Ballet essay

ballet essay

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If they say guns, i say guns. I say i want that just to be the number one - to sail, to hold the sky. OK cats, we rumble. Now, protocality calls for a war council between us and the Sharks, to set the whole thing. So i would personally give the bad news to bernardo. Riff proposes getting help from Tony, a young Polish boy and ex-leader of the jets who has grown away from them and taken a respectable job: "We need Tony.

Essay: Dancing and Ballet

I'll tell ya what we're gonna. We're gonna speed fast. We're gonna move like lightnin'. And we're gonna clean them Sharks up once and for all so they ain't never gonna set foot on our turf again. And we're gonna do it in one, all-out e sharks want a piece of this world too. And they're real down boys. They might ask for blades, hook zip guns. I say this turf is small, but it's all we got, huh? Now I want to hold it like we always held it, with skin. But if mba they say blades, i say blades.

They're eatin' our food. They're breathin' all the air. The end to free enterprise. Riff: hey, you heard what that lieutenant Schrank said, eh? We gotta make nice with 'em puerto ricans or else. We gotta let 'em move in right under our noses and take it all away from us, or else. Riff: you're damned book right. So what are we gonna do buddy-boys?

ballet essay

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Say goodbye to the nice boys, Krupke. Riff speaks to his gang members and arouses their immature gang mentality. He directs his hatred toward the puerto ricans and their turf-encroachment. Convinced of the jets' own strength and invincibility, he is adamant about checking the Sharks' expansion and influence in the neighborhood while still avoiding a life-threatening rumble with blades or zip guns. However, riff would consider battling the rivals with weapons if challenged: Riff: Now we fought hard for this turf and we ain't just gonna give it e emeralds claimed. We shut 'em out. The hawks, remember, they tried to take it away, and we knocked 'em down to the cellar. Members: yeah, but these prs are different.

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ballet essay

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You want to kill each other? Kill each other, but you ain't gonna money do it on my beat. Are there any questions? Would you mind translating that into Spanish? Schrank: Get your friends out of here, bernardo - and stay out - please. Bernardo: (to his gang) ok sharks, vaminos. Schrank: boy, as if this neighborhood wasn't crummy enough.

(to the jets) Now look, fellas. Look, let's be reasonable, huh? If I don't get a little law and order around here, i get busted down to a traffic corner. And your friend don't like traffic corners. So that means you're gonna start makin' nice with the prs puerto ricans from now. I said nice - get it! 'cause if you don't, and I catch any of ya doing any more brawlin' in my territory, i'm gonna personally beat the living crud out of each and every one of yas and see that you go to the can and rot there.

The camera passes over recognizable landmarks as it moves steadily to the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and then speedily zooms down and plunges into a concrete playground. A gang of 'cool' white youths are posed together in one corner of a basketball court, clicking their fingers to the syncopated rhythm of the musical score. The aggressive gang members leave the fenced-in playground and cross the tenement street. In the famous, dazzling opening sequence, they gradually break into a highly-stylized dance and then burst into a daring, high-stepping sequence - an exhilarating, inventive, visual ballet of pirouettes, vigorous athletic moves, and running jumps that symbolizes their dominance and energy - they are readying. They are members of the jets composed of white teens, led by brown-haired, All-American type riff (Russ Tamblyn).

They represent one side of the racial rivalry, similar to Shakespeare's tense and feuding families, the montagues and the capulets. Two of the gang members face off against one member of a rival gang, Sharks leader Bernardo (George Chakiris a darker-skinned, black-haired puerto rican immigrant. He is joined by his gang members, and they pick up the beat by clicking their fingers. The gangs both are vying for control of the streets, alternating between dominance and submission. Two of the members provoke each other, and after an extended confrontation, a full-scale brawl breaks out when the jets come to rescue baby john (Eliot Feld the youngest member of their gang, from an assault by the Sharks. The conflict is broken up by the arrival of a precinct patrol car, carrying uniformed Officer Krupke (William Bramley) and bigoted, plainclothes policeman lieutenant Schrank (Simon oakland) who have stopped similar fights between the "punks" many times before: Schrank: you hoodlums don't own these streets. And i've had all the rough-house i can put up with around here.

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My fair Lady (1964). (Visit the official West Side Story website at:.) The much-praised, box-office blockbuster for United Artists received eleven Academy Award nominations and won all but one - best Adapted Screenplay. Its achievement as a ten Oscar winner has only been surpassed by three films (all with eleven Oscars ben-Hur (1959), titanic (1997), and The lord of the rings: Return of the king (2003). West Side Story 's Oscar awards include: Best Picture, best Director (Wise and Robbins - the first time that awards went to co-directors best Supporting Actor and Actress (George Chakiris in his first major film role and Rita moreno best Color Cinematography, best Color Art. Robbins was also awarded a special statuette for "his brilliant achievements in the art of choreography on film." Robbins was the only best Director Oscar winner to win for the only film he ever directed. Robert Wise won his second directorial Oscar for The sound of Music long (1965). Natalie wood was un-nominated for West Side Story, but she was competing for a best Actress Oscar (that she lost to sophia loren for Two women ) for her role in Spendor in the Grass (1961). Note: The Oscar-winning short film West Bank Story (2006) parodied the film, with Israeli and Palestinian gangs replacing the second generation Americans and puerto rican gangs - fighting over falafel stands. The Story during the opening prologue, a breathtaking aerial shot of Manhattan from a bird's with eye view captures the city with its bridge traffic and highway ramps, its waterfront docks, parks and skyscrapers.

ballet essay

The killing of Riff by maria's brother Bernardo paralleled the killing of Romeo's friend Mercutio by juliet's cousin Tybalt, and the retaliatory murder of Bernardo by tony was identified with Romeo's killing of Tybalt. Secondary characters were also modified - the nurse became Anita, juliet's friend and confidante, and Friar Lawrence became doc, the neighborhood drugstore owner. (However, there wasn't a climactic double-suicide in the musical.). The stage book was rewritten and adapted for the screen by Ernest Lehman, and the film retained the beautiful and electrifying musical score, songs and lyrics of leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim. It was co-directed by two clashing individuals from the start - veteran director Robert Wise and exciting choreographer Jerome robbins. Both shared credit for the film's direction although Robbins was removed after a few months due to schedule delays, the over-budget production, disagreements with Wise over the film's degree of faithfulness to the stage production, and Robbins' potentially-expensive demands for perfection. The four kinetic impulse dance sequences that Robbins choreographed Prologue "America "Cool and "Something's Comin and the jazzy, interpretative score of Bernstein rhythmically communicate the passionate intensity, frustration and tough violence of the streets. The singing of both leads was dubbed: Jimmy Bryant for former child actor Richard beymer, and Marni nixon for Natalie wood, and the vocals by rita moreno were enhanced by betty wand for "a boy like that". Note: Marni nixon also dubbed Audrey hepburn's singing voice.

Susan Shentall in the leads. Paul czinner's, romeo and Juliet (1966), with ballet dancers Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn. Franco zeffirelli's, romeo and Juliet (1968), with appropriately-aged star-crossed lovers leonard Whiting and Olivia hussey. Baz luhrmann's hip and updated, william Shakespeare's Romeo juliet (1996) with leonardo dicaprio and Claire danes. The ground-breaking, dynamic film of 1961 was based on the successful Broadway hit - a staged musical play (opening in 1957) by writer Arthur laurents and directed/choreographed by jerome robbins. The play reworked the traditional love story material (of lovers that crossed racial/ethnic barriers) and translated it, in a radical, novel and revolutionary style for a musical, to include racial strife between rival New York street gangs (newly-arrived puerto ricans and second-generation Americans from white. To capture the realism of the social tragedy and its urban environment, some of the film was shot on location in Manhattan (in abandoned West Side tenements around 110th., and other settings but most of it was actually filmed on sound stages with stylized. Note: From Shakespearean Play to Screen: The montagues became the Anglo jets street gang, while the capulets were transformed into rival puerto ricans. Puerto rican Maria, played by natalie wood, and white tony, played by richard beymer, were the two lovers.

Spendor in the Grass (1961), natalie wood was chosen for the lead female role after Barbara luna was considered. And Richard beymer, known for his performance as Peter Van daan in george Stevens'. The diary of Anne Frank (1959), pdf took the lead male role which was also considered for Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley. Chita rivera, the Broadway actress who played the part of the tempestuous Anita, was replaced by rita moreno, known for her role as Tuptim. The king and I (1956). Supporting actor Russ Tamblyn, known for many roles in films such. Seven Brides for seven Brothers (1954) and, peyton Place (1957 played the role of Riff. The same tale has been told numerous times in past cinematic history, including: Romeo and Juliet (1916) with vampish Theda bara as Juliet. Romeo and Juliet (1916) with Francis.

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Background, west Side Story (1961) is an energetic, widely-acclaimed, melodramatic musical - a modern-day, loose plan re-telling of Shakespeare's. Romeo and Juliet tragedy of feuding families, although the setting is the Upper West Side of New York city in the late 1950s with conflict between rival street gangs rather than families. West Side Story is still one of the best film adaptations of a musical ever created, and the finest musical film of the 60s. It arrived at a time when the silver screen was realizing tremendous competition from tv and other genres of cinematic entertainment. Like many other musicals of its time, hollywood again looked to a successful Broadway stage play (first starring Carol Lawrence and Larry kert) for its source material (e.g., in earlier years, south Pacific (1958), oklahoma! (1955), and, carousel (1956) were chosen, among others) and it was no different for this film. An almost completely new cast was assembled, except for actor george Chakiris (who played Riff, not bernardo, in the london production). After her success.

Ballet essay
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  5. A descriptive paragraph can captivate a reader and enliven an essay. Learn how to write a good descriptive paragraph with these examples and tips. West Side Story (1961) is an energetic, widely-acclaimed, melodramatic musical - a modern-day, loose re-telling of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet tragedy of feuding families, although the setting is the Upper West Side of New York city in the late 1950s with conflict between rival street.

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