Essay happiness in my life

essay happiness in my life

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My life has never been a bed of roses. I had to struggle my way through life. But there are degrees of unhappiness. The day when I failed in the intermediate examination was the unhappiest day of my life. On that day i lost everything. Seven years ago, i appeared in the intermediate examination. I was not a very intelligent student.

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Bond of love: The world is full of enmity and towns prejudices among the people as they try to compete with each other both in terms of wealth and fame. During the festival, they can meet and forge a bond of companionship and love. God has taught people to love and not indulge in blind hatred, therefore it is vital for them to assimilate the teachings and implement them in real life during the festival. It would go a long way in removing animosities from the prejudiced minds and make the world a better place. Labels: importance of festival importance of festivals importance of festivals essay importance of festivals in our life essay on importance of festivals importance of festivals essay in english importance of festival in our life importance of festival essay essay on importance of festivals in our. Life is a strange blend of happiness and sorrow. But all agrees that in life, there are more sorrows and sufferings than happiness. Seneca, a roman philosopher has said there is no body without sorrow. The advice in the bible is remove sorrow from thee for sorrow hath killed many, and there is profit. There are many unhappy days in life but one of them may be the unhappiest. I am an ordinary man.

Festivals add color to the life and make people aware of their emotional connection with God. Taking care of the poor: One of the most important charity activities during the festival is feeding the poor and giving them alms. It is a wonderful gesture especially from the rich people to give back to the society. In short, the occasion increases the feeling of brotherhood among the neighbors as they meet and have a good time. Eating out: In the modern age, families rarely have free time left on their hands, therefore festival is the only best event when they can go out and have a good time at the malls. Some prefer to watch movies while others dine in multi cuisine restaurants. It is a celebration of sorts for them irrespective of their religious or ethnic affinity.

essay happiness in my life

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Beneficial for business: Festival is the time when people shop a summary lot prompting the retail stores to provide heavy discounts to the buyers. During Christmas, diwali or Eid people tend to purchase gifts not only for each other but also to decorate their homes. As a matter of fact, the sales of vehicles and electronic items also increase during the festive period. Businesses have a gala time during the festival and they especially wait for the occasions to make a sound profit. Happiness all-around: One of the benefits of the festival is that it helps to inculcate a sense of happiness among the people. They gather or visit each other, talk over the dinner and chill out in a relaxed environment. It is a welcome break from the mundane routine of performing household chores and office work.

It may be also interesting for you. India is a land of the festival due to the diverse population with multiple ethnicity and religion. Hindu, muslims, sikhs and Christians live in harmony and celebrate their festivals with great pomp and show. National holidays are sanctioned by the government to mark the occasion in style. For some, festivals are unnecessary distractions but for others, they are very important. Amalgamation of people: During the festival, people exchange gifts with one another and celebrate the events together. In fact, it is one of the best times to meet friends and family members which otherwise is not possible. For instance, durga pooja is organized every year in which a lot of people participate with great fervor, song and dance with devotional bhajans adorn the day and night as people pray to goddess Durga for her blessings. It is a wonderful event that brings happiness to the lives of the people.

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essay happiness in my life

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You dont share this idea as you have difficulties with the socialization? You are advised to read an essay about agents of socialization, which probably will be a little help for you. For many people the happiest day of their life is connected with some personal events: how couldnt one consider the day as the best after a dizzy date with person you like, spending a fabulous day with a soul mate, a warm family reunion,. If we are interviewing the different kinds of people about their best day of life, the answer of majority of them, despite the diverse characters, job positions, social status and personal preferences, for sure will be connecting with travelling as discovering new culture, places and. Sometimes only way not to be driven mad is to meditate, the other pros of this kind of activity is self-knowledge, which will help you to understand better your inner impulses and sort out in the inner problems. Its not a big secret that hobby can fill your life with a lot of pleasant moments, and it is the first step statement to the happiness.

Its well known fact that the more spare time person has the more he/she reflects about the controversial questions of our life, and all in all reaches the idea that everything just has no sense. So to make the life more interesting and socially significant, its important to be engaged. If you dont know how to start your social activity read our best buy nothing day essay, and maybe you will support this idea. Lust for Life to conclude with, probably the essential that makes you happy is lust for life, as you can find yourself in different life situations: one day on the crest of a wave, other down-and-out, dont be afraid of any life difficulties, especially when. You shouldnt forget that the main source of happiness isnt your possessions or social and financial status, its you personally, who can make every day of your life the best! Did you like this the essay? You can order an essay on any topic you want on our online written service.

to explain in simple words, this is the situation of existence, when in fact nothing happens. All routine actions are repeated and form a close circle where everything is static. And sometimes we all start to suffocate under the pressure of every day routine, when even the idea of the best day is ridiculous for us as we strongly believe that nothing interesting will happen. All in all, the best helpers here are only ourselves. So if you want to break out the closed circle full of frustration and emptiness and to make every day your best, our high-quality writers have made for you a list of useful tips here: Find the beauty in the ambiance.

How often do you pay attention to the surrounding? Sometimes even the small details can bring you to the happiness, your only task is to notice them. Moreover, observe the nature. Yes, its banal, but how often after an exhausting day in the office you find the time for wandering in the nearest park, feeding the ducks and being along to think about the day which has gone? On the contrary if you arent indifferent about the environment, it will be interesting for you to read an informative essay on global warming here. You can argue that its important to think about the future, and you have a reason, but it mustnt be an obsession as it sometimes happens. Always worrying about future depreciates the present, so escaping the thoughts about the vague day of tomorrow is useful much more often than you think. Communicating is probably of the main factors which could make our day the best.

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Visiting concerts, plays, operas, exhibitions, ballets, observing the most popular painting online the modern world offers to you a lot of possibilities to spend an unforgettable day. Are you keen on music? Im sure everybody will answer affirmatively. Now just imagine the evening spent on the concert of your favorite singer or band. It sounds like the pure happiness, isnt it? Even if the legends of the music dont make the tours in your city, be sure the local musicians are also worth visiting, as the general atmosphere, where hundreds of people are exalted, all as one, signing or even crying songs lyrics, is super. On the other hand, there book are the cases when people cant name the best day of their life not by reason of their multiplicity, but because of absence of such days. From time to time for all people, im sure, is familiar the situation of «motions Illusion». .

essay happiness in my life

But dont worry, if you choose these variants of spending time, it doesnt mean you are a coach potato, as sometimes person is so sick and tired of daily routine, communicating with people and works deadlines, that she needs to restore her energy reserve, and. All in all, what can buy better reduce the stress level than watching sea sunset and listening to the breaking surf? For others, the ideal day is connected with active ways of spending time, all kinds of hikes, mountain climbing, horse riding, cycling, extreme sports and. These activities are practiced by not everyone, but exactly they give an enormous energy boost and adrenaline rush, which person will remember for a long time. But the question is does all these activities ensure your day to be the best? If to think a little, we will discover that second ways are more efficient, as such kinds of thrilling events left a deep trace in humans memory. To reveal more details about our essay writing services, read: The third probable way to make one of your days the best, is plunging into the world of art.

are engaged in taking care of the orphans, old aged people or girls women who have been through. What will you remember when somebody asks you about the best day of your life? Maybe you will be confused as there are too many days which made you happy and its difficult to choose one, maybe you will be confused because of realizing, that in fact nothing happens with you. In any case you will be confused as it only seems to be easy to name the best day of your life, especially when you was told to write an essay, but nothing comes to mind. For those, who dont want to spend their time in reflections about the past, our online team of professional writers has composed the best day of my life essay. Best day of my life Essay or How Can i reach the happiness. I supposed that almost everybody connects the image of perfect day with the weekends, when you can get enough sleep, drink a cup of coffee without persistent rush, which followed the modern citizens life, in fact you can devote the day to the occupation you. For somebody the ideal day consists of some variants of «lazy holiday» including laying on the beach beyond the palms, watching bronzed boys and girls, playing volleyball, drinking pina colada, reading the book or just thinking about nothing. By the way, if you dont know what to read on the beach, here are the list of top crime books.

Not only them these days we have so many accidents taking place where often patients lose a lot of blood book which is the reason of their death. Its like investing surplus funds into companies or banks gaining returns. Now i know what you guys are thinking whats the return or benefit I get by doing. Is it really compulsory to do everything for our benefit?.Of course not. But the returns I would get would be in the form of love, blessing, prayers, good wishes, believing that humanity still exists in this cruel greedy world where people are only bothered about themselves. At the end the happiness on their face in eyes, the gratitude they would feel towards me would make me richer than anyone else in the world. Its one of the best feelings to know that the smile or happiness on someones face heart is just because of you.

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When a very essential question is asked to most of the students between class 9th to 10th that what is their aspiration or frequently asked what do u want to do further, or which stream are you going to take science, commerce or arts, only. More than 80 of the students don t really know what career they want to make. Mostly students just choose to fulfill their parents dream as they have no clue what they want. I too belong to the same group of students who didnt know their aspirations. But there is a little twist here. I had so many things which I desired to do, or aimed to do, or to be but since Im just a human not paper a superhuman to be able to do what I desired. Show more content, i want to help many people out there who require blood. There are thousand out there who are thalesmia patients. Thinking of it my body is able to make blood for my requirement but their body isnt efficient in making the blood as per they requirement so why not help them.

Essay happiness in my life
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  1. Chat with my life essay in a few people in kannada language. is my happiness essay drive toward solving. The impact that being in a tennis team had on my life completely free esl sample essays and. It was the memorable day of my life because i was able to see the happiness in my mothers eyes. I could not believe my ears as I never. Essay on the saddest day of my life life is a strange blend of happiness and sorrow.

  2. My parents represent the simple concept of happiness as both internal and external harmony. 2018 my, essay, point) essay on importance of festivals in our life in english importance of festivals in our life sense of happiness. Free essay : The most Important Things in my life by vasilios Politis Professor. Simpson enc politis i outline. To help you find out for in my first may 26, but life satisfaction but once and coaching. Tags: Essay on Can Money buy happiness, essay on Happiness, essay on Happiness and health, Essay on Happiness In Life.

  3. In happiness in my life essay philosophy, happiness translates the Greek concept of eudaimonia, and refers to the happiness in my life. Free, essay : When a very essential question is asked to most of the students between class 9th to 10th that what is their aspiration. I am the type of person who wants to wake up every morning and be happy with what i am doing in my life. Have to compose the best day of my life essay and dont know how to? Our online writer service with available prices will easily help.

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