Flower essay in english

flower essay in english

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Everyone should own a garden. It is the best part of the house. Gardens filled with bright colourful flowers are a treat for the eyes. Here are essays on my garden of varying lengths to help you with the same in your exam. You can choose any my garden essay as per your need: my garden Essay 1 (200 words). My garden is my favourite part of my house.

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The 'national Flower of India' is 'lotus'. It is scientifically known as 'nelumbo nucifera'. It is a sacred flower and occupies a unique position in the art and mythology of ancient India and has been an auspicious symbol of Indian culture since time immemorial. Lotus flower is found only in two colours that are pink and white. The flower grows writing in murky waters and rises on a long stalk above the surface to bloom glorious. It is a beautiful flower which symbolises divinity, fertility, wealth, knowledge and not to forget enlightenment. Untouched by the impurity, lotus symbolises the purity of heart and mind. According to hindu mythology lotus is made as a seat essays of the goddess of wealth - lakshmi. Newer Post, older Post, home, subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom). They add to the beauty of the house as well as the surrounding areas. The fresh air they render is much-needed in todays environment that is otherwise filled with pollution.

They are used for conveying love, happiness, grief, mourning etc. In India, flowers are sanctified are commonly used in worship in homes and temples. Flowers are used on all festive occasions and in marriages and religious ceremonies. Advertisements: In all social functions, use of flowers and garlands has become symbolic. Annual, commonly, cultivated flowers are carnation, Aster, Clendula, petunia, pansy, nasturtium, Phlox, zinnia, marigold etc. Some other flowers usually grown in gardens are Antirrhinum, portulaca, chrysanthemum, dahlia, cosmos, larkspur, poppy, stock, sweet pea, sweet William, verbena. Common bulbous flowers are narcissus, Iris, Spider lily, nerine, tulips etc. Floriculture is the branch of ornamental horticulture concerned with growing and marketing of flowers and ornamental plants, as well as with flower arrangement. Short Essay on 'national Flower write of India' (100 Words).

flower essay in english

Essay on if i were a flower?

Flower is a modified shoot with condensed axis called thalamus and appendages called floral organs. Stamens literature (microsporophylls) and carpels (megasporophylls) represent the essential parts of a flower. Advertisements: Thus flower is a shoot bearing sporophyll. Flowering plants have successfully colonised land by reducing the water dependent gametophytic generation to the point where it is entirely protected within the sporophytic generation. Typically flower is a condensed branch in which internodes have become condensed, bringing the nodes close to one another, and the leaves are modified to form floral whorls that directly or indirectly participate in the process of reproduction. Flowers differ considerably in size, shape, colour and arrangement of their parts, yet most of them bear a common structural plan. Flowers are symbolic of beauty, love and tranquillity. They form the soul of a garden and convey the message of nature to man. Flowers and objects of aesthetic, ornamental, social, religious plan and cultural value.

Isbn tiny haploid female plant which includes the egg. "Progress in understanding angiosperm history, success, and relationships: Darwin's abominably "perplexing phenomenon". Proceedings of the national Academy of Sciences 97 (24 1293941. wilson Nichols Stewart gar. Rothwell 1993Paleobotany and the evolution of plants. 2nd ed, cambridge Univ. nam,.; Depamphilis, cw; ma, h; nei, m (2003). "Antiquity and evolution of the mads-box gene family controlling flower development in plants". Advertisements: Short Paragraph on Flower!

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flower essay in english

Essay on Lotus, flower in, hindi and in, english, kamal ka fool

Some people put flowers from nasturtiums, chrysanthemums, or carnations in their food. Flowers can also be made business into tea. Dried flowers such as chrysanthemum, rose, and jasmine are used to make tea. Special meanings change change source flowers were used to signal meanings in the time when social meetings between men and women was difficult. Lilies made people think of resume life.

Red roses made people think of love, beauty, and passion. In Britain, australia and Canada, poppies are worn on special holidays as a mark of respect for those who served and died in wars. Daisies made people think of children and innocence. Flowers Daffodil Dahlia daisy Edelweiss Hibiscus Jasmine lily water lily lotus Marigold Morning glory pansy petunia tulip Rose sunflower Gadhaful safali kochuri gondoraj sattler. Organogenesis of flowers: a photographic text-atlas. University of Toronto Press.

People enjoy seeing flowers growing in gardens. People also enjoy growing flowers in their backyards, outside their homes. People often wear flowers on their clothes or give flowers as a gift during special occasions, holidays, or rituals, such as the birth of a new baby (or a christening at weddings (marriages at funerals (when a person dies). People often buy flowers from businesses called florists. As a name change change source some parents name their girl children after a flower. Some common flower names are: Rose, lily, daisy, holly, hyacinth, jasmine, blossom.

As food change change source a butterfly and a bee with three kinds of flowers people also eat some types of flowers. Flower vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower and artichoke. The most expensive spice, saffron, comes from the crocus flower. Other flower spices are cloves and capers. Hops flowers are used to flavor beer. Dandelion can be made into wine. Honey is flower nectar that has been collected and processed by bees. Honey is often named for the type of flower that the bees are using (for example, clover honey).

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A: sporangia borne at tips of business leaf b: leaf curls up to protect sporangia c: leaf curls to form enclosed roll d: grouping of three rolls into a syncarp Flowers are modified leaves possessed only by the flowering plants (angiosperms which are relatively late. The earliest known fossils of flowers and flowering plants are from 130 million years ago, in the lower Cretaceous. 3 4 The flowering plants have long been assumed to have evolved from within the gymnosperms ; but the known gymnosperms form a clade which is distinct from the angiosperms. It has been concluded that the two clades diverged (split) some 300 million years ago. 5 As decoration change change source an example of a 'perfect flower'. This Crateva religiosa flower has both stamens (outer ring) and a pistil (centre). Flowers have long been admired and used by humans. Most people think that flowers are beautiful. Many people also love flowers for their fragrances (scents).

flower essay in english

Angiosperms have pollen grains comprising just three cells. One cell is responsible for drilling down through the integuments, and creating a passage for the two sperm cells to flow down. The megagametophyte 2 has just seven cells. Of these, one is the egg cell; features it fuses with a sperm cell, forming the zygote. Another cell joins with the other sperm, and dedicates itself to forming a nutrient-rich endosperm. The other cells take auxiliary roles. This process of "double fertilisation" is unique and common to all angiosperms. The evolution of syncarps.

show a wide variation in floral structure. 1 The modifications produced in the evolution of flowering plants are used by botanists to find relationships among plant species. Flowers are an important evolutionary advance made by flowering plants. Some flowers are dependent upon the wind to move pollen between flowers of the same species. Many others rely on insects or birds to move pollen. The role of flowers is to produce seeds, which are contained in fruit. Fruits and seeds are a means of dispersal. Plants do not move, but wind, animals and birds spread the plants across the landscape. Since the ovules are protected by carpels, it takes something special for fertilisation to happen.

Arctic, flowers can grow during a few months. Flowers may grow separately on the plant, or they may grow together in an inflorescence. Contents, diagram of flower, cut open to show the parts. Aconitum flower dissected to show its internal structure. To investigate the structure of a flower, it must be dissected, and its structure summarised by a floral diagram or a floral formula. Then its family can be identified with the aid of a flora, which is a book designed to help you identify plants. Four basic parts change change source, flowers have four basic parts, from the outside in they are: The presentation perianth, the vegetative parts The calyx : the outermost whorl consisting of units called sepals. These are often green and enclose the rest of the flower in the bud. They may be absent, or they may be petal-like in some species.

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A poster with flowersloo of flowers produced by twelve species of flowering assignment plants from different families, a flower is a special kind of plant part. Flowers are also called the bloom or blossom of a plant. The flower grows on a stalk a thin node which supports. Inside the part of the flower that has petals are the parts which produce pollen and seeds. Flowers are the reproductive structure of flowering plants, which are plants of the division Magnoliophyta, also called the Angiosperms. In many plants, a flower is its most colourful part. We say the plant 'flowers 'is flowering' or 'is in flower' when this colourful part begins to grow bigger and open out. There are many different kinds of flowers in different areas in the world. Even in the coldest places, for example the.

Flower essay in english
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  3. My garden Essay. Roses are my favourite flower. They are the perfect flower beautiful in every way. I love the shape of roses and their beautiful colours. Looking at them is like.

  4. Lotus (also Indian lotus, sacred lotus) is the national flower of India. It is a beautiful flower with appealing color and fragrance. Gardens filled with bright colourful flowers are a treat for the eyes. Here are es says. Long and Short Essay on my garden in English.

  5. It is sc ientifically known as nelumbo nucifera. It is a sacred flower and occupies a unique position. Short Paragraph on Flower! Flower is a modified shoot with condensed axis called t halamus and appendages called floral organs. Scientific name: Nelumbo nucifera.

  6. Fina l rose flower essay in english. Whatever results come mailbox at that time but. Lotus that symbolizes spirituality, fruitfulness, wealth, knowledge and illuminati on is the national flower of India. This essay provides interesting information and. The national Flower of India is lotus.

  7. A flower is a special kind of plant part. Flowers are also called the bloom or blo ssom of a plant. The flower grows on a stalk a thin node which supports. The flower is a pure and beautiful creation of Nature. It is offere d to gods and presented to the dear and near ones, because of its beauty and. Essay example house short essay on smoking in public single parent essay.

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