Presentation of data meaning

presentation of data meaning

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In the end Wujec suggests we use images in three ways: (1) Use images to clarify ideas. (2) Use images to create engagement with your ideas. (3) Use images to augment memory with persistent and evolving views. Posted at 11:00 am, permalink, comments (1). SlideRocket, slideRocket and ClearSlide for total Customer Engagement. Try ClearSlide, companies that trust ClearSlide: SlideRocket is a part of ClearSlide, the leading Sales Engagement Platform. On July 1, 2018, the SlideRocket service was permanently discontinued and is no longer accessible.

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If you are going assignment to create something significant that makes the world a better place, that rights a wrong, that solves a problem, or prevents the end of something good, then you are going to have to tell this story of meaning and significance. You are, after write all, creating a cause not just a business. Those who have never been an entrepreneur assume business is only about money, and those who have never presented (or taught) assume it's all about information and data. Information is important, but information or data alone are not story. Information or data alone are not meaning. We need to show context and why it matters. We need to engage the whole mind of the audience when telling stories of our great or humble cause. And when we are telling our story, one of the best ways to augment our message is visually. Images and visualizations of data can show evidence and also tap our emotions. In this very short clip from ted university in Long beach, tom Wujec talks about how the brain creates meaning and how we can take advantage of that.

But the gps focus and the very reason one goes into the business should not be money. This is not because the pursuit of wealth is ignoble, but it may be a signal that one's focus is misplaced. If acquiring wealth is the primary goal of an entrepreneur, ironically the wealth will rarely materialize. This video clip below from a 2004 presentation by guy kawasaki at Stanford University explains this point better. "If you make meaning, you'll probably make money. But if you set out to make money you will probably not make meaning and you will not make money says Kawasaki. Tom Wujec on 3 ways the brain creates meaning.

presentation of data meaning

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It was last modified on Monday, february 16 2015, 13:19:28 Nowhere Standard Time and last built on Friday, july 27 2018, 08:00:01 Nowhere Standard Time. Crummy is leonard Richardson. Unless otherwise noted, all text licensed under. Document tree: m/ software/ eater/ Site search. What entrepreneurship and the art of presentation have in common is they father's are both really about creating meaning. This simple fundamental is often forgotten (or was never learned). In business, we need to plan make money, of course. This is a given.

Your blog could be next! Press, about teom, you can download, the eater of, meaning and run it from the command line or as a cgi. It requires a small set of data files. Teom is written in Python. It requires Python.5 or greater, and its unit tests require python.1 or greater. It is made available under the gnu general Public License. This document ( source ) is part of Crummy, the webspace. Leonard Richardson ( contact information ).

Common types of data presentation

presentation of data meaning

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Man fakes de minimax, the eater of meaning is a tool for extracting the message from the medium. Format and presentation are unaffected, but words and letters are subjected to an elaborate nonsensification progress that eliminates semantics root and branch. Try breaking it out, url to eat: Mode: Eat wordsEat word endingsEat charactersEat in Latin. Want more ways to eat? Try the advanced form.

Note: to save other people's bandwidth and my own cpu, i've instituted a per-page cache which is invalidated every 10 minutes. Let me know if you run into any problems. Screenshots, it eats the news. It eats more news! Who will dare stand against it? It turns on its creator! It spares no one!

I was surprised to learn that the pioneering example comes from not the last few years but the last few decades : the pulitzer-prize winning reportage on the 1967 Detroit riot by Philip meyer. There, a well-designed followup survey dispelled some myths about the rioters, for example that college graduates were as likely to have rioted as high-school dropouts. Some more recent examples presented by peter included. Guardian investigation of the Afghanistan wikileaks data dump, and a seattle times investigation into the relationship between clear-cutting and devastating landslides. Several examples were implemented using r, at least in part.

Through conversations with New York times Graphics Editor Amanda cox, peter confirmed that indeed several of the interactive graphics featured in the presentation by Amanda we noted last week involved, r, including the, michael Jackson billboard rankings chart, the, mariano rivera baseball story, and. In Barron's in 2007, a feature article revealing that the only way to profit from the advice of cnbc financial "guru". Jim Cramer was to short his recommendations was based on financial analysis in r, as described by journalist Bill Alpert in an r news article (see p34) and by his statistical adviser. Patrick burns (of r inferno fame). Peter also described his own use of R for data journalism in New Scientist, which we reviewed in an earlier post. Peter has graciously made his slides available for download - check them out and follow the links to many of the examples mentioned above. Video of Peter's presentation as available for streaming at the video rchive. Bay area user group: Data Driven journalism.

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The emphasis of Linked Data is closely related to the intention of exposing heterogeneous linked resources semantically improved; contributing to the construction of a semantic Web. Two basic elements are described: 1) an infrastructure to integrate and access content from different repositories of universities associated to ocw biography universia, expressed in different rdf formats accessed via http and 2) a consultation mechanism to access data from ocw universia. The results presented reveal that Linked Data would offer a solution to filter and select semantically those open educational contents, and demonstrates how this solution allows users to obtain more information from an ocw,. E., automatically linked to related information that is in the linked Open Data Cloud. Last night at the bay area user group meeting, peter Aldhous, san Francisco bureau chief of New Scientist Magazine, gave an inspiring presentation about. Even though the newspaper industry is faltering as a business model, there's a beacon of light: journalists can be the driving force behind bringing the meaning in the huge data sets that are now available to a wider audience. In an age of data, this is what journalism could become. Even the inventor of the world Wide web, time berners-lee, says that analyzing data is the future for journalists. In his talk, peter gave several examples of data journalism in print and online media.

presentation of data meaning

Even though, these agreements have offered enough momentum to drive the rapid adoption of ocw initiatives, they have created difficulties for the implementation of tools that can process ocw data automatically. Therefore, one of the greatest challenges that ocw initiatives, and in particular ocw universia, have to face is the heterogeneity of existing ocw repositories. Heterogeneity leads to problems of interoperability and accessibility of open content among institutions and within them. The lack of interoperability shows some disadvantages in the discovery, reuse and remixing of ocws. Universia took a step online forward in trying to solve this issue, taking attributes of ocws and creating sites on which a search engine operates (based on googles search engine). The limitations in this service are the same as those found in regular Web browsers; wide range of results (hundreds or even thousands of ocws search based on word similarities instead of meaning, ambiguity problems in the returned results, few possibilities to enable automated discoverability. In this paper, researchers from the Universidad Politécnica de madrid (upm, spain) and Universidad Técnica particular de loja (utpl, ecuador show how the principles of Linked Data have the ability to enhance searchability and discoverability of ocws created and shared by the universities associated.

linked OpenCourseWare data: a demonstration of the potential use of ocw universia linked data. Edmundo tovar, ocw upm, spain, conference Theme: Innovation, summary: Presentation of data query scenarios of ocw universia linked through semantic filters and motor selection. Abstract: OpenCourseWare (OCW) is one of the most successful emerging initiatives in the global promotion of free and unrestricted access to knowledge from the academia. In April 2001, the massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) launched ocw-mit; releasing under open license educational resources that professors could use in their teaching practices. The great impact of the initiative has led many international and prestigious universities to join the movement; creating their own projects in coordination with ocw-mit. Such is the case of Universia, which promotes and disseminates the concept ocw-universia in Latin America. The repositories, internal organization and structure of an OpenCourseWare project are diverse, and respond to the vision of each university. There is not a standardized way to implement ocw initiatives, however some guidelines and recommendations on the characteristics of repositories and the structure of an ocw project can be found.

From an early age, we learn to make inferences about things based on their visual properties—large and small, near and far, motion, direction, and other attributes. Taking advantage of the visual process weve been practicing since birth is an easy way to optimize delivery of your data into the brains of your audience. Unfortunately, it isnt enough to appeal to the part of our brains responsible for figuring out whether we can successfully hit an animal with a rock. A great visualization must appeal to our sense of beauty. Structure, layout, typography, and color are all tools which can be used (and abused) to delight your audience and direct their attention where you want it. Whether youre building an information dashboard for a webapp or presenting scientific data, an understanding of these techniques will make your data more word accessible to your audience, and more of a delight to read and learn from. Ravinder Kapur, how to get upc barcodes for your Products.

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Idan gazit, type: Talk audience level: novice category: Other. March 9th 12:10. Description, the ultimate goal of data visualization is to tell a story and supply meaning. There are tools and science that can inform your choice of data to present and how best to present. We reflexively evaluate data and fit it into book a narrative which aids decisionmaking; learn how to take advantage of this tendency in order to deliver meaning, not just numbers and charts. Abstract, data visualization is a hot field right now—and for good reason. In our age of info-saturation, true value is found in distilling large amounts of data into a form that is easy to comprehend and act upon. This talk provides an overview of tools and techniques which you can use to level up your data presentation, regardless of application. As humans, we are adept at evaluating visual information.

Presentation of data meaning
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Short History of nearly everything, bill Bryson. In guantanamo, hunger has dominated daily life since 2005, when detainees like ahmed Zuhair, a saudi sheep merchant imprisoned without charge for seven years, started the first wave of hunger strikes. He is born in the book junie.

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  1. GoogleMaps to visualize linked ocw data. Linked opencourseware data presentation slides and video. You can download The eater of meaning and run it from the command line or as a cgi. How to Structure a presentation on Online Education. This article will discuss the meaning of waste.

  2. Even though the newspaper industry is faltering as a business model, there s a beacon of light: journalists can be the driving force behind bringing the meaning in the huge data sets that are now available to a wider audience. Video of, peter s presentation as available for streaming at the video rchive. Dynamic presentations take on a whole new meaning with live embedded data in your slides. Get high level viewing trends and individual viewing details to understand how well your presentation is performing. Linked, data queries in locwd.

  3. This talk provides an overview of tools and techniques which you can use to level up your data presentation, regardless of application. This video clip below from a 2004 presentation by guy kawasaki at Stanford University explains this point better. If you make meaning, you ll probably make money. Visual presentation of data using icons, pictures, symbols, etc., in place of or in addition to common graph elements (bars, lines, points). Textual, presentation of, antonyms in Modern English. In Software we talk about separating presentation logic/layer from the business logic/layer.

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