Maven resume build

maven resume build

Maven build, life cycle

Senior Software Engineer, proven technical leader charged with design, development, and implementation of all tiers in new software modules, ranging from the database tier to application business logic to user interface design. Emphasized quality service by interfacing directly with customers to provide process analysis, work flow management, and real-time troubleshooting. Demonstrated ability working as an individual contributor or as a peer leader in groups of up to five developers. Developed the lot Billing module to address a previously un-modeled, industry-specific process for bidding and managing large contract orders. Designed, developed, and deployed a new contract management module, providing 100 change accountability. Refactored the core order entry ui and business logic for performance and modular reuse, reducing order loading time by a factor of nine.

Maven guide — geoserver.14.x developer Manual

Developed and implemented the lunch And learn program to promote cross-functional team education. Analyzed and documented current build, release, and deployment strategies. July 2005 to march 2007 icat managers, llc boulder,. Software Engineer ii, developed multiple multi-tier J2EE web applications with a small team for internal and external users, using Hibernate, axis.x, and Struts.X. Researched and evaluated new and emerging technologies for potential implementation. Authored icats standard Ant build templates incorporating several maven2 policies and practices. Designed and implemented icats first efforts in testing and continuous integration. Expanded icats build practices to include unit test and code coverage metrics, and established historical reporting of these metrics. Surpassed a 75 code coverage goal on the testing flagship project. Promoted from a software Engineer I position to software Engineer ii within 9 months of hire simple as recognition of technical and leadership abilities. 19 Intuit Distribution Management Systems, (Formerly: Eclipse, inc) boulder,.

Investigated and pocd new technologies (Node. Js, Scala, sqs, jersey, hystrix, etc). Migrated source-code control from svn to git. Enhanced build pipeline to facilitate continuous Deployment. March 2007 to march 2008 PlanetOut, Inc san Francisco,. Software Engineer, implemented essay and optimized member search capabilities using Lucene. Implemented maven as the build platform of choice for the new platform. Established baseline architectural goals on an Architectural Committee for. PlanetOuts new platform, based on an Oracle/Hibernate/Spring/Struts stack.

maven resume build

Maven, interview questions And Answers

Implemented a caching Image Proxy on google App Engine. Implemented distributed caching using Memcached and aop. Published several Open source Projects for Flite. Implemented maven as the for build platform. Implemented the dependency Injection pattern in new code using Spring. Migrated old code to follow modern Dependency Injection lifecycles. Helped reduce monthly hosting costs by 20 (June 09 to sept 09).

Memberships Professional Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) since 1995. Associate member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, inc. Miscellaneous Fluent in written and spoken English; Native language german; Green Card. Education Masters in Computer Science, technical University berlin, germany; 1997 Andreas Guther—Software Engineer, richmond ca 94806 (Updated: Dec 5, 2005) 3/3. Objective, a highly motivated and innovative senior Software Engineer with extensive experience delivering end to end enterprise software solutions seeks an intellectually challenging development position. Employment, march 2008 to Present Flite, inc (Formerly: Widgetbox, Inc) san Francisco,. Principal Software Engineer, implemented several apis in front of Amazon SimpleDB.

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maven resume build

Top 50, build And Release Engineer Interview questions

07/2000-05/2001 Senior Software Engineer Contractor to netFuel Inc Designed and developed as contractor to netFuel the company's essay web site using Apache, php, mysql. Software developer, researcher, manager gmd fokus—berlin, germany The Fraunhofer Institute essay for Open Communication Systems fokus researches and develops mobile communication systems in wireless and wired networks. Managed a european Union research project (budget over 2 Million) in Agent technology (miami) with partners from Europe, canada, and Japan. Software designer for Agent Technology-based Network management. Research engineer for the german National Research Center for Information Technology in the competence center Intelligent Mobile Agents. Designed and implemented management applications in a corba-based telecommunication environment using omt, java, and Design Patterns in the context of a tina-auxiliary Project at the german National Research Center for Information Technology.

Co-authored book on Web publishing. Software developer Technical University berlin—Berlin Germany designed and implemented in unix environment Graphical User Interfaces for a tool set management application in Motif. Editor for project deliverables in latex. Team member of quality assurance group for jvtos. Wrote user guide for jvtos. Software developer AlphaSoft—Berlin, germany self-employed developer and company owner. Designed and implemented applications mostly for a travel agency using Borland Pascal and the paradox Database.

Senior Software Engineer, contractor for NetFuel at paymentOne, designed and implemented as contractor to paymentOne a servlet based point of Sales application using WebWork, hibernate, ms sql, javascript, and Cascading Style Sheets. Became full time employee after first phase of project was finished. 05/20 Senior Software Engineer NetFuel Inc., saratoga ca netFuel, Inc. Is a small start-up developing applications for network processing devices. Participated in the design and led the quality assurance of a policy and agent based network management framework using java and corba. Responsibilities included design, and maintenance of Infrastructure (Linux and Windows 2000 wireless and Ethernet, Project and Corporate web Server, development Process, build Management with Ant, design reviews, quality Assurance.

Designed and lead the implementation of an internal email based Ticket Reporting system using Apache, php, html. 07/2000-05/2001 Senior Software Engineer Charles Schwab, Inc.—San Francisco, ca charles Schwab, Inc. Provides securities brokerage and financial services. Contractor for NetFuel on the Charles Schwab ipo project java application Group from July 2000 until March 2001. Led client side application architecture and gui design, developed data processing applications in java using corba and Swing. Responsible for continuous build integration using make.

Project dependencies

Introduced project oriented mailing lists in Open source development style with best mailman and its mailing archiving system which helps to keep track of project relevant information often only exchanged via email. Designed, developed, and since then maintained the company's internal developer portal web site, using Apache, html, css, php. Introduced company to maven generated project sites. Introduced company to test Driven development using JUnit for general and DbUnit for database related tests. Since then evangelist within the company for development with JUnit and the xUnit testing family like xmlunit, DbUnit, pyUnit, httpUnit, etc, which greatly improved the code quality and shortened qa cycles due to less bugs in initial qa hand overs. Participated in the architecture team for the company's new billing framework. Major contribution to the persistence layer as well as design and development of central business processing components. Since 2002 responsible for maintaining the concurrent Versions System cvs and viewCVS. Introduced to the company a wiki web used since then for shared project and production issue documentation and which has improved the companies process of knowledge transfer.

maven resume build

Developed Web based requirements management system based on php and mysql which provided management and developers with different views on the requirements and contributed to a solid development process. Improved and simplified the development environment set-up and build process dramatically by introducing maven to the company. Since then maven became the companies first choice of software project management and comprehension tools. Wrote servlet based api interfaces which simplified the process of testing new developed apis dramatically. The code base was written in java. Api interfaces specified in xml and xsl were used to transform the specification into pluggable java classes and html interfaces. This made it possible to reduce the time necessary to provide new api test interfaces within less than an hour instead of a day. Automated process of writing table accessing jdbc based classes by designing and implementing a source code generator in java that uses meta data and introspection provided by jdbc to generate the needed components. Usage favourite of code generator cut down the time for providing those components dramatically and assured consistent and bug free code.

Management System (DMS) after the company canceled the purchase of a commercial dms and introduced company to an Open source dms which has been used since and eliminated a high cost from the company's budget. Designed application framework using the dependency Inversion Principle (DIP) and Dependency Injection pattern which supports the development of components easily testable in isolation and within a controlled environment. Improved overall code quality by introducing within the same project the company to mockObjects. The framework was successfully used in the companies Offer Management application, a large scale, n-tiered enterprise solution comprised of various java, j2ee, and corba technologies, and contributed significantly to an application built on time and within budget with a very low bug rate. Developed a testing framework for java code accessing databases. The framework is built on top of DbUnit with the goal to ease the set-up and usage of DbUnit. The framework allowed easy configuration of different database connections and DbUnit integration into test code with a few lines of code. Framework contributed to a wider acceptance of DbUnit usage due to its ease of use.

Employment 09/2002-Present, senior Software Engineer, paymentOne, san Jose, ca, paymentOne is a start-up providing financial and customer management services for Internet service providers. Responsible for the overall architecture and development of a n-tiered reporting system comprised of various java, xml, xsl, xsl-fo, jsp, javascript, dhtml, css and corba technologies using the Spring Framework and Struts Tiles. Solely developer of the client side application and major parts of the back end components. Contributed major parts for a dependency Inversion Principle oriented architecture of a large scale n-tiered enterprise solution comprised of java, j2ee, aop, dhtml, velocity, corba, oracle, css, jsp, and javascript. Solely developer of web based client side application as well as back end components. Assigned business as technical lead in second half of project. Introduced company to Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP). Implemented logging Aspects using jakarta commons and Log4J. Developed second generation of api end user interfaces using Servlets, html, xml, and Velocity.

Java developer Resume Profile

2500 Morning Sun Drive, richmond, ca 94806, mobile (510) 333-2791. Summary, over 10 years experience in software engineering as software analyst, designer, and developer of Object. Developed components and frameworks for distributed, Internet-centric enterprise systems. Experienced in client and server side programming, relational databases, object modeling, and, ui modeling. Comprehensive knowledge of build process and development tools like maven, Ant, junit, and MockObjects. Java/J2ee, xml, xslt, xsl-fo, xsd, servlets, sql, dhtml, css, javascript, jsp, pascal, delphi, php, python. Database, ms sql, mysql, oracle, paradox, dbase. Analysis, design, paper uml, omondo, argouml, design Patterns, environments. Windows, linux, solaris, hpux, maven, ant, tomcat, jboss, apache, jakarta-commons, jakarta fop, springFramework, webWork, velocity, eclipse, jbuilder, delphi, cvs, bugzilla, xdoclet.

Maven resume build
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  2. Help in essay writing. The network monitoring System was written in java and utilized Activemq, hivemind, hibernate and the maven build system. Learn about her story. So here. Python Lists - learn Python in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Python Syntax Object Oriented Language, methods, tuples, tools/Utilities, Exceptions Handling, sockets, gui, extentions, xml programming. Rfp: Request for proposal.

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  4. managed by maven - this included automatic build failures in the ci environment if test coverage does not meet mandated standards;. Maven, hudson/Jenkins, Gradle, junit, wix, continuous - build - integration - test - deploy, code coverage, ant, c, c, python, php. maven build system and repository, eventum issue tracking application, tomcat and maven testing environments, Enterprise linux servers. The network monitoring System was written in java and utilized Activemq, hivemind, hibernate and the maven build system. Designed and developed automated process of build and deployed for all applications using Anthill pro.

  5. Maven (the most used java build tool in the world) Architecture of a replacement for Splunk dashboard to build a more scalable solution. Developed a maven Archetype to create different checkout modules for different products. Build automation as well as Unity Cloud build integration. Git, vim Text Editor, Vsvim, Blender, maven, visual Studio created maven. Modernized the ci, dependency management, and build scripting with maven, ivy, rake, nexus, and Jenkins.

  6. Worked on the redesign of the dashboard interface of user accounts for real estate agents. modeling, and ui modeling. Comprehensive knowledge of build process and development tools like, maven, ant, junit, and MockObjects. Started test-driven development and maven build policies for release management. Maven as the build platform of choice for the new platform.

  7. A robust, maven build system to integrate a complex ibatis multi-database integration along with new role based security in Acegi using. Proposed, designed and implemented migration of build system from, maven 1 to, maven 2, and from Luntbuild to teamcity. unit tests with Mocha and Chai and kept an eye on coverage with Karma, and put it all together with. Maven, gulp build system. who wants to learn how to build, maintain and optimize a website or blog, or add this valuable marketing skill to their resumé. Full stack web developer What I have done and.

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