nursing: my personal philosophy, when to look up the word nurse in the dictionary, one will find the following definition. However, i find this definition to be too simplified. In my opinion nursing is something more that taking care of the other persons life. I also believe father's that there is more into nursing than that simple definition of this term. Generally, being a nurse is the dream of my whole life, first of all, because it is a very influential and rewarding profession. I am the one who is given a chance to take care for people through illness, injury, pain, loss, dying, grieving, birth, growth, aging and health. Moreover, i do not only care for people through illness, but I do my best to promote peoples health, prevent diseases and educate the public. Becoming a nurse is not a case of randomized selection of a future profession. This dream dates back to my childhood.

My nursing philosophy paper
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