Tree my best friend essay in marathi

tree my best friend essay in marathi

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You can do the same even on paper question paper via pen / highlighter) This helps quickly eliminating options without having to re-read the whole passage again and again, thus saving precious time during the exam. To see practical demo, go to following links. Their instructor Stacey koprince showed her own notes and thought process while reading the passage: Passage : Language of the leader Passage : Meteor showers part I ; Part ii passage : Multinational corporations Additional tips from the same instructor: How not to read the. 90 focus vs 20 focus How to find the central theme / central point? Once this is over, time for maximum practice. Step3: Maximum practice for Comprehension? As such every publication house has released a separate book on comprehension.

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6 evaluating the given course of action This will also help indirectly in the decision making questions: Page dubus 168: how to determine whether a suggestion action reduces or solves the problem? Page 171: how to determine if suggestion solution is practical or not? Page 172: are you solving the problem or creating a new one? After above core theory is done, go through following:.4 Forcefulness of the arguments. Ch.9 Strengthening and weakening the arguments.8 Punch line. So far, upsc hasnt asked gmat like questions about strengthen/weaken arguments in the given passage. But nonetheless, above theory will help you digest the passages better. Step2: move hands while reading passage manhattangmattm is a prominent coaching class in usa(!) Their comprehension tips are worth implementing for csat. While reading the passage, do two things: word Note down the assumption premises on the margin, in a short-hand note. Highlight the important phrases. (gmat/cat done online, their software has this facility.

All the practice exercises read the full explanation given in the answers- why he classified something as Assumption? Otherwise in the comprehension youll always endup in 50:50 doubt. Page 53: Exercise 3C, particularly the end part questions dealing with assumption in passages. 5 evaluating inference page 119-122: how to avoid confusion while deriving inference? Page 127 onwards: all the question passages. Also read full explanation given in the answers. 10 cause Effect Page 287 onwards: differentiating between immediate cause vs principle cause. Itll help particularly in the passages related to science, environment or economy.

tree my best friend essay in marathi

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He has given list of keywords on page. 2 some information tips Logical connective theory explained on page 19 father's and. He did not use the word logical Connective. He calls them hypothetical reasoning. But either way its important for both csat and cat. After that read following article: 3 Assumptions Page. When assumption is invalid? When assumption cannot be out rightly rejected? Difference between implications and assumption.

And in the exam, they make silly mistakes by mixing up facts, assumptions, and inferences with the central theme. You need a strong grip over high level reasoning theory to tick correct option in this section. Recommended book: Analytical reasoning by mk pandey (bsc publication) rs aggarwal also covers these topics but mk pandeys explanations and examples are much more refined and lucid, particularly for comprehension angle. Csat manuals by tmh, pearson, Arihant etc. Also cover, but not in a thorough manner. As such mk pandey is written for Bank exams, hence not all chapters are important for upsc. Do selective study in following sequence Chapter Title topics to focus 1 basic of logic How to identify conclusion?

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tree my best friend essay in marathi

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Which one of the following statements conveys the inference of the passage? Which of the following inferences can be made from the passage? Central theme* Which of the following statements constitute central passage of the theme? What is the essential message being conveyed? Which of the following best describes for the thoughts of the author? Which one of the following statements constitutes the central theme writing of this passage?

These are examples of high level reasoning. as such central theme is not high level reasoning question, but to confuse you, they provide assumptions and inferences as wrong options. Passages questions Comprehension passages High level reasoning (HL) Find assumption, inference, central theme 10 8 8 other mcqs. Finding meaning of a phrase, cause-effect etc. Those easy passage given before decision making segment, and only printed in English. No hindi translation give. 9 8 8 Total mcqs ab many candidates dont need to practice comprehension at home.

So, lets start with that. HL: High level reasoning (Find assumption, inference, central theme in the passage) reading Comprehension Comprehension passages (printed in both Hindi and English) Passages to test your English knowledge (printed only in English) 9 8 8 Total upsc comprehension passages are tougher than banking, insurance, staff. Even when they ask what and why, you cant find answer directly from a single sentence of the passage. They test your understanding of the entire passage. In csat 20, one passage would contain set of 5-6 mcqs. But in 2013, one passage contains barely 2-3 questions.

Hence youve to read more number of passages to get same amount of mcqs. Similar trend in sitting arrangement and data interpretation sets. Same trend in cat- upto mid-2000s, one passage 5 mcqs, nowadays 1 passage contains barely two mcqs. They even ask high level reasoning questions within the passages. (Find assumptions / inferences) Step1:  Finish theory youll encounter the high level reasoning topic within Comprehension segment, for example: Assumptions Which of the following assumptions are valid? Then 2-3-4 statements given With reference to the passage, which of the above assumptions is/are valid? Interferences What does the author imply? What does the passage imply?

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Appendix1a: Sacred cutoffs of csat prelim exams, appendix1b: Minimum Passing marks in csat prelims. Appendix2: Download links, prologue to a mile long article. Yes, just like, yoyo honey singh, Im also alive. And Current series will be resumed soon but first, how to prepare for csat paper ii (aptitude) in a systematic and time-bound manner that too via selfstudy? Comprehension and reasoning youre here mathematics data Interpretation: high priority topics Decision making mathematics: Medium low priority topics Structure of csat paper ii (Aptitude) Total about questions: 80 Total Marks: 200 Marks for correct answer:.5 Negative marking: Yes minus.83 marks. 33 of correct answer. They combine marks for both paper i and paper ii to select candidates for next stage the mains exam. Four Sections of csat paper ii (Aptitude) Comprehension (i) to test your understanding (ii) to test English reasoning Mathematics Decision making (without negative marking) Chart: Analysis of all csat papers so far From above charts, it is evident that in all three years, maximum number.

tree my best friend essay in marathi

P1: Start with English passages, p2: Dont keep counting black circles in omr sheet. P3: phrases Dont come back for sets. P4: keep sitter questions for the end. Become data processor not data collector. Booklist for csat exam Paper II? Backup1: Banking, insurance etc. Backup2: no competitive exam, backup3: higher difficulty exams, book related doubts.

: Misc. Topics / Low priority. M1: Missing number pattern, m2: Sequence series, m3: Coding decoding. M4: Logical Venn diagrams, m5: Calendar, m6: Data sufficiency (DS). Block 5 reasoning: Totally Ignore these topics. Study schedule for the remaining days. Why people cant finish paper?

Chart: Analysis of all csat papers so far. Section i comprehension for csat, step1: Finish theory, how to prepare high level reasoning? Step2: move hands while reading passage. Step3: Maximum practice, comprehension: gps Why read Non-gs columns? What about the English passages? Section ii reasoning for csat, block 1 High level (HL) reasoning in csat. Sample questions: Logical Connectives, sample questions: Syllogism, block2 Arrangement.

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Tree my best friend essay in marathi
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Term paper and our writers. Click to view the file. Is a general contractor managing.

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