Write a paragraph about your father

write a paragraph about your father

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He expects me also to be that way. He is strict with me and wants me to be on time at school and punctual with my school work. I learn a great deal from my father. I love him and am grateful to him for everything he does for me and all that he teaches. But i know I can never repay him for all the love he has for. My father Paragraph 6 (350 Words). My father is very special. He is the one person who loves me at all times.

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He is ready to dog help anyone who may stand in need of his help at any time, in whatever way he can, with no expectations. My father is a nature lover. He statement loves to take us on picnics and trips to parks and forests and other scenic places. He is an artist and enjoys making paintings of natural scenery and landscapes when we go out on holidays. I too love to draw, and my father shares with me many interesting techniques of drawing and sketching. Being conscious of environment issues and particular about not wasting natural resources, my father makes sure all of us at home are also aware of these issues. He believes in reducing, reusing and recycling the resources that we use in our everyday life. He comes up with many novel ways to practice this. My father is disciplined and punctual. He is always on time for his work and is never late for an appointment.

My father is hard working and disciplined. He is my teacher and guide. I look up to him for his advice and guidance. He teaches me with much love and patience. Even when i am slow to learn first and understand he does not lose his temper. Instead, he teaches me patiently till i am able to understand. My father is a loving and kind person. He is very soft-hearted.

write a paragraph about your father

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My father is my best friend. He is a happy person and always tries to make those around him happy. I am happy when i am with him. He also has many friends because they like to enjoy his company. When I have any difficulty i turn to him and he is always willing to give me a helping hand. He always has a knack to solve my problems. I love my father and admire him for his many good qualities. I am grateful to my father and hope to make him proud. My father Paragraph 5 (300 Words).

My father is particular about being neat and clean. He also does his work systematically and is fastidious. He keeps his books and papers in a neat and organized way. He insists I should keep my books and note books neat and tidy. He does not like me to dog ear the pages in a book. He also does not let me scribble in my text books. My books are therefore always like new.

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write a paragraph about your father

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My father is hard working and a perfectionist. I always try to obey what he tells me. When he scolds me for the mistakes I do i know it is for my day good, and I try to correct myself. I want to be like resume my father and be successful in achieving my goals. My father loves. He encourages me to do my best. He wants me to develop good values and morals and be a good human being.

My father Paragraph 4 (250 Words). My father is my role model and I try hard to be like him. My father is punctual. He does not like to be late for any appointment or for the completion of any task. He is strict with me because he wants me also to be on time and not to be late in completing my work. I too have learnt to be punctual, and i am appreciated for this by my teachers and my friends.

My father is my teacher and my friend. He teaches me to do many interesting things. He loves to make pottery and i enjoy learning to make pottery from him. My father also enjoys gardening. I too find it very interesting to help him in the many little tasks so we can have a beautiful garden.

He takes care of the garden with a great deal of attention. My father enjoys learning new things and always shares it with. It is interesting to learn when my father teaches. He teaches me with love and patience. My father is kind and helpful. He is happy when he can help the poor to bring a smile on their faces.

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And he never grudges any help he offers. My father is time conscious and punctual. He is strict with me because he wants me to be disciplined. Being disciplined is tough, but i know it is for my supermarket good. And so i always try my best to follow what my father tells me. Whenever i am in a difficulty my father helps me out with love and affection. My father Paragraph 3 (200 Words).

write a paragraph about your father

He loves me at all times. He teaches me all the values and morals I must live. And he himself lives by all the values. He believes in practicing what resume he preaches. So i find my father very honest. And he never finds it difficult to be that way. My father is kind and generous. If anyone approaches him with a genuine need he helps them to whatever extent he can.

never proud of all his good qualities. That is how I wish. And so i see him as my role model at all times. My father Paragraph 2 (150 Words). My father is like a friend.

You can never repay a father for entry all that he does for you but you can definitely show your love and care for him. You will find below a number of short paragraphs on the topic my father of varying word lengths. We hope these paragraphs on my father will help students in completing their school assignments. These will also help children to write and read out paragraphs in simple words and with small sentences. Students can select any my father paragraph according to their particular requirement. My father Paragraph 1 (100 Words). My father is my role model. He is the person who i wish to become like. My father has all the qualities that I find are the ideal qualities in a person.

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Your father is like your true friend. You always receive so much love and affection from him. He looks after you plan and cares for you like no other. Your father will always be strict with you because he wants the best for you. It is because he loves you that he wants you to be a good person with all the good values and high morals. You share a very special bond with your father. Try to reciprocate the love he has for you.

Write a paragraph about your father
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  1. If you have to write a descriptive essay about your father but do not know. You will remind to write an extra word, sentence or even paragraph.

  2. An important person in my life is my father. He is the best. He provides me what i want and need. For instance, money matters, education situations, and nece. The paragraph below is just a guideline for you to help you write your own essay i n your own words. When you are asked to write about your parents try.

  3. Every student sooner or later will be exposed to writing numerous academic essays. have a look at our sample father Essay if you were given a similar topic. The first thing i ever wrote that I was truly proud of was a lette r to my father. I wrote it to him on Father s day. I can t remember how old I was.

  4. Your father will always be strict with you because he wants the best for you. These will also help children to write and read out paragraphs in simple words and. Here we have provided easy and simple paragraphs, long and short essay on my fathe r to help your kids to take part in the essay writing competition. He loves my mother very much and tells us that we must love and lis ten to our elders. My father is a religious man. He believes that God.

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