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Sherwood Morrill, questioned document examiner assigned to the case by the california department of Justice, had concluded that Allen did not write the zodiac letters. Morrills conclusions would be confirmed by other experts in later years. In April 1978, The san Francisco Chronicle received what appeared to be another letter from the zodiac. The new letter mentioned Inspector Toschi by name, and rumors spread that the publicity-conscious cop had forged the letter. The subsequent media scandal caused great embarrassment for the san Francisco police department. Sherwood Morrill had retired after the zodiacs last known communications in 1974. San Francisco police contacted John Shimoda at the us postal Service Crime lab and requested a review of Morrills analysis of the zodiac letters.

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The text read: "Dear Editor Did you know that the initials sla (Symbionese liberation Army) spell "sla an old Norse word meaning "kill." The card was signed, "a friend." In a letter postmarked may 8 1974, the writer expressed his consternation regarding what he considered. Another letter postmarked July 8 1974 demanded the termination of a san Francisco Chronicle columnist because he suffered from a serious psychological disorder. Once again, the killer vanished. Headlines such as Cops no closer to zodiacs Identity and occasional articles reporting tenuous links to other unsolved cases kept the story alive over the years. The zodiac crimes grew into local legend, and, the ghost of the killer became a modern boogeyman in the serial killer pop culture phenomenon of the late 1970s. A new breed of monster, the multiple murderers, had given birth to a lucrative market student for graphic and often lurid crime books. The gruesome careers of John wayne gacy, the son of Sam, ted Bundy and others provided a limitless supply of material for the so-called true crime genre, but many of the resulting books were often more fiction than fact. Almost a decade after the first brutal shootings along lake herman road, robert Graysmith, a cartoonist employed at The san Francisco Chronicle, was at work on his own book about the zodiac case. After conferring with sfpd inspector dave toschi, the celebrity cop in charge of the investigation, Graysmith had developed his own theories as well as a suspect named Arthur leigh Allen. Toschi and his partner Bill Armstrong had investigated Allen in 19 but abandoned the suspect when they failed to produce any resume evidence to link Allen to the zodiac crimes. Allens fingerprints did not match the suspected Zodiac fingerprints found at the scene of the zodiacs last known murder in San Francisco.

The zodiac resurfaced with a series of letters in the spring of 1974. The letter postmarked January 29, 1974. essay offered a review of the satanic blockbuster, the exorcist. The writer described the film as the best saterical comidy he had ever seen. This letter also contained another" from the musical, the mikado, he plunged him self into the billowy wave and an echo arose from the sucides grave. The zodiac demanded that the letter be printed in the newspaper and warned, or Ill do something nasty, which you know Im capable of doing. The writer did not use the name zodiac, as if to underscore the suicide theme and suggest that he had abandoned the persona in favor of some new and perhaps improved alter ego as a social critic. The san Francisco Chronicle then received a suspicious card postmarked February 14 1974.

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Someone who claimed to be the killer had sent letters and notes to the police, a local newspaper, and the father of paper the victim. Questioned document examiner Sherwood Morrill of the department of Justice and fbi experts concluded that the zodiac may have written these messages. In a letter mailed to The los Angeles Times on March 13, 1971, the zodiac wrote that he was impressed by the police work which had linked him to the other case, but he claimed that there were still more victims yet to be found. Tired of playing with his apparently inferior pursuers, he challenged them and wrote, if the Blue meannies are evere going to catch me they had best get off their fat asses do something. Correspondence from the killer ceased and the trail of the killer grew cold by the summer of 1971. As the zodiac disappeared, someone like him began to appear on movie screens everywhere with the release of the Clint Eastwood action classic, dirty harry. Shot in San Francisco, the film featured Inspector Harry callahan, a character reportedly based on sfpd inspector dave toschi, one of the investigators assigned to the zodiac case. Callahan tracked a zodiac-like villain named Scorpio who hijacked a school bus and met a violent demise in a final shoot out with Eastwood. The hollywood version delivered for audiences the justice which reality had refused to provide.

The police shall never catch me because i have been too clever for them. The failure to catch the zodiac was a constant source of embarrassment for his chosen nemesis, the san Francisco police department. Each new letter became a liability as the psychotic pen pal wrote, hey blue pig, doesnt it rile you to have your nose rubbed in your boo-boos? And, i have grown rather angry with the police for their telling lies about. Reporter paul avery received a halloween card from his new, secret pal, the zodiac. Avery later learned of a possible link between the bay area killer and the unsolved murder of a young girl in southern California several years earlier. The california department of Justice and the napa county Sheriffs Department had considered the possible zodiac connection at the request of riverside authorities who believed that the zodiac may have been responsible for the crime. College student Cheri jo bates was murdered near the campus of riverside city college on the night of October 30, 1966.

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The only two police officers who had reportedly seen the suspect were Eric Zelms and his one-time partner that fateful night, donald fouke. Zelms was killed in the line of duty on January 1st, 1970. Fouke adamantly denied the zodiacs version of events but the story became one of the many persistent myths which dominated public accounts in the years to come. The zodiac also demanded that the people of the bay area wear some nice zodiac buttons bearing his chosen symbol, the crossed circle. When the public did not comply with his wishes, he wrote that he had punished them by shooting a man sitting in a parked car. Press reports linked the zodiac to many other unsolved crimes, including the march 1970 abduction of a young woman.

Kathleen Johns told authorities that she had accepted a ride from a mysterious stranger who resembled the zodiac, but the man had turned assignment menacing and threatened her life. Johns claimed that she managed to escape by jumping from the mans car. The zodiac later claimed that he was responsible for the failed abduction in a subsequent letter. In one letter, the killer included long, rambling descriptions of his fantasies of torture along with selected passages from the gilbert and Sullivan musical, The mikado. Some letters also featured a box score which credited the zodiac with an increasing number of victims followed by the notation sfpd 0 and the taunt, i hope you have fun trying to figgure out who i killed. Given the killers apparent freedom to do as he pleased, one particular passage was difficult to refute.

note to the reader: The san Francisco Chronicle published an article on December 28, 1969, which stated, in part, a few days after the Stine killing, zodiac sent a letter to san Francisco newspapers and also included a swatch from Stines shirt. Another letter and another piece of Stines shirt was sent to a newspaper on nov. According to a document produced by the sfpd and sent to the fbi in 1978, the zodiac's letter of november 9, 1969, was accompanied by a portion of paul Stine's bloodstained shirt. In the late 1990s, the sfpd produced another document which read, in part, " 11/9/69 sf chronicle handwritten note this is the zodiac speaking bomb diagram (piece of steins per keel). " The last line referred to Alan keel, the former chief of the sfpd crime lab who resigned in 1991 amid controversy and criticism. According to the abc television show primetime live, a zodiac dna sample was obtained from the back of a stamp affixed to the envelope which had contained the zodiacs notorious Dripping Pen card, mailed on november 8, 1969.

The program also stated that this communication was accompanied by a piece of Stine's shirt. Despite the apparent confusion regarding which Zodiac communication was accompanied by a piece of Stine's shirt, the available information indicates that the zodiac included a piece of the bloodstained shirt with one of these two communications: the november 8 "card" or the november 9 "letter.". If the zodiac included a portion of Stine's shirt with the communications of november 1969, three pieces of Stine's shirt accompanied three zodiac communications. The november 9 letter also contained what would become the zodiac's most sensational and controversial claim- that he had been stopped and questioned by two san Francisco police officers who then allowed him to escape. 2 cops pulled a goof abot 3 min after I left the cab. I was walking down the hill to the park when this cop car pulled up one of them called me over asked if I saw any one acting suspicious or strange in the last 5 to 10 min i said yes there was this man. The zodiac conspicuously marked this section on the margin of the page and wrote must print in paper. The san Francisco police department refuted the zodiacs claim.

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And I can't do a thing with it, " an apparent play on the catch phrase from a popular database shampoo commercial of the time. The envelope also contained another coded message consisting of 340 symbols. This time, experts and amateur code-breakers were unable to decipher the so-called "340 Cipher" and the zodiac's message remained unknown. see reader's note below. The zodiac followed with another letter postmarked november 9, 1969. In six pages of rambling text, the killer declared that he was angry with police for "telling lies" about him and that he would "change the way the collecting of slaves" by staging his crimes to appear to be routine robberies, killings of anger and. The letter included a formula to build a fertilizer bomb and a hand-drawn diagram of the proposed device.

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During one call to belli's home, the zodiac-imposter declared "Today's my birthday! the so-called "Belli birthday call" has since become the subject of controversy. As if to reclaim the publicity, the killer mailed a letter to belli and included another blood soaked scrap of the cabdrivers shirt to prove that he was the real Zodiac. Despite bellis public offer to help the killer, the real Zodiac never contacted the famous attorney again. Another communication from the killer was postmarked on november 8, 1969. The zodiac sent a greeting card resumes which read, ". Sorry i haven't written, but I just washed by pen.

- light-colored hair possibly greying in rear (may have been lighting that caused this effect.) Crew cut- wearing glasses- Dressed in dark blue waist length zipper type jacket (navy or royal blue) Elastic cuffs and waist band zipped part. Brown wool pants pleated type baggy in rear (Rust brown) may have been wearing low cut shoes. Subject at no time appeared to be in a hurry walking with a shuffling lope, slightly bent forward. The subjects general appearance- welsh ancestry. Officer fouke stated that he and Officer Zelms did not stop to question the man they observed that night due to a mistake in the police broadcast which described the suspect as a black male Adult. The ongoing mystery attracted the customary crackpots, wild tips, false confessions and hoax letters. Infamous defense attorney melvin Belli entered the story during a televised phone conversation with a man claiming to be the zodiac. Police traced subsequent calls to bellis home and identified the crazed impostor as a patient in a mental hospital.

The letter ended with another terrifying threat of violence. School children make nice targets I think i shall wipe out a school bus some morning just shoot out the frunt tire pick off the kiddies as they come bouncing out. Patrol cars and aircraft followed buses to and from schools and armed officers rode onboard for added protection. A description provided by the three young witnesses produced a composite sketch of the man seen exiting Stines cab. This sketch was later amended, reportedly to accommodate corrections by witnesses. The following description was distributed to the public: White male Adult, with in his early forties, 5'8 heavy build, reddish-blond crew cut hair, wearing eyeglasses, dark brown trousers, dark (navy blue or black) Parka jacket, dark shoes. The amended description read: wma 35-45 years old, 5'8" Reddish brown hair, Crewcut, heavy rim Glasses, navy blue or black jacket. Sfpd officers Eric Zelms and Donald fouke were responding to the police call when they reportedly passed a white male adult who matched description and was walking away from the area of the crime scene.

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Springfield, mo, local forecast by "City, st" or zip code, sorry, the location you searched for was not found. Please try another search. Multiple locations were found. Please select one of the following: Location shredder Help. Springfield, mo, weather Forecast Office. San Francisco investigators believed that cabdriver paul Stine was the victim of a routine robbery until the zodiac began to send scraps of Stines blood soaked shirt to prove they were mistaken. An envelope postmarked October 13, 1969, contained one scrap of Stines shirt, and a chilling letter.

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