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funeral essay

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"Although Auden does not clearly state about whom the poem is written, one can gather that speaker loved this person dearly" (Kushner 148). This poem was actually a revised poem of "Another Time" that was written by auden along time ago. Wendy perkins states, "George. Wright, in his book, notes Auden was a continual reviser, rearranger, and even discarder of his early poems" (143). In "Funeral Blues. Auden uses several literacy devices such as conflict, rhyme, and symbol. Throughout Auden's poem, he deals with conflict between himself and human nature.

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Jerome appeared to be in a state of some agitation, doubtless perturbed to think that assignment the Drablow Ghost might be once more manifesting itself. The poem "Funeral Blues written. Auden, is database based on a loved one who is deceased. The poem is written based on nontraditional and traditional elements. This poem is also based on several different themes such as death, love, order and disorder, and also meaning of love. Throughout the poem. Auden mixes his stanzas with some words that rhyme and rarely some that don't. "This coupling of ordered and unordered patterns symbolize the speakers efforts, and final failure, to reestablish order in his life after suffering the devastating loss of a loved on" (Wilson 142). At first, i couldn't distinguish if Auden was talking about the actual loss of a loved one to death or the actual loss of a loved one due to a break. ".it is not clear that this is a conventional elegy: Auden may simply be mourning the end of a relationship, not death" (Kushner 148). It was also hard to distinguish if he was talking about himself or somebody else.

While kipps did not get a good look at her face, partly hidden by a bonnet, he thought from her emaciated appearance she must be suffering from some terrible disease. Kipps went on to say not only was she extremely pale, her eyes seemed shrunken into her head. Kipps admitted he was moved that a woman who looked as if she might be at deaths door her self book had made the effort to attend the funeral. He noted that the enigmatic women in black disappeared after the burial. Kipps inquired. Jerome as to her identity, the latter was deeply shocked. I did not see a young woman, said Jerome. She reappeared moments after Jerome had told Kipps that he had seen no-one, but again was visible only.

funeral essay

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Funeral Essay, research Paper, funeral, was there a specter at the funeral of local resident Mrs. An unexplained sighting of a mysterious woman in black has fuelled local legends. Drablow, of Eel Marsh house, was a wealthy landowner and well known reclusive. Her funeral took place on the cold morning of november 6th at Crythin, gifford parish church. Attending the burial service were Mr Jerome, the deceaseds property manager, and her young solicitor, Arthur Kipps, who had travelled from London. Towards the end of the service, on hearing a rustle in the near empty church, Mr Kipps turned and saw a mysterious female mourner. Kipps: She was quite alone, very erect and still and not holding a prayer book. She was dressed in deepest black, in the style london of full moaning that had rather gone out of fashion.

Seventeen thousand dollars, the price to graduate to the great beyond is almost identical to the price for graduate college. With that I bidded adieu to the bloke and was on my way home. The most frightening thing that happened to me that day was seeing the astonishing prices of the funeral packages. The man warned me that preplanning was a sign of kindness and thoughtfulness to your family i suddenly realized that like every other commodity in America funerals too had become commercialized. Even to the help with bereavement pamphlets on the side realized that it was all for image. The death industry is one that i am prone to invest in someday. When you think about it someone dies every second of everyday and the funeral people cash big time off. The best example was the range for the coffins 120 for a standard count Dracula cloth covered wooden one to 32000 for a coffin that the man had never seen. I told the man for that I want to be buried in a honda civic.

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funeral essay

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He said that biography the first thing to do in that situation is to call him. The funeral home sends a hearse to pickup the body. At this point he sat me down and handed me a pamphlet with prices for services and even package deals. I thought to myself that is the extra value meal of the macabre. Anyway at this point the mortician embalms the body with embalming fluids and gets the corpse ready for dressing. Dressing consists of make-up and usually the family will bring clothes for the deceased to wear. After the dressing the funeral services are made and is largely influenced by the religion and beliefs of the family.

Granby s themselves have services in the home, but charge more than having the viewing in a church. This is the final step before the burying. (if you choose burial) The gentleman said that although the home is in the Bronx most of the bodies are buried in Rose hill. The reason for this i inferred was some deal between the home and the cemetery. This whole process can range from 5,000 to 17,000 outside the charge for a casket.

Research Paper, how to plan for a funeral. The topic of my research assignment is planning and the steps to take when there is a death in the family. My search brought me to Granby s funeral home on White Plains road. There i discovered the truth of how expensive the funeral process is and the benefits to yourself and your family for the simple act of pre-planning. It was a cold Halloween afternoon; I thought to myself what better day to go to a funeral home than on this day of the dead. On that note i set off to a funeral home that I saw near a day care center that i used to work for.

The name of the place was Granby s funeral home and I proceeded to walk. A strange fellow that asked what was our business greeted. I answered, high school students doing a project. He then responded, excellent Lady Granby will see you personally. I interjected no thanks and decided to interview the strange fellow. I think that it was the overall atmosphere of this place or maybe the dirty angel in the corner that made that made me fear Lady Granby. He then explained to me the proper procedure to take care of the deceased.

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The symbolism used by the poet pulls real us into the actual world of grief as the speaker searches for ways to mourn this passing. Works Cited Auden,. literature and the Writing Process. McMahan, Elizabeth,. Upper Saddle shredder river: pearson, 2011. Christian Century 4 September 2007: 47-48. Funeral Blues Essay or any similar topic only for you.

funeral essay

The speaker honestly believes that because of this tragic event, nothing now can ever come to any good. (Auden 16) She cannot picture her life without him, almost like she does not want to survive without him. Auden does not want one. We will write a custom essay sample. Funeral Blues Essay or any similar topic only for you find the meaning of the poem, but to feel the grief on how this person does not believe in living anymore since her loved one has passed away. It shows that she wants everything to stop and for everyone to feel what shes feeling and mourn together with her. She put her lover on a god-like pedestal and thinks that he is geography just as important to everyone else like he is to her. Audens choice of words draws the reader into a greater understanding of the intensity and depth of feelings experienced upon the loss of a loved one.

funeral of someone who. To show the god-like significance, he is capitalized when she is talking about the writing in the sky. She also thinks that the funeral procession is going to be so long that they will need a police officer directing traffic. The persona in the poem continues to describe the intimacy between her and her lover, claiming that he was her North, south, east, and West (Auden 9). She has just realized that because of her companions death, along with everything else, her love has also come to an end. Like before, she commands the reader to carry out impossible tasks. The stars are not wanted now: put out every one; Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun (Auden 13-14). She also begs for the oceans and forests to disappear. Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood. (Auden 15) Without her lover, she feels like her life is meaningless.

In the second verse the speaker states, let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead (Auden 5). She uses this metaphor to reveal the pointlessness of her life. What is the point of planes flying in circles? They do not get anywhere flying in a circle. She is comparing the pointlessness of flying in circles to her life without her partner. The persona in the poem talks about her deceased partner as if he is on a god-like pedestal. The reader realizes just how important the deceased is to the speaker when reading the phrase he is dead. The use of the capital letters displays the incredibly close relationship between the two lovers.

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Funeral Blues a meteor from the resumes universe of Wystan Hugh Auden flashed into the atmosphere of American culture in 1994 when Funeral Blues, a poem written in 1936, was recited in a eulogy scene in the movie four Weddings and a funeral. (Johnson) Many people have wondered what it is like to lose someone they love; if one does not know the feeling they are very fortunate. Some people think that without that certain someone, their life will cease to exist. Audens poem Funeral Blues, a woman loses her lover and cannot even imagine how she is going to get on with her life; she puts her deceased companion on a god-like pedestal; and she loves him so much that she believes that he is her. In Funeral Blues, auden makes the bitter attitude of the speaker toward the subject of death apparent to the readers through the use of symbols, imagery, and metaphor. In the first verse, the speaker states stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone (Auden Line 1). The clock being stopped may signify the fact the man who died has run out of time, or possibly to ask those who knew him to stop what they are doing and grieve. With the idea of the telephone being cut off, she wants to show the deceased the respect he deserves by honoring him with a moment of silence.

Funeral essay
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  4. Morgan Russell Shaw English 200 6 november 2012 Essay two i felt a funeral, in my Brain. Part One solitary: Deprived of the company of others; the state of being alone. We will writustom essay sample on funeral essay examples specifically for you. Funeral Blues Essay, research Paper. Auden wrote funeral Blues the poem.

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