Book report on junie b jones

book report on junie b jones

Jones, audio collection, books 1-8: Barbara park, lana

Charlotte : A girl in the kindergarten class. She doesn't always get along with Junie. Rivals edit may murkee (Tattletale may) : A girl who sits next to junie. In the first grade. Does not like her because she won't say the "B" in her name and just calls her Junie jones. Calls her "Tattletale may." Jim : Junie. And Jim are said to hate each other until Junie.

Junie b jones book

His family is full of former criminals and otherwise strange people, such as his Uncle vern, aunt Bunny, and Grandpa ned. Shirley : Another good friend of Junie. She is shown to have short black hair. She has a dog named Stinky. In Dumb Bunny, she mentions that she and Lennie are homework jewish. Roger : A boy with freckles who is in the same classes as Junie. For both kindergarten and first grade. He had his lunch money stolen by a boy named Jeff hooks in kindergarten. He has an older brother named Rodney, who was previously. Jamal Hall : A boy in the kindergarten class. His mother is the art teacher.

Lennie: Another one of Junie.'s writings best friends in first grade. He is quiet and almost always agrees with Junie. Lennie has spiky hair. In Dumb Bunny, he and Shirley mention that they are jewish. Sheldon Potts: A good friend of Junie. He can be awfully shy in front of a crowd. He is shown to have blonde hair. Sheldon takes multi-vitamins, due to his many food allergies.

book report on junie b jones

Jones, has a peep in Her Pocket (

She refers to him as "Crybaby william" because he pdf can be upset very easily. He also has stage fright. Herbert (Herb junie.'s best friend in first grade. In Junie.'s Top Secret Personal beeswax, he and Junie. Seem to have a plan crush on each other. He was in a different school before first grade. José: Another one of Junie.'s best friends in first grade. He is Hispanic and speaks both English and Spanish. Sometimes, he greets Junie.

Unlike junie., Grace is well-behaved and she speaks with proper grammar. She sits with Junie. Every day on the school bus in kindergarten. Ricardo : Junie.'s "boyfriend" in kindergarten, until Junie. Jones is (Almost) a flower Girl. He likes monkeys, has freckles, and wears cowboy boots. Crybaby william : a very shy and soft-spoken boy who junie. Says would be easy for her to beat.

Jones 14: Junie

book report on junie b jones

Jones and the mushy gushy

He has short yellowish fur. He has been around since before junie. Flo miller : Junie.'s aunt. She is only mentioned in "Junie. Jones is (Almost) a flower Girl where slip she is getting married. Friends edit lucille : Junie.'s rich, beautiful, but spoiled best friend in kindergarten. She has a grandmother who pampers her resume and always gives her what she wants, except dogs.

She always wears nail polish. She likes to wear lacy socks with bows on them. She also has an older brother. That Grace : Junie.'s athletic best friend in kindergarten. She has a baby brother and an older sister. Grace is a very fast runner and wears pink high-top sneakers.

Jones and a little monkey business. Often dislikes her brother, and they have somewhat of a sibling rivalry. Frank miller : Junie.'s grandfather. Grampa miller, along with his wife, helen Miller, babysits for her and her brother while their parents are at work. Helen Miller : Junie.'s grandmother.

Grandma miller also babysits for Junie. And her brother on occasion. Often calls her grandmother by her first name. Grandma miller has a pet canary bird named Twitter. Philip Johnny bob : Junie.'s beloved stuffed elephant. She brings him on trips with her. Tickle : Junie.'s dog of unknown breed.

Jones, smells Something Fishy junie

Jones is a beauty Shop guy, junie. Says, "He has other names too. Some people write call him Bob, and other people call him Bobby. Plus today mother called him Ace." citation needed, susan Jones : Junie.'s and Ollie's protective but caring mother, whom Junie. Top Secret Personal beeswax, junie. Says, "Sometimes Daddy calls her Buttercup. That is ridiculous, i think." citation needed, ollie jones : Junie.'s baby brother. He is born in the book.

book report on junie b jones

a friendly, bright, funny, and spirited personality. Lives with her parents, robert and Susan, and her baby brother, Ollie. Her birthday is in June, making her either a gemini or a cancer in terms of the horoscope. Junie.'s favorite foods are spaghetti and meatballs, lemon pie, and ice cream. Family edit, robert Jones : Junie. And Ollie's loving father, whom Junie.

Jones and the Stupid Smelly bus (1992). 1, in the opening sentences of statement that book, she declares, my name is Junie. The b stands for beatrice. Except I dont like beatrice. I just like b and thats all. 1, contents, main article: Bibliography of Barbara park Junie. Since the original book was published. Random house in 1992, twenty-eight other Junie. Jones books have been published.

Junie b jones Author

Jones is a children's book series written. Barbara park and illustrated by, denise Brunkus. Published by, random house from 1992 to 2013, the stories begin with. Jones and the Stupid Smelly bus, in which Junie. Is an "almost six year old" starting her first day of kindergarten. Aimed at beginning readers, the series centers on Junie. Jones, a young girl who business is just entering kindergarten in the first book in the series, junie.

Book report on junie b jones
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  2. The books are called Junie. Jones, and there are, yes, a whopping 31 books in the series. It's about the funniest kindergartener around named (yes, you guessed it) Junie. Sees the report card and says "Mother was a bad kid." Oliver "Ollie" Jones : Junie.'s baby brother. He is born in the book junie. Jones and a little monkey business.

  3. Published by random house from, the stories begin with Junie. Jones and the Stupid Smelly. — visa, masterCard, Amex etc. Click here click here click here click here click here. — — junie b jones Smells Something Fishy book report. Transcript of Junie.

  4. Jones 24: d i mean it! And millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Book 24 of 28 in the junie. See all 23 formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Jones is a children's book series written by barbara park and illustrated by denise Brunkus.

  5. It's probably best to read these in order, but not critical. Junie b jones Word puzzles teaching Aids Party Animals Chapter books Classroom Activities book worms School Projects reading Response log. If you are in the area, the Greater Ocean City Theatre company is putting on Junie. Jones The musical July 10th! Summer fun with Junie b!

  6. An easy chapter book like a picture book is a category of childrens books - book evaluation Junie. Categorizing childrens books makes it easier for parents and educators to choose age-appropriate reading material for children. In the first book, junie. Jones and the Stupid Smelly bus, junie. Meets a fellow kindergartner and begins referring to him as the boy whom she "could beat." But in general, kids in the series talk about fighting more than they actually fight. Jones book list: The stories are sequential in terms of character development but the main plots are relatively independent in each book.

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