Me writing an essay

me writing an essay

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Scariest Animal : Which animal frightens you the most? What is it about this animal that makes it so terrifying? Is this animal actually dangerous or does it just disturb you? My special day : If you had a day all for yourself and could do whatever you wanted to, what would you do? Start with waking up and describe the entire day. Include things like what you'd eat, who you'd see, where you'd go, and what you'd. An Adventure i'd like to have : If you could have any type of adventure at all, what would it be?

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If you don't know management why you have your name, make up a story. If i had a new Name : If you could give yourself a new name, what would it be? Write about why you chose this new name and how it might change your life. If i turned into an Animal : If you had to turn into a different animal for a single day, what animal would you choose to become? Why did you choose that animal? What would do when you became that animal, and where would you go? How do you think you would feel when you were that animal? How would people treat you? How would other animals treat you? Talk to an Animal : If you could talk to an animal, what animal would you talk to and what would you talk about? What questions would you ask that animal?

What exactly would you like to do and why would you do it? If i were a business teacher : Write a page on what you would do if you were a teacher for a day. What subjects would you teach and how would you teach them? If i were the President : Write a page on what you'd do if you were the President. How would you change the world? If i had a hundred Dollars : Write a page on what you'd do if you had one hundred dollars. The Story of your Name : Why did your parents give you your name - what is the story of your name? Are you named after someone or some place?

me writing an essay

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Describe each item fully and tell why you want each one. Message in a bottle : If you were stranded on a deserted island and could send out one message in a bottle, what would you write in that business message, and why would you write those particular things? A space Adventure : If you could travel anywhere in space, where would you go and why? What do you think it would be like there? Go back in Time : If you could go back in time and re-experience an event in your life, what would. Would you go back to listing change an event that happened or to re-experience a happy time? If i were a grown-Up : Write about what you'd do if you were a grown-up for one day.

What you would do? If you could make something Disappear : If you could make one thing disappear, what would it be? Write about what would happen once it disappeared. How would it change things? If i could Change a school Rule : If you could change one rule at your school, which rule would it be and what would you change it to? Why did you choose that rule? Why is your rule better than the old rule? Stranded on an Island : If you were going to be stranded on a deserted island and could take three items with you, what three items would you take and why? The three items have to fit in an ordinary backpack.

Write me an essay online

me writing an essay

Write me an essay

How would your life maker change if you had this superpower? If i could be teenager a different Age. If you could be any age at all, how old would you be (older or younger)? Write about why you would like to be this age and what you would. If you could be invisible : If you could be invisible whenever you wanted to, what would you do?

Why would you want to do this particular thing? If you could Fly : If you could fly whenever you wanted to, what would you do? A magical Spell : a magic Spell. If you could devise a magical spell, what would it be and what would it do? Write about why you chose this new spell and how you would use. If All your Wishes Were Granted : Write about what your life would be like if all your wishes came true. How would it change your life?

Would it be a pet or live in the wild (or in a zoo)? An Imaginary pet : Draw and describe an imaginary pet that you would like (or not like) to have. Invent a new Holiday : Invent a new holiday. What would this holiday celebrate? How would you celebrate it? Would there be any special food or symbols for your holiday?

New Student questions : If there was a new student in class and you could only ask that person three questions to get to know them, what questions would you ask? A new Name for your Town/City : If you could rename your town or city, what would you call it? Why did you pick this name? How would it change things in your town? If.: my superpower : If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Write a page explaining what the superpower is, why you would like to have it, and what you would do with this new power.

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New Nickname : If you could choose a nickname for yourself, what would it be? Why did you pick this nickname? How do you think your classmates would react to this nickname? An Invention I'd like : Think about an invention that you'd like to have or make. Write about what this new device would do and why you'd like to use. Invent an Animal : Invent a new animal - describe what it looks like, what it sounds dates like, how it moves, and what it eats. Is it scary or cuddly or something else altogether?

me writing an essay

Why is it so funny? Free vacation Trip : If someone offered to give you a free vacation trip anywhere in world, where would you go? Why do you want to go to this place? What would you do when you got there? New Things!: a new Olympic Sport : Invent a new Olympic sport. There are many unusual Olympic sports, like skeleton (running and then sledding biathlon (skiing plus shooting and curling (using brooms to propel an object over ice). Make up a new sport that would be fun to watch and play. A new Website : If you could put up a new website on any topic at all, what would it be? Write about why you chose this topic, what the report website would contain, and who else you think might be interested in going to your site.

I wonder Why : Think of something you have wondered about and write about. Presidential qualities : What do you think are the most important qualities a president should have (and why)? Living in Space : do you think people will ever live in space? If not, why not? If so, where will they live and how will they do it? Write About a number : Pick a number, then write about. Tell a joke : Write a funny joke that you know. Why did you pick this joke?

Improve the world : What you would do to improve the world? Think of actions you could take to help make the world a margaret better place. June 23 is United Nations Public Service day. How to learn From Others : How can you learn from other people? Give an example of something you learned from someone else and explain why and how you learned. Something i learned from a bad Experience : Think about something bad that happened to you, but taught you something. Write about this experience and what you learned from. Do you think that this knowledge will help you later in life? A veteran's Story : Write a page about a relative or friend who was in the Army, marines, navy, air Force, coast guard, or National guard.

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General Topics: book report : Use this form to write a book report, noting the book's name, author, main characters, setting, and plot summary. A friend : Write about what being a friend means to you. Describe what friends do and how they behave with each other and with other people. What happens when friends disagree? Movie review : review a movie. Include a description of the characters, the story, the scenery, and what you liked the most and the least about the movie. Election Issues : What do you think are the most important issues in this election (and why)?

Me writing an essay
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