Partnership proposal

partnership proposal

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In addition, the letter should provide an overview of the organization's research and related priorities/strategy, and of how the proposed partnership will advance those objectives. Note: If applicable, contributions from departments within the host institution should be included in this Letter of Support. There are two categories of individual participants for Partnership Grants: co-applicants may be individuals from any of the following: Canadian: Postsecondary institutions; not-for-profit organizations; philanthropic foundations; think tanks; and municipal, territorial or provincial governments. International: Postsecondary institutions Select the role that each participant will play, by choosing "co-applicant" or "Collaborator". Indicate if these participants are from the academic or non-academic community. Enter the family name and the email address of the participant. After the data are saved, the system will automatically display the data alphabetically by family name, along with the status of the invitation and a "Clear Entry" button for each participant.

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You may only choose "Other (relevant discipline once. For instance, you cannot choose "Other Psychology" in Entry 2 and choose it again in Entry. Example: Entry 1 Sociology Entry 2 Other Psychology Entry 3 Other Anthropology Entry 4 Other Humanities Entry 5 Other Archaeology Areas of Research Indicate and rank up to three areas of research related to your proposal, with 1 the most important and 3 the least. Temporal Periods If applicable, indicate up to two historical periods covered by your proposal. Geographical Regions If applicable, indicate and rank up to three geographical regions covered by or related to your proposal, with 1 the most important and 3 the least important. Countries If applicable, indicate and rank up to five countries covered by or related to your proposal, with 1 the most important and 5 the least important. When a not-for-profit organization is the lead organization and proposes to manage the funds, you must include the following information in pdf document: the mandate of the organization; descriptions of the staff position(s) assigned to the proposed project gallipoli and the qualifications of individuals in these. Partnership Grants are institutional/organizational applications. You must attach a letter of Support from your host institution/organization, written on official letterhead and signed by appropriate officials. While the host institution/organization does not need to confirm its contribution to the partnership at this stage, the letter should explain any plans for involvement by the host institution/organization in supporting the partnership (e.g., infrastructure, cash and/or in-kind support, services, training, etc.).

If it business does, select "Yes consult the Tri-council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans and submit your proposal to your organization's research ethics board. Partnership approaches Partnership arrangements are defined by the nature of the activity/activities to be carried out. Select one or more possible formal partnership approaches from the drop-down menu. If your approach is not listed, select "Other" from the list and type your approach in the box provided. Approaches available within the partnership Grants include, but are not limited, to the following, or a combination thereof: cross-sector co-creation of knowledge and understanding disciplinary and interdisciplinary research partnerships networks for research and/or related activities partnered chairs (see guidelines for Partnered Chairs ) partnered knowledge. Note: If you have selected the talent program as a program name under Identification, you must select partnered research training initiatives as an approach. Keywords List keywords, separated by semicolons, that best describe your project. Disciplines Indicate and rank disciplines relevant to your proposal, with Entry 1 the most relevant and the last entry the least relevant. If an applicable discipline is not listed, you may select an entry such as "Other (relevant discipline (e.g., Other Psychology, other Anthropology, other Sociology) from the list, and provide the information in the box provided.

partnership proposal

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Unless you have contacted sshrc to begin this process, your institution will not be added to the list of eligible institutions and you will not be able to complete your application. Lead Organization business (Applicant) Enter complete information about the applicant (the institution or organization that will manage or administer the funds, and the contact person at the organization). Address you must complete the address section only if the department thesis is not listed. Names and Initials If you use your second or third name as your given name, see the examples below for help in completing the initials box. Paul moore If you prefer to have your initials appear before your given name, you would enter: given Name Initials Family name. Paul moore sshrc correspondence would address you. Example 2: joanne Francine mélanie trudeau (normally addressed as Mélanie) If you usually use your second or third name as your given name and do not want your initials appearing before your given name, you would enter: given Name Initials Family name mélanie. Trudeau sshrc correspondence would address you. Ethics State whether or not your proposal involves human beings as research subjects.

If you have selected any of these initiatives, follow the links provided to ensure your compliance with all related instructions or guidelines. Research-creation proposals sshrc strongly suggests that, before you select Yes, you refer to the definition of research-creation for more information and examples of fields involving research-creation. If you select "Yes please also refer to research Contributions and guidelines for Research-Creation Support Materials for instructions regarding creative outputs and support material. Does your proposal involve aboriginal research, as defined by sshrc? Select Yes if you wish to signal to the adjudication committee that your application should be reviewed in the context of sshrcs definition of Aboriginal research and its guidelines for the merit review of Aboriginal Research. Project Director Carefully review the Eligibility section of the partnership Grants funding opportunity description before completing this module. Enter complete information about the project director (the person responsible for the overall leadership of the team or partnership). If you have an existing sshrc cv and wish to indicate a different position from that already on record, use this section to enter a new organization and/or department/division. Note: If the organization with which you are affiliated is not a sshrc eligible institution, the organization must meet the requirements to administer grants and awards, as outlined in the Institutional Eligibility requirements for the Administration of grants and awards, and must contact sshrc.

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partnership proposal

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If the appropriate information is not listed, select "Other" from the list and type the information in the box provided. Program name based on the objectives put forward in the Insight, connection and Talent programs, indicate and rank, in descending order of relevance, the program(s) related to your proposal. Please select the talent program as an entry only if yours is primarily a partnered representative research training initiatives proposal. Talent can be selected only as entry 1. If selecting the talent program, you must select the partnered research training initiatives as a partnership approach in the Activity details section. Application title Provide a short, descriptive title for your proposal in non-technical terms.

Restrict use of acronyms (e.g., un, nato, nafta). Use haram uppercase for only the first word of the title and for proper nouns and acronyms. Your application title will automatically be included in the Activity details screen. Type of partnership Indicate whether this is a new or existing partnership. A new partnership is one that was developed for the purpose of submitting an application to this funding opportunity. Joint or special initiative if you want your project to be considered for any of the following initiatives, select the appropriate option from the drop-down list. Those selecting the canada foundation for Innovation initiative may also select up to one other initiative (if available note: by indicating that you want to be considered for any of the above initiatives, you agree to allow sshrc to share your application information with the.

Electronic Submission and Approval, even though the electronic submission process includes appropriate controls and checks to ensure validation of the information by an institution's or organization's administrator before it is submitted to sshrc, note that project directors will have to follow the internal approval process. By clicking "Submit the project director confirms that, on behalf of the applicant institution, he/she: has read and understands the eligibility requirements of the funding opportunity; has provided complete and accurate information in the funding application and related documents, and has represented himself/herself, and his/her. Privacy notice The applicant (or project director, where applicable) also confirms that he/she understands that: all personal information provided to sshrc is used, disclosed and safeguarded in accordance with the Privacy Act, the Access to Information Act, and relevant Treasury board policies. Personal information is collected pursuant to the social Sciences and Humanities Research council Act. Applications are provided to selection and merit review committees for adjudication, and, possibly, to third-party expert assessors for evaluation; applications may be shared with other government organizations or public research funding bodies, if that organization will co-fund the application and has signed a memorandum.

By clicking "Forward" (Forward to sshrc the research or financial administrator (institutional approval) certifies that: the project director: is affiliated with the institution or organization; and has the necessary time and facilities to carry out the project; and the applicant (postsecondary institution or not-for-profit organization). Many modules in your application will require you to attach or upload a pdf document. You must follow the specified requirements for margins and font size (12-point Times New Roman) or your application will be rendered ineligible. Scan the document and save it as a pdf file (.pdf extension locate it on your computer by clicking "Browse and attach it to the application by clicking "Attach." An error message will appear if the file you are trying to attach does not meet. Once you have successfully attached the electronic file, we recommend you click the "View attached file" to ensure you have the proper file. Where required, provide the information requested using the "List." button. The country list will appear. Select the country, the province or state (if applicable then the organization.

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Note: If a deadline falls on a weekend or a canadian public holiday, the online application system will remain open until. (eastern time) on the next business day. Most summary institutions or organizations have an internal deadline date that is earlier than sshrcs deadline date. Make sure you allow enough time to obtain feedback from your administrator before the application deadline. Acknowledgement of Receipt of Applications, after sshrc receives your completed application form, the data provided in your application and cv are transferred to sshrc's presentation corporate database. Sshrc will acknowledge receipt of your electronic application form, and will assign you an application number. Please cite this number in all correspondence with.

partnership proposal

Click "Submit" (Submit to research Administrator) for institutional approval. The postsecondary institutions research administrator or not-for-profit organizations financial administrator will review the application and, if approved, thesis forward it to sshrc. If changes are required, the research or financial administrator will send a message to the project director using the message centre function. The project director can access the message centre by clicking "Messages" in the top navigation bar of his/her Portfolio. Research administrators will be able to forward applications until.m. Eastern, february 15, 2018. M., the "Submit" (Submit to research Administrator) button will disappear from the project director's Portfolio, the "Forward" (Forward to sshrc) button will disappear from the research administrator's Portfolio and no further changes and submissions will be possible.

form and his/her sshrc web-based curriculum vitae (CV). The complete application, including the electronic attachments (uploads project directors cv, and Accept Invitation forms (co-applicants, collaborators) and Partner Organization Forms, can be viewed and printed, but must be submitted electronically to the institution's research administrator or not-for-profit organizations financial administrator. Note: sshrc does not require cvs for co-applicants or collaborators at Stage. Please refer to the description of team section for details on the information to be provided about team members. Follow these steps: Complete all mandatory fields (boldfaced labels). Attach all mandatory electronic uploads (application). Ensure that all co-applicant and collaborators have submitted their "Accept Invitation Form.". Ensure that invited partner organizations have submitted their "Partner Organization Form". Verify and correct the data until the verification Report indicates successful verification.

Tri-Agency financial Administration guide. We suggest that you print and consult this document and the. Help with Online forms for reference while you are completing your online grant application. You may also refer to this document by clicking "Instructions" at any time within a screen. This button will link you directly to the instructions for the screen you are completing. Application Process and deadline, applications must be submitted by a postsecondary institution father's or a not-for-profit organization with a research mandate. Grant funds may be administered only by an eligible postsecondary institution or eligible not-for-profit organization. For Partnership Grants, the applicant is the postsecondary institution or not-for-profit organization. The applicant must name an individual to act as the project director responsible for the overall leadership of the team or partnership.

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Have an idea for a trail, river, or park in your community? The national Park service can help! The national Park service rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance program supports community-led natural resource conservation and outdoor recreation projects across the nation. Our national network of conservation and recreation planning professionals partners with community groups, nonprofits, tribes, and state and local governments to design trails and parks, conserve and improve access to rivers, protect special places, and create plan recreation opportunities. Together, we help you get your conservation and outdoor recreation ideas on the ground. Introduction, before applying, project directors are strongly encouraged to read the. Partnership Grants Stage 1 funding opportunity description, the, insight, connection and, talent program descriptions, the, institutional Eligibilityguidelines and Requirements, and the. Regulations governing Grant Applications. For detailed information on eligible and ineligible expenses, you should also consult the.

Partnership proposal
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  1. Research Administration at the University of Rochester. Is a multi-faceted experience with contributions made by many different people and offices. We hope you visit this website frequently to view the news, services and value we all add in making research a productive partnership with the university. In the new sbir/sttr web site, there is a new registration process. Now, each new user must create their own account before joining or creating a firm.

  2. Before applying, project directors are strongly encouraged to read the. Partnership, grants Stage 1 funding opportunity description, the Insight, connection and Talent program descriptions, the Institutional Eligibility—guidelines and Requirements, and the. Find information on public services, licensing policies, road and travel conditions, business services and more. P4g partnering for Green Growth and the Global goals 2030 is an international, public/private network focused on sustainable development. If you are new to AccountingLink, click here to register. Existing AccountingLink members please enter your email address and click submit.

  3. The national Park service can help! The national Park service rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance program supports community-led natural resource conservation and outdoor recreation projects across the nation. Our national network. Application for a grant. Partnership, grants—Stage 1 Instructions (Web) Introduction.

  4. To assist the Glasgow Community Planning. Partnership 's Area partnerships in their role they are each allocated an area budget. These budgets are mainly used to provide grants to local community and voluntary organisations to provide services that will help to achieve the. Area partnership 's local priorities and Glasgow City council's objectives. Argentina australia austria belgium Brazil Canada colombia denmark finland France germany Iceland Ireland Luxembourg Malta mexico: 12 states cdmx netherlands 1 New zealand 2 Norway. Have an idea for a trail, river, or park in your community?

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