Home depot annual report

home depot annual report

Home depot Annual Report 2017

File type: pdf / epub, uploaded on: July 13, 2018, 12:00 am, status: available last checked: 5 hours 13 minutes ago! Home depot, considering I have worked for Home depot for a brief period of time, i decided to analyze and compare its 10K and Annual Report. As a public company, home depot is mandated by the. Securities and Exchange commission (SEC) to file a 10K report annually that gives a comprehensive summary of the company's performance. In addition to the 10K, most companies are required to prepare and disclose annual reports for the primary purpose of informing shareholders and potential investors of the company's financial performance and activities. When analyzing Home depot's 10K and annual report, i focused on comparing the different visual strategies, intention of each report, success in targeting their audiences and effectiveness of each report. The visual and verbal strategies of each report differed tremendously.

Home depot Annual Report 2016

(2006) Hospitality management Strategies. Olijnyk, zena (2007) World-beater. Canadian Business 1/29/2007, vol. Sellers, patricia (2007) Six Sigma man: Another ge vet Atop Home depot. 155, Issue 1 Terreri, april (2006) How do you balance Shipment Speed With a secure supply Chain? World Trade nov2006, vol. Featured Project, client / Project, home depot / Annual Report, role. Art Director / Designer, chaz's Responsibilities, conceptualization, Art Direction for photography, design, Presentation and Delivery. Other featured Projects, also there are additional examples of Chaz's work available. Chaz's Other Projects. Home depot annual thesis report, file name: home depot annual report, file size: 12234.

77, Issue 3 Retrieved online february 23, 2007 from Academic search Premier lined Database. (1997) Controlling Store personnel. Chain Store Age, 10870601, dec97, vol. 73, Issue 12 Retrieved online february 23, 2007 from Academic search Premier Database. Merdekah Ybanez-delid (2007) Six Sigma at Home depot. Retrieved online february 23, 2007 from nardelli, robert (2006) 2006 Hunt-Scanlon Human Capital Advantage Award. Retrieved online february 23, 2007 from m/wps/portal/HuntScanlon.

home depot annual report

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Journal of Small Business Management; Jan91, vol. 29 Issue 1, p45-61 reviews Retrieved online february 23, 2007 from Academic search Premier Database. Human Resource Strategy: a behavioural Perspective for The general Manager. Grow, Brian and Gogoi, pallavi (2007) a wholesale Change at Home. Depot Business week online, 2/13/2007, home depot (2005) The home depot Annual Report. Retrieved online february 23, 2007 from. Home depot foundation (2007) Home depot foundation What we support. Retrieved online february 23, 2007 from www. Katzenbach, jon., and Santamaria, jason., firing Up the Front Line., Harvard Business review, may/Jun99, vol.

References, aeg (2007) Manager, human Resources- home depot Center (Carson, ca) Retrieved online february 23, 2007 from bowman, robert (2006) Home depot Turns Its Attention to supplier Performance management. Global Logistics supply Chain Strategies. Retrieved online february 23, 2007 from m? Langfield-Smith, kim (2003) Performance measurement and Reward Systems, Trust, and Strategic Change. Journal of Management Accounting Research ; 2003, vol. Retrieved online february 23, 2007 from Academic search Premier Database. Barton and  Lischeron, joe (1991) Defining Entrepreneurship.

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home depot annual report

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Strategic acquisitions have created a unique value chain in the professional space, offering products and services from infrastructure to lifetime maintenance (Home depot Annual Report p 6 2007). Conclusion, as the largest home improvement retail chain, home depot has shown a significant domestic and global presence. The company has an ability to recognize international profit potential, and to foster competitive opportunities. Though the company has faced concerns with global supply chain management, innovations in operational procedures have assisted Home depot in focusing on overcoming international business risks. Their legal and ethical commitments include a focus on the environment, as well as knowing their suppliers commitment to regulatory compliance.

Social commitments have prompted international non-profit grants that have helped people and the environment. The simple, three-step business strategy allows operational management to focus on the people and products rather than losing sight of the important functional roles in corporate management. This helps Home depot recognize managerial risks and set strategic challenges for maintaining a strong business operation. Importantly, home depot recognizes that without knowledgeable, innovative, and motivated employees, the core business would fail to maintain strong human resource capital. Part of that human capital is the training and development of employees, but it also stems from a commitment to conflict reporter resolution in an open, communicative manner, as much as development is prompted by a constant approach to change management.

We eventually had to put it in simplistic terms: Its not your money(Lebhar Friedman Inc. Home depot resolved the conflict by creating a central construction project management team that was responsible for informing management staff of the exact cost of each project and how much each sale would return. This cost of sales strategy still holds true for the companys management system. Furthermore, home depot showed that their conflict management strategy—results through communication—promoted project control rather than extinguished. Managers and employees are still encouraged to innovate entrepreneurial ideas, but these ideas have to co-exist with the budget and corporate strategy. Aeg (2007) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Anschutz company, which owns or controls a collection of facilities, including Home depot facility in southern California.

Aeg (2007) describes Home depots commitment to strategic conflict resolution as an integral part of its managements capabilities as being Advise management on solving problems, and counseling employees and terminating employees coach managers and employees in effective use of strategies to resolve differences. Provide management with recommendations and constructive criticism as necessary to improve current and future relations between employees and management (aeg 2007). This shows a commitment of Home depot to utilize communication techniques to develop management and employee relationships with a focus on resolution in a constructive manner. Change, in human capital management, organizational changes should be administered by a general framework, according to Dreher and Doherty (p that includes parameters and adequate available technology as well as an understanding employee wide of how the parameters and technology work towards the goals. Home depots core strategy to Enhance the core, extend the business, enhance the market (Home depot Annual Report pp 1 2005) is highly centered around these components of change. The company recognizes, in their 2005 Annual Report, that enhancing the core business involves change management. Through re-engineered processes, cutting-edge technology and a broader product assortment, the customer experience continues to be enhanced (Home depot Annual Report p 4 2005). Home depot also recognizes change management as an important part of their second business strategy, to extend the business: we are always analyzing our store formats to best meet our customers needs (Home depot Annual Report p 5 2007). Lastly, home depots strategic commitment to expand the market includes looking for innovation in the value chain.

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The performance management Process includes a leadership Program, Executive leadership Program, and Accelerated leadership Program. These programs were designed to implement a high standard of achievement with employee-rating system that is transparent, and ties into compensation and promotions (Nardelli pp 5-7 2006). The company has invested 600 us million in developing its associate learning environment, and prides itself on committing to a long-term employment relationship (Nardelli pp 5-7 2006). Communication Strategies, control, in late 1997, home depot began experimenting with controlling its store personnel. The company allowed in-house design and construction, including civil engineering (Lebhar Friedman Inc. However, home depot quickly realized that the project managers were creating conflicts in financing and corporate planning, which in turn delayed projects (Lebhar Friedman Inc. Even after the stores were built, management overrides to procedures increased costs and fostered corporate level conflicts (Lebhar Friedman Inc. Home depot fostered ingenuity and entrepreneurs, we want these people to experiment and come up with the newest, the greatest, the best (Lebhar Friedman Inc. Unfortunately, the in-house, decentralized construction management had some backlash, but there is a cost associated with that and thats what the associates needed to know.


home depot annual report

The motivation and leadership structure is highly knowledge-based, and another integral part of Home depots strategy to enhance the core. Home depot shows pride in its 345,000 employees, of which 68 are full time. The company takes a significant amount of pride in employee relations and attracting new employees. The training programs allow letter for upward movement from the base employee towards management positions. Home depot utilizes their training programs to develop better services and support for employees, but also as a motivational tool. Most management positions are filled by in-house promotions rather than outside hiring. The company prides itself on employee develop programs that train and test the skills of its associate employees using the performance management Process (Home depot Annual Report pp 7 2007).

management develops relationships with organized labor, such as unions. This ranges from embracing organized labor to developing the we theory to avoid labor unions (nykiel p 242 2005). Home depot is also hailed by the McKinsey company and the conference board as being a company that implements mission and values as part of its employee-relationship strategy, the results being an emotionally charged workforce that is engaged in the companys performance (Katzenbach and Santamaria. Motivation and leadership, a motivation and leadership strategy has a primary goal to increase the knowledge base of employees through the comprehension of the values and principles. This effectively seeks to measure and drive performance with set goals as a key institution of an employees perception of trust towards the organization. This is especially important when the relationships are not clearly measured the elements of trust do not exist with any implicit commitments and the workplace loses some effectiveness (Chenhall and Langfield-Smith pp 118-119. These components must be understood by employees and management with the goal to motivate employees to reach (1) personal qualities or values; (2) anticipation of the future and recognition of opportunities as key attributes; and (3) importance of technical and non-technical managerial skills in improving. Home depot responds to employee motivation by setting clear, transparent structures of promotion and bonuses that give employees the desire to increase their knowledge and earning potential.

Human resource management is also very dependent on developing and managing towards performance measurements of the individual and team. Personnel management focuses on the compensation activities as well as developing creative and rewarding motivational experiences for employees, where the focus in personnel management as a component of human resources is retaining good employees and rewarding performance (nykiel p 241 2005). Home depots personnel management strategy is has focused on not only a commitment to consumer satisfaction by enhancing employee knowledge, but also to strategies for long-term employment success. In 2006, nardelli accepted the 2006 Hunt-Scanlon Human Capital Advantage Award which recognizes a leading. Executive who demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to human capital management initiatives and has led his or her organization to long-term sustainable success plan (Nardelli pp 1 2006). Organizational behavior is the atmosphere of the facility employees work. This has a significant impact on the morale of employees as the climate and the structure in which business is conducted (nykiel 2005).

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Was this document useful for you? Yes no, thank you for your participation! your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project. Annual Report, report conveys the culture of Home depot through a series of illustrations and scenarios depicting a hierarchy of command. Completed under the direction of Karen Dorff. More work: Back to top. Menu prev / next. The goal of human resource strategy is the acquisition and retention of human resource capital. An important point in list effectively managing employees is efficiency, which allows the human resource manager to resolve problems, save costs and time, deliver excellence in customer service, and maintain a competitive advantage (nykiel 2005).

Home depot annual report
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  4. The home depot 2008 Annual Report (see related pages). Home depot (HD) reported 1st quarter April 2018 earnings.08 per share on revenue.9 billion. These risks and uncertainties include but are not limited to those described in Item 1A, "Risk factors and elsewhere in our Annual Report on Form 10-K for our fiscal year ended January. When analyzing Home depot 's 10K and annual report, i focused on comparing the different visual strategies, intention of each report, success in targeting their audiences and effectiveness of each report. The depot annual mlk weekend board and Staff Retreat took place at ymca camp Icaghowan and included group activities, individual challenges, and review and evaluation of the past year's events. Americhip: Home depot 7" pos display.

  5. Loan modification depot - new york, ny - business directory. (Home depot Annual Report pp 4 2005). Home depots established and entering international businesses also leans towards the company-wide commitment towards global security. In this strenuous economy, they also realize that Success depends upon our ability to attract, train and retain highly qualified associates while also controlling our labor costs (The home depot : Annual Report, 2009). File name: home depot annual report File size: 17719 kb file type: pdf / epub Uploaded on: April 16, 2018, 12:00. Book home depot annual report in Audio and Ebook format.

  6. Coca-cola's @ko worldwide Intranet. Sears Manage my home. Napa auto parts Email Marketing. Cartoon Network get Animated Rescuing Recess. Home depot (hd) presents at raymond james 39th annual institutional investors conference. Housewares retail market - ppt download.

  7. Report conveys the culture of Home depot through a series of illustrations and scenarios depicting a hierarchy of command. M 227M awarded to veteran non-profit partners through The home depot foundation since 2011. The home depot 2014 annual report functions on its own separate website, m, so navigating through it is already intuitive for the user. Publication year 2008 Copyright holder(s) Home depot foundation geographical Focus North America / United States keywords llc, products inc, home depot, corporation, building products Document type Annual Report Language English url: https. Philips Interactive annual Report 2007.

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