Otherness essays and studies

otherness essays and studies

Otherness: Essays and Studies

Malignant Otherness: Madness/Sadness, healing Otherness: Sanity suffering, pathography: voicing the Otherness of pain. Otherness and the post-Racial, political Otherness and Democracy, articles should be between 5,000 8,000 words. All electronic submissions should be sent via email with Word document attachment formatted to Chicago manual of Style standards to the editor Matthias Stephan. The deadline for submissions is, monday, april 30, 2018. Otherness is in many ways, a slippery and difficult term. A contradiction is apparent whereby the very process of naming the other, whether in specific or generalized terms, is bound by the simultaneous disappearance of the concept.

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It is this concept, otherness, in all of its complexities and nuances that we seek to explore and discuss through. Otherness: Essays and Studies. Past projects from the centre, and past issues of the journal, has brought together articles from the fields of cultural theory, continental philosophy, sociology, postcolonial studies, psychoanalysis, gender studies, gothic studies, animal alterity, the performing arts, fandom and celebrity studies, postmodernism and poststructuralist theory, and. This journal invites submissions dealing with aspects of critical, socio-political, cultural, and literary exploration, within the scope telephone of studies in otherness and alterity. Topics may include, but are not limited to: Otherness in Cultural Representation, the representation of Otherness in Popular Culture. Hybridity, creolization, and the Global other. Memory, history, trauma, and Otherness, ethics, responsibility, and the Other, sexuality, gender, the body and the Other. Ambivalence and Otherness: Mimicry menace. Self-Same Other, monstrosity, spectrality and Terror of the Other. Uncanny or Abject Others; or The familiar Other. The sublime or the Unimaginable Other.

we particularly appreciate dynamic cross-disciplinary study. The foreigner is neither a race nor a nation. We are our own foreigners, we are divided. Julia kristeva, strangers to ourselves, otherness is complex and multivalent term. Otherness is defined by difference, both via outside markers and internal characteristics. Otherness is also a means by which we define ourselves. . Thus the concept is inevitably bound with conceptions of selfhood, making it fundamental for discussions of subjectivity, social, cultural and national identity, and larger discussions of ontology. In light of more recent theory and criticism, the assumed line between the self london and the other, the defining boundary of identity construction, is blurred, and as such the entire concept of otherness has become intricate and problematic. .

otherness essays and studies

Mirror: a psychological door to the Otherness of Self

Dialogical and Critical Approaches to Otherness through Theatrical tools. Theory formation/Conceptualization of Otherness in Drama and Performance. Articles should be between 5,000 8,000 words. All electronic submissions should be sent via email with Word document attachment formatted to Chicago manual business of Style standards to the guest editors. Rita sebestyen and Matthias Stephan. Further information: /journal the deadline for submissions is, monday, september 15, 2014. Call for Papers Otherness: Essays and Studies.2. The peer-reviewed e-journal, otherness: Essays and Studies is now accepting submissions for its general issue, forthcoming Summer 2018. Otherness: Essays and Studies publishes research articles from and across different scholarly disciplines that examine, in as many ways as possible, the concepts of otherness and alterity. .

Research and Analysis on Otherness and Performance related to: Language, space, body, time, history, audience, etc. Dramaturgies of Otherness: Drama, adaptation, Translation. Cultural Relativism, Pluralism, Glocal Issues in Plays and On Stage. Contact and Relationship: The self and the Other in Drama and Performance. Issues of Power: Dominant and Peripheral Cultures in Drama and On Stage. Plural and Hybrid Identities in Theatre. Cultural Pluralism: Aesthetic Experience of Otherness in Theatre.

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otherness essays and studies

Review, essays - cross Currents - spring 1999

The combined efforts of basketball this group of scholars leads to a furtherance of the aims of the centre, and hopefully an opening into many new avenues of research. . As greater numbers of voices seek representation, and in this age of globalization and and ubiquitous information, categories and discerning seem to be increasingly important, these articles seek to both pinpoint the problems and present approaches allowing a better understanding of history, philosophy, literature, film and. Many thanks to our contributors. The centre for Studies in Otherness is a collaborative project between scholars primarily from the University of Aarhus, denmark and Mary Immaculate college, limerick, e peer-reviewed, open-access e-journal. Otherness: Essays and Studies is now accepting submissions for its special issue: Otherness and the performing Arts, autumn 2014. Otherness: Essays and Studies publishes research articles from and across different scholarly disciplines that critically examine the concepts of otherness and alterity. Re/shaping Otherness through drama and performance is the focus of the current, special issue that explores performative and theatrical representations of Otherness.

In a world increasingly global yet local, uniform yet diversified, how does this complicate relations to and understandings of others and otherness? How is relationship between dominant and peripheral cultures, self and other, reflexively re -negotiated? For this special issue of, otherness: Essays and Studies, we invite papers that explore representations of the Other through drama and performing arts. We seek practice-led research outcomes, cross-disciplinary theoretical considerations, conceptualizations and theory formations, critical and dialogical readings of plays and performances from the multi-layered, de-hierarchized perspective of contemporary artistic experiences of Otherness and its theoretical discourse. Welcome topics include but are not limited to: Approaches towards and Discourses on Theatrical Representations of Otherness: Gender, Ageist, social, Ablest, Ethnic, Class, etc.

Michael Sabelli similarly looks to break down discrete categories; those of journalism and fiction, in investigating the literary reportage of Ryszard Kapuściński. . From the other side of perhaps the same discussion, fiorenzo iuliano looks not at the fictional elements in journalism, but at the accurate representation of historical personages (Jeffrey dahmer) in joyce carol Oates'. Iuliano uses the concept of the zombie as an attempt to break down lines between victim and victimizer, finding that motif a narrative and rhetorical trope, capable of blurring and radically questioning the divide between the familiar and the radically other, and as an interchangeable. Michelle kennedy, linda camarasana and Hannah Swamidoss each use literature as entrance points to their discussions of otherness. . Hannah Swamidoss uses the idea of third culture in the childrens writing of Charles Kingsley to explore the moral formation of various othered characters.

Linda camarasana presents the novels of Dorothy Allison, in which the protagonists various identifications as other from mainstream culture are never resolved, as one would expect in a bildungsroman, thus destabilizing the intradiegetic culture and the generic categories Allisons novels are often seen as representing. . Michelle kennedy uses the novels of Anne Enright to discuss, in Irish culture, the exclusion of Other mothers from the political rhetoric, arguing that these mothers who do not conform to societal ideals of motherhood, have traditionally faded away or been occluded by traditional Irish. Barbara leung and Jason davids Scott turn to visual representation, both questioning the male gaze and how the images seen do not necessarily reflect the simply binary between the viewer and image that is often presented. . Barbara leung looks at the exhibitionary other, as presented in various staged images in Fashion photography, exploring the double othering of models using both gender and racial categories, and presenting a series of images which resist reduction into such simple binaries. . Jason davids Scott questions the position of the viewer as straight male consumer of adult films; by investigating several sub-genres in which the stereotypical power structures associated with the male gaze and masculinity are challenged through the types of scenes presented. . As such, he presents the possibility that identity issues are not a standard self/other binary, but that views can identify across traditional lines of preference in a manner that seems to erase the standard porn definitions of sexuality and gender entirely, revealing a world. The diversity of perspectives and fields presented only serves to highlight the dynamism possible in this emerging field. .

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More and more, considering Otherness exposes fault lines in other aspects of thinking, and allows for reconceptualizations in those fields in new and dramatic ways. In the plan realm of philosophy, and anticipating discussions from that field in our upcoming special issue, steven Leddin considers the concept of the historical other in the works of Benjamin and Gadamer, locating irreducible otherness in the instability of the dialectic of allegory. Rachel Schulkins looks at the othering of the jewish minority, from the entirety of the political spectrum in the writings of philosopher Edmund Burke and his contemporaries, demonstrating how this minority was considered other rhetorically by all sides. . Victor Vargas investigates the interesting relationship that. Yeats, and other Irish figures, had with the occult and how that exposes a sense of othering as an individual and communal sense of alienation and how those discourses of loss that Anglo-Irish figures sought to represent in literary form, articulated perhaps. A more intense form as a separateness from ones perceived cultural and mystical and linguistic past. Many of the articles use literary analysis as a starting point, but do so to consider broader issues. . Solenne lestienne investigates woolfs attempts to communicate her inner struggles, and the dichotomy created between her inner and exterior worlds. . Clare gorman uses the oeuvre of paul Howard to question the neat categories of speech and writing, and uses Derridean thought to present the line between them as blurred, and the otherness of one side of the binary, as is often asserted, untenable. .

otherness essays and studies

In a world increasingly global yet local, uniform yet diversified, how do these perspectives complicate relations to and understandings of others and Otherness? How is the relationship between dominant and peripheral cultures, self and other, reflexively re-negotiated? In the following articles we will consider a surprisingly vast array of topics: most recurrent being embodiment, representation, participation, différance, act and reflection, and also methods of approach: ranging from theoretical analysis to essay-manifesto and performance-as-research methodology. This open and loosely waved narrative, offering philosophical, socio-cultural and artistic insights, also induces a series of quests related to performing Arts being challenged with regards to its genre, role, socio-cultural-political involvement and responsivity/responsibility. Read this recent issue here, otherness: Essays and Studies.1, summer 2016. In this issue we move further away from discussions of the creation of the self and considerations of Otherness in reaction or opposition, and present the concept of the Other as more nuanced and elusive than that binary seems to imply. . The idea of difference, or irreducible otherness, is a shared focus within this issue, and represents another direction in the consideration of alterity, in which otherness is not considered guaranteed as Other, but rather the concept opens up a wealth of further insights and avenues for. The boundaries drawn in terms of gender, race, class, and genre continue to present themselves as more intricate as we move into more microcultural categories, spectrums of gender identity and expressions of sexuality, othering within specific social categories, and explore the failures of categories.

different disciplines and offer different approaches, it is the exploration of questions such as these that that they are nonetheless bound together. Read the current issue here, otherness: Essays and Studies.2, september 2016. Otherness: Essays and Studies.1 - otherness and the performing Arts, summer 2016, edited by Rita sebestyén and Matthias Stephan. Re/shaping Otherness is the focus of the current, special issue that explores performative and theatrical representations of Otherness. Within the spaces of theatre and the performing arts, the differential bounds demarcating otherness, such as national, cultural, religious, socio-political, sexual, gender, and diasporic delineations, are continually and constantly dramatized, disrupted, negotiated, and redrawn. In light of the heated debates on globalization and multiculturalism in recent years, new, heterogeneous inter- and cross-cultural approaches to fluid, migrant, hybrid, transcultural worlds have emerged. In this respect, the question of Otherness is vital to the quests that arise as a result of their emergence: How do we approach these new intersubjective and dialogical perspectives of identity-seeking, self-definition, indeed, community cohesion in such a milieu?

See the members of the, editorial board here, guidelines for Submission. The centre for Studies in pdf Otherness presents the journal issue. Otherness: Essays and Studies.2 - animal Alterity, september 2016, edited by Sune borkfelt, the otherness of nonhuman animals is at the heart of the current, special issue that explores ways in which human conceptions of nonhumans rely on notions of alterity, and how such conceptions. While the concept of otherness is often considered in light of the human, its significance to human relations with the nonhuman should not be forgotten or underestimated. Indeed, as human relations to nature and nonhuman animals are the subjects of increasingly heated debate, their role in and for culture as well as the boundaries between the human self and the animal other should be continually interrogated and explored. How do our understandings of animal alterity affect our ideas of humanity or our relation to that which is not human? What contribution can intersubjective approaches focusing on the nonhuman make to our understanding of the world?

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This peer reviewed online journal was inspired by the immense research productivity of recent collaborative projects undertaken by members of the centre for Studies in Otherness. These have included conferences, seminars, special edition journal issues and a hard copy edited essay collection published in 2011. Via otherness: Essays studies, we seek to publish research articles from and across different academic disciplines that examine, in as many ways as possible, the concepts of otherness and alterity. As such, we now offer an outlet for the dissemination of such research into otherness and aim to provide an open and active forum for academic discussion. We particularly appreciate dynamic cross-disciplinary study. We envisage that forthcoming issues of the journal will relate to topics within the context of Otherness studies and members and colleagues of the centre are welcome to propose research ideas and themes for more focused studies. Please keep an eye out on this website for upcoming calls for papers. For further professional information on the journal, please contact the editors.

Otherness essays and studies
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  5. Free otherness papers, essays, and research papers. Even in the fields of cult ural and literary studies, there is a huge emphasis upon uncovering aspects. Otherness: Essays studies seeks to publish researc h articles from and across different academic disciplines that examine, in as many ways. The peer-reviewed, open-access e-journal Otherness: Essays and Studies is now acce pting submissions for its special issue: Animal Alterity, spring 2016.

  6. The centre for Studies in Otherness is a collaborative project bet ween scholars primarily from the University of Aarhus, denmark and Mary. Call for Papers Otherness: Essays and Studies.2. The peer-re viewed e- journal Otherness: Essays and Studies is now accepting. jean Laplanche is one of the most trenchant and and expansive psychoanalytic thinkers of our time. These essays in particular underscore and clarify a number.

  7. The peer-reviewed on-line journal Otherness: Essays and Studies. The journal Otherness: Essays and Studies.1, oct. This is what renders literature pertinent to studies on otherness:. Otherness: Essays studies.2. This issue of the journal Otherness: Essay s and Studies, the third general issue.

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