Biggest paper shredder

biggest paper shredder

What can a paper shredder teach us about, big, data?

Because you can really fill up the shredder, press the button and walk away while the shredder shreds all your paper sheets while you contiune working. Decide which cookies you want to allow. You can change these settings at any time. However, this can result in some functions no longer being available. For information on deleting the cookies, please consult your browsers help function. Learn more about the cookies we use.

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Cross-cut or Micro-cut do you expect small the particles or very small particles from your heavy writing duty shredder? In short a cross-cut shredder can shred more sheets of paper in one go and produces larger paper particles. If the safety of information is very important within your company, we recommend a micro-cut paper shredder. Read more about this in our paper shredder guide. Tools for paper shredding we recommend the following related paper shredding tools: Commercial shredder manufacturers What are well-known heavy duty shredder manufactures and brands? Autofeed shredders Shred while you walk away some offices make use of automatic paper shredders, also known as auto feed shredders. These type of office shredders can also be used for heavy duty jobs, for instance for the finance department. An automatic paper shredder is an unique machine because these shredders can shred documents automatically. You just feed a stack of paper (it depends on the shredder how much it can handle) and the shredder takes care of the rest. An automatic shredder is also described as a walk away shredder.

Luckely most commercial shredders have built-in technology which prevents a paper jam. A special sensor registers the amount of paper that is feeded in the manual slot. When the stack is too large, the shredder will stop and reverse margaret the cutters. Quiet and silent shredding In some offices it is desired to shred documents discretely. Look for a quiet heavy duty shredding machine with a low noise level that produces less than 55 dB of sound while shredding. Oil the shredder It is very important to lubricate the shredder often. Some office shredders will auto-oil the cutters, but some need manual assistance. Read more about shredder oil and lubricant sheets for shredders.

biggest paper shredder

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When you use a small shredder like a work horse all kind of problems will ocure, such as paper jams or even a defect in the cutters or motor. A paper shredder for light use is made for shredding a few documents at a time, not for eating through boxes full of documents and junk mail. For this kind of heavy duty shredding work you really need a large shredder that is made for the job. Requirements of a shredder for heavy duty shredding High sheet capacity the sheet capacity tells you the amount of standard documents you can shred at once. The larger the capacity, the faster you can shred your documents. High bin capacity the amount of shredded paper the bin can hold, we recommend at least remote 15 gallon. Long run-time the number of minutes the paper shredder can run before it needs to cool down. Expensive heavy duty paper shredders can run continuous without cooling down. Other things to take into consideration Jam-proof One of the biggest annoyances with paper shredders is a paper jam.

Find out more about industrial paper shredders. Why do you need a heavy duty shredder? Some people dont realize this, but most average shredders can only shred for a few minutes before they need to cool down. This cool down period can take up to 45-60 minutes. These cheap shredders are limited because of the short duty cycle. Thereby the small bin fills up quickly with your shredded documents, which isnt recommended for high capacity shredding in the office. Imagine you want to shred large amounts of sensitive documents with a basic shredder that can only run for 10 minutes and needs to cool down for almost an hour. Therefor it is recommended to invest in a more expensive and larger heavy duty shredder that is designed for heavy office use. See a fellowes Powershred 225ci in action Besides the short run-time and limited bin capacity, an average home shredder for light usage isnt built for heavy duty work.

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biggest paper shredder

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Besides paper this shredder tears through junk-mail, cds and credit cards. Security level: Cross-cut Run time: Continuous Sheet capacity: 28-30 pages Bin capacity: 30 gallons noise level: 60 dB Check Price didnt find the right shredder for your shredding needs? Our list contain five reliable heavy-duty paper shredders with long runtime. The commercial shredders weve selected are targeted for (medium / large) office use. But maybe you are looking for a smaller continuous shredder for your home office, or maybe you want an industrial shredder for shredding large volumes of paper. These shredders have different specifications and different price points.

Find all the heavy duty shredders here. Find more shredders for your office environment. Check our top 5 personal tell shredders for home use and shredders you can use for small office. Collect your shredded documents in a blue commercial recycling bin with a recycle label or go for extra security with a lockable shred bin. A shred bin can also be used to to store sensitive documents prior to paper shredding. Industrial paper shredders for bulk shredding When you want to frequently shred high volumes of confidential documents it is recommended to invest in an industrial-grade paper shredder. An industrial shredder is built for continuous shredding in bulk.

Security level: Cross-cut Run time: Continuous Sheet capacity: 17-19 pages Bin capacity: 22 gallons noise level: 60 dB Check Price 4 fellowes Powershred 225mi shred 16 sheets of paper continuously. Micro-cut commercial grade paper shredder for sensitive documents The fellowes Powershred 225mi is a heavy duty shredder with security level P-5. This commercial shredder shreds 16 sheets of paper per pass into very tiny micro-cut particles for high security. This shredder is recommended for heavy duty shredding of high confidential documents at the office. The 225Mi can also shred CDs, dvds, staples, paper clips, credit cards and junk mail.

Paper jams will not occure thanks to the jam proof system. The bin size of the shredder is large and the shredder operates silently. Security level: Micro-cut Run time: Continuous Sheet capacity: 16 pages Bin capacity: 16 gallons noise level: 54 dB Check Price 5 fellowes Powershred 425ci shred 28-30 sheets of paper continuously. Powerful taa-compliant shredder for 10 users The fellowes Powershred 425ci is a 100 jam-proof commercial shredder for large office use. It is ideal to shred large amounts of documents because it can shred sheets of paper continuously, about 30 sheets per pass. The shredder has a 12 inch throat and a 30 gallon bin. You can move the heavy duty shredder easily because of the wheels. You keep the cutters in great condition because of the auto oil system.

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Great legs and quiet heavy duty paper shredder for small office use (5-10 users) The hsm securio b32c is a heavy duty paper shredder that is perfect for small to medium businesses. With a sheet capacity of 17-19 documents per pass you can shred lots of paper sheets. This hsm shredder can also shred staples and paperclips. For shredding CDs, dvds and credit cards this shredder has a special slot, this keeps shredded plastic separate for recycling purpose. The shredder contains wheels for moving it around. The hsm securio is made in Germany. It has a solid owl construction and the powerful motor runs very quiet.

biggest paper shredder

Noise level: 60 dB, check Price 2, fellowes Powershred 325ci, shred 22-24 sheets of paper continuously. Quiet cross-cut high volume shredder for 6-10 users. The, fellowes Powershred 325ci is a short solidly built paper shredder for heavy use. The shredder shreds up to 22 sheets of paper per pass. Besides that you can also shred CDs, dvds and credit cards. The wide.5 inch throat contains a safety sensor and a sensor which prevents paper jams. The paper shredder runs very silent, you can barely hear the motor while running. This Fellowes shredder comes with 5 free shredder bags and is easy to setup and operate. Security level: Cross-cut, run time: Continuous Sheet capacity: 22-24 pages Bin capacity: 22 gallons noise level: 64 dB Check Price 3 hsm securio b32c Shred 17-19 sheets of paper continuously.

Shredding is easy and quick by loading the tray with a stack of sensitive documents (up to 550 sheets). It is recommended to stack the sheets neatly. Press start and the autoMax 550C will do the rest for you. . It takes up to 6 to 7 minutes to shred all the documents in P4 particles. You can also shred up to 14 sheets of paper manually in the manual feed slot. The automatic shredder also shreds CDs, dvds, credit cards and junk mail. Security level: Cross-cut, run time: Continuous (automatic sheet capacity: 550 pages (or 14 manual bin capacity: 22 gallons.

Users: 5 users (office / department price range: 500, sheet capacity: 14 Sheets or more. Bin capacity: 15 Gallons or more, run-time: 30 Minutes or more, security level: Cross-cut or Micro-cut (tiny particles). Read our Paper Shredder buying guide. Our top pick: we recommend the, fellowes AutoMax 550C as a great heavy-duty shredder for office use. This commercial shredder operates as an auto feed shredder. Just fill the secured tray with 550 sheets and walk yardage away. The shredder will do the hard work for you. You can also shred up to 14 sheets manually. 1, fellowes AutoMax 550c auto feed, shred 550 sheets of paper continuously.

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Shred large stacks of confidential documents continuously. On this page youll find commercial paper shredders for heavy duty shredding at the office with multiple users. These large shredder machines shred for a long period of time or even non-stop. . They are great to use for departmental shredding. A continuous heavy duty shredder can be used for light and heavy shredding purposes and is also perfect for a yearly cleanup of tax records and other financial and sensitive documents. Shred large amounts of confidential and sensitive documents continuousl. Check our presentation top 5 commercial paper shredder machines below. The shredders below meet the following requirements.

Biggest paper shredder
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  6. Micro-cut commercial grade paper shredder for sensitive documents. The fellowes Powershred 225mi is a heavy duty shredder with security level P-5. This commercial shredder shreds 16 sheets of paper per pass into very tiny micro-cut particles for high security. Industrial shredder machine shred paper, plastic, wood, rubber, glass, metal almost anything! These Industrial shredder machines are designed and made in India for heavy usage namely for destroying or processing.

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